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Tinder Statistics In 2023: 75 Fun Facts And Stats You Didn’t Know About Tinder

Tinder Statistics In 2023: 75 Fun Facts And Stats You Didn’t Know About Tinder

Even in 2023, Tinder is still burning brightly on the dating app scene. Whether you’re new to the world of online dating or you’ve been around the block, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Tinder.

It’s your one-stop swiping shop – the dating app that makes you make a decision with the swish of a thumb.

And while you know a thing or two about Tinder already, did you know that the oldest Tinder user is an 89-year-old man who pretended to be decades younger? Don’t worry, he’s not a creep or anything. It was all part of his grandson’s experiment for a documentary he was working on.

Or that Tinder was banned in Pakistan for promoting “immoral conduct”? Isn’t that why we’re there?

Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder dating app

And even if you’re a paid-up Tinder Platinum user, you might be surprised to learn that Tinder is worth an incredible $42 billion. That’s no cheap date.

For a deep dive into making Tinder work for you, check out my free Tinder Hacked ebook. And read on for every Tinder stat under the sun.

Who Uses Tinder The Most In 2023?

Tinder is the daddy of dating apps, maybe the grandaddy by now. And if you’ve been into online dating for a while, chances are you’ve dabbled with a Tinder profile.

But times change, so who uses Tinder the most in 2023? Men make up 76.9% of users on Tinder, and 45% of Tinderers are millennials. But that doesn’t mean Tinder is a young man’s game: with 75 million active monthly users, Tinder is still for everyone.

  • Tinder has 75 million active monthly users. That’s 150 million thumbs, swiping away!
  • 76.9% – or three out of four – users are men.
  • Just under one in four Tinder users are women.
  • Almost half of Tinder users are aged between 25 and 44.
  • Tinder had over 6 million downloads in January 2021 alone.

What Age Group is Tinder For?

Tinder made its reputation reaching out to millennials and, until 2020, 90s kids were the biggest demographic on the app. But while Tinder competes with the next generation of dating apps, it’s working hard to attract the next generation of users.

So what age group is Tinder for? 45% – almost one in two – Tinder users are aged between 25 and 45, while a solid 35% of users are aged 18 – 25. Tinder’s popularity is growing fast amongst the elusive Gen Z.

Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder its a match

By the numbers, you might think Tinder is for the younger folks – but golden oldies shouldn’t lose hope. One of Tinder’s oldest users just wrapped up her account at 83 years old, so there’s plenty of time for you yet.

  • In 2020, just 15% of Tinder users were aged 18 – 25. By 2022 that’s increased to 35%.
  • Almost 45% of Tinder users are still from the millennial demographic.
  • 25% of Tinder users are aged 25 – 34, and 20% are aged 35 – 44.
  • 18% of people on Tinder are aged 45 and over.
  • Gen Z users update their Tinder bios twice as often as Millennials. Fastest fingers first.
  • To date, the oldest woman on Tinder is 83 while the oldest man on the app is 89.
Tinder Statistics In 2022 - old guy using phone

Gender and Sexuality

While Tinder is still a male-dominated app, the folks at Tinder have been working hard to make it an LGBTQ+-friendly space. While swiping left or right might feel pretty binary, your gender and sexuality options are far from it.

  • Tinder gives users nine options to describe their sexual orientation:
    • Straight
    • Gay
    • Lesbian
    • Bisexual
    • Asexual
    • Demisexual
    • Pansexual
    • Queer
    • Questioning 
Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder sexual orientation options
  • And Tinder users can choose to show or to hide their sexuality.
  • Tinder lets users describe their gender identity in their own terms.
  • And in 2017, Tinder gave LGBT couples the chance to win $100,000 towards their dream wedding.

More Tinder Demographics!

  • 45% of college-educated people have used Tinder at some point.
  • And more than half of people with a bachelor’s degree have used Tinder.
  • 43% of people earning under $50k a year have used Tinder.
Tinder Statistics In 2022 - money
  • And that number climbs to 51% of those who earn $50k – $100k and 52% of top earners. That must account for all the Tinder Platinums!
  • Tinder is most popular among those from a Hispanic background – just 42% of Hispanic people haven’t used Tinder.
  • 44% of Caucasians and 47% of African Americans have used Tinder at some time.
  • And Liberals are more likely to have used Tinder than Conservatives: 58% of Liberals have used Tinder compared to just 34% of Conservatives.

Personal Stats And Personal Data On Tinder

You’ve probably thought about how to stay safe when using Tinder – but these days cyber security is almost as important. What’s Tinder doing with all that data?

  • Tinder lets you request a copy of your data at any time.
  • And when you delete your account, Tinder disposes of your data accordingly.
Tinder Statistics In 2022 - thumbs up
  • With your Tinder data, you can find out everything about how you use Tinder:
    • How many times you’ve swiped left and right.
    • And how many times you hit the swipe limit.
    • How many times those swipes turned into matches.
    • How long you’ve been on Tinder.
    • What your longest break from Tinder was.
    • How many times you’ve opened the app since you installed it.
    • Which openers lead to long relationships….
    • And which openers went absolutely nowhere.
    • Tinder Insights can even show you how you compare to other users… but it’s not a competition!

How Many Tinder Users Are Active?

As the most popular dating app in the world, Tinder has a vast user base. We can even throw out the old “plenty more fish in the sea” metaphor – Tinder’s user base is deeper than the ocean.

But if you’re looking for a meaningful match you’ll want to know how many Tinder users are active. Tinder beats out all competitors in terms of activity: as of 2023, there are 75 million active monthly members, globally.

Better get swiping!

Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder swipe right
  • Tinder had 66 million active monthly members in 2021.
  • Two years later, there are 75 million active Tinder users.
  • And around 10 million daily users of the app.
  • There are an average of 2 billion Tinder views each day
  • And 1.6 billion swipes occur on Tinder every day.
  • The green dot on a user’s profile picture indicates they’ve been active in the last 24 hours.
  • 25% of all Tinder activity happens between 7 pm and 8 pm – a little after dinner Tinder.

What Countries Use Tinder The Most?

If you’re a Tindering traveler, you’ll be pleased to discover Tinder works in over 190 countries around the world – but if you’re out of luck if you’re going to North Korea for spring break.

But if you’re hitting the app, you’ll want to know what countries use Tinder the most? Well, 40.3% of Tinder users are in the United States, and a further 7.1% of Tinder users are in the United Kingdom. But Tinder has gone truly global.

  • Tinder is available in over 190 countries.
Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder app
  • And Tinder is available in 56 languages. Better start practicing your polyglot pickup lines. These include:
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • German
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian
    • Basque
    • Finnish
    • Hindi
    • Malay
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
  • Over 40% of Tinder users are based in America.
  • But it has a sizeable user base of 7.1% in the UK.
  • And a further 5% of users are based in Brazil.
  • And on a local level, Florida State has the highest number of swipes for women, while Georgetown University has the highest swipes for men. Pick your major.

Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum Stats

Wondering if Tinder Gold is worth your while? Or whether Platinum status will help your chances on Tinder? Well, that might depend on how old you are, at least for the time being. Tinder charges users over 30 a premium on all its Plus memberships – but it’s going to be phasing them out after facing discrimination lawsuits.

Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder membership options

Still, Tinder’s premium products are popular – let’s take a look at Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum stats.

  • There are over 6 million Tinder subscribers – but that’s less than one in 10 users.
  • Tinder Gold costs $29.99 for a one-month subscription for over 30s.
  • And it’s $14.99 for a month if you’re under 30.
  • And Tinder Platinum will set you back $39.99 if you’re the ripe old age of 30 (or up).
  • For those under 30, it comes in at $19.99.

Tinder Marriages And Babies

Tinder has a reputation as a hookup app, so you might expect Tinder babies to outnumber Tinder marriages. We may have the data for happy little Tinder accidents, but let’s take a look at the metrics of Tinder success.

Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder marriage
  • One-third of marriages in America begin online.
  • In 2014, Tinder claimed the credit for 1,000 engagements.
  • That’s around 675,000 Tinder marriages every year in America.
  • And statistics show that 30% of Tinder users are already married… That might hurt your chances if you’re trying to tie the knot.
  • And while we don’t know how many Tinder babies are out there, with 1.6 billion swipes every day, we know there are sure to be plenty of chances of conception.

Tinder Success Rates

Whether you count success as a match or a marriage, Tinder could be the place to get lucky in love. That said, don’t go prying into people’s reasons for being on Tinder too soon.

  • A recent study aimed at millennials revealed 22% are on Tinder for a hookup – not quite everyone.
  • Just under 5% said they were looking for a relationship.
  • And most people – 44% – said they were looking for “confidence-boosting procrastination”. 
  • But don’t let that put you off – 50% of Tinder matches meet up in real life.
  • 1.6 billion swipes lead to 26 million matches a day.
Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder swipe left or right
  • That means the average match rate on Tinder is 1.63% – so get swiping!
  • Guys are less picky than the gals, swiping right 46% of the time.
  • Meanwhile, women swipe right on less than one in six pics.
  • Tinder creates a million dates a week.
  • And 85% of couples who met through Tinder say “I love you” in under a year. Aww.

Who Invented Tinder

Ever wondered where it all started? Tinder’s been a game-changer in how we approach our dating lives and “swiping right” will forever be a part of our vocabulary. But who was the bright spark that came up with Tinder?

So who invented Tinder? Sean Rad invented Tinder when he came up with the idea for the app in 2012. But it was his co-founder, Jonathan Badeen, that brought Tinder’s ubiquitous swiping to life. Within two years, Tinder was seeing one billion swipes a day, yeesh!

Tinder Statistics In 2022 - tinder founder
  • Tinder launched in 2012 and was invented by Sean Rad.
  • But it was Tinder co-founder Jonathan who came up with swiping as a way of indicating preference on the app.
  • And it was originally launched exclusively for college students in America.
  • Just two years after Tinder was founded, there were a billion swipes a day on the app.
  • And in 2017, Tinder became the highest-grossing app on the app store.

Tinder Business Statistics

From its inception, Tinder spread like wildfire. And as of 2023, Tinder remains big business. But now, there’s a bit of competition with apps like Bumble and Badoo. Here are some Tinder business statistics to get you up to speed.

  • Tinder’s annual revenue in 2020 was a whopping $1.4 billion.
  • It’s been growing every year and is up 25 times on its 2015 revenue of $47 million.
  • In 2017, Tinder was acquired by Match Group – which owns OkCupid,, and Hinge amongst others.
Tinder Statistics In 2022 - match group
  • Tinder’s annual revenue in 2020 was 58% of Match Group’s earnings, making it more valuable than every other service they own combined.
  • There are 10.6 million subscribers on Tinder as of December 2021.
  • Morgan Stanley values Tinder at $42 billion.

Wrapping Up

Tinder might have a reputation as a hookup app, but from Gen X to Gen Z, it’s a whole alphabet soup of users. Their 75 million active monthly users are a diverse bunch, spanning 190 countries, nine sexualities, and talking in 56 languages.

Once you take a look at the Tinder statistics, it’s clear that this can be an app for anyone.

So if you’ve got a taste for Tinder and want more, here’s everything you should know about the app.

And if Tinder doesn’t light a fire under you, try my dating app quiz to see which app you should be swiping right on.

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