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The Tinder Bio Ultimate Guide for 2023 | Tinder Bio Hacks and Tips

The Tinder Bio Ultimate Guide for 2023 | Tinder Bio Hacks and Tips

Now if you’re like me, I wouldn’t be surprised if your Tinder bio is blank, or limited, to say the least. I used to think that Tinder bios didn’t matter and to be perfectly honest with you, I would seem like a ‘try-hard’ if I had one.

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I’m not bad-looking and I had chosen decent photos, so why the hell wasn’t I getting matches? It wasn’t until I started this journey toward building Dude Hack that I stumbled upon some startling information about what helps average guys have success on Tinder.

It was only when I threw the belief that Tinder bios aren’t important that I saw a change. I embraced the bio and came up with some simple bio lines, and it was here that I saw how many more matches a bio – even if it’s simple – will get you.

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Why You Need A Bio Or Clear Description

Not often will I wave my finger and tell you what to do. But no matter who you are and whatever your goals may be on Tinder, you NEED a Tinder bio.

If you are hating on me a little for telling you what to do, let’s read ahead a little further to understand exactly why we need a bio.

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We all know that the landscape of Tinder is a competitive one. Tinder users have more than tripled in the last four years, which tells me that Tinder is continuously growing, and won’t slow down anytime soon.

When the competition is so high, you have to do everything in your power to stand out.

So the question is, how does having a bio affect where you stand amongst all of this competition?

Well, the simple answer is that a man is four times more likely to get a match, just by having a bio. Not a good bio, just any old bio will get you quadruple the matches…

Still need a reason to have one? Over 30% of male Tinder users DON’T have a bio at all. To put yourself ahead of a massive chunk of dudes – get a bio.

Women Might Think The Worst

The other reason you need a bio is because of what people might assume of you if you don’t. The main issue is that you look like you don’t give a crap. Women might also think:

  • You are lazy.
  • You are hiding something.
  • You have no creativity.
  • You can’t spell.

How Do Tinder Taglines For Guys Differ From A Tinder Tagline For Girls?

OK, so I have seen a myriad of sexual innuendos when it comes to female bio lines. Research shows that on Tinder, men and women are fairly in line with what they are looking for.

The amount they are looking to chat, casually date or even meet a partner is pretty similar, but really the only big disparity between the two genders is when we talk about who is looking for a ‘one-night stand’.

Almost DOUBLE the men are looking for a one-night stand. So do you think those guys are going to care when a girl has a risqué Tinder bio? Hell no.

If anything, it would get them MORE excited about matching.

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This certainly isn’t the case for us guys though. As I will explain in more detail, being sexual in your bio, is a no-no.

What To Do With Your Tinder Bio

Funny Bio

Why is humor such a good thing on Tinder? Well, there are a lot of answers to that question, but let’s just look at two. First of all, humor works well in diffusing any sort of tension.

Tinder can be freaky for a girl who has only just downloaded it, she’s heard some of the horror stories and is going in quite skeptical.

The QUICKEST way to overcome any doubts would be to add something in there to make her laugh.

Set yourself up so the first thing she does when seeing your profile is smile. Secondly, if it’s something that she finds funny, you now have a shared perspective on something before even meeting.

On Tinder, funny = good.

funny tinder bio with quote from anchorman

Simple Bio

Sometimes going all out and trying to come up with the perfect Tinder profile can set you back. This is because guys try so hard to come up with the perfect profile and go overboard.

Leave it to a maximum of 3 sections. What I mean by this is, a funny movie quote might take up one section, a little about yourself might take up the other.

If your profile contains more than 3 different sections or themes, then you are going way too overboard.

She will get bored reading, or simply think you are pretty full on and will send her long-winded messages every time you speak. Keep it simple, keep it light, and keep it fun.

Original Bio

There are thousands of users on Tinder, and like I said, in the last few years those numbers have almost tripled. What that means for us, is there are a shit ton of other dudes out there competing for the same girls.

So, if there are thousands of other dudes out there, you want to do everything in your power to stand out from the crowd.

The other issue is every other crap blog or article out there giving examples of good Tinder bios, is so damn overused, that having a clever bio will actually get you a negative result if she’s seen it 10 times that night…

Get original, try to write one yourself, or even just tweak the popular ones out there. Being different in your Tinder bio is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd.

Creative Bio

This is easier said than done, but try to think outside the box. You don’t need to follow the cliche criteria that everyone else has on Tinder, in fact doing quite the opposite can be the way to go.

I don’t have a simple way to show you exactly how to be more creative, but looking at this profile that I found recently will definitely give you the right idea.

creative tinder profile photo

She has grabbed your attention by choosing specific numbered photos, piqued your interest and curiosity, and when you finally unveil the fourth photo, you laugh. This is genius.

Show Your Interests In A Funny Way

The concept behind Tinder is to find people that you feel you would be compatible with.

If you are someone that has a pretty big interest or hobby and would love to use Tinder to find more like-minded people, sometimes showing that interest (in a humorous way) can help you find these particular people and catch their attention enough to match you.

It could mean making a joke about that said passion or hobby, but let’s take a look at this example from an obvious Harry Potter fan:

happy potter pun tinder bio

It makes you laugh, but if you are a Harry Potter fan, it also tells you: “Ok this person likes Harry Potter like me!!”

What NOT To Do In A Tinder Bio

Probably the best news for you after reading this is that there are literally thousands of guys out there making rookie mistakes.

This is good news because if you are one of those people, that changes today, but it also means we are now going to have a massive competitive advantage over the rest of the herd.

Your Tinder bio makes up half of your potential matches picture of who you are, don’t give her any reason to have to swipe left.

Let’s look at what not to do:

Be Sleazy

Remember what I said earlier about the difference between men’s and women’s bios? DO NOT turn into a sleazebag in your bio.

I have seen it time and time and time again, over and over, and it still blows my mind. Let this sink in brother: Tinder is no longer just about sex. So act that way.

The amount of dudes that have a sexual innuendo in their bio and wonder why they don’t get matches astounds me.

Even if you are COMPLETELY joking and looking for something genuine on Tinder, how do you think that woman swiping will know that?

There are A LOT of douchebag creeps on Tinder, don’t give her any reason to think you’re one of them.

Be Demanding

I want this, I want that. Shut up! There is honestly nothing more irritating than someone that thinks they can list all the features that their match SHOULD have.

First of all, you sound like a dick, and secondly, you might actually miss out on matching with a girl that ticks all your boxes, just because you were acting like an asshole. Be open to what you might find on there.

demanding douchebag tinder bio guy


OK so if Tinder sucks, why are you on it? Another extremely irritating thing when it comes to men’s Tinder bios is being close-minded, cynical, and just generally negative.

I don’t really understand why, but it seems some guys think that having an “I’m too cool for Tinder’ type attitude will help you seem pretty suave. It’s so not the case.

Guess what mate, the women looking at your profile have made the decision to download Tinder and swipe as well. So don’t indirectly offend them and make yourself look like a twat, by implying that Tinder is for losers.

Spell Bad

Want to know the BIGGEST dealbreaker when it comes to online dating? If you spell like a 5-year-old! Using slang, netspeak, or generally just spelling badly.

This will dramatically lower your chances of a match, so before pressing save on that bio, triple-check that all your spelling is correct.

You might benefit even more by simply whacking a period on the end. In recent studies, a staggering 93% of online dating users, were more attracted to someone online when they simply end their sentences correctly.

Can’t Think Of Anything

This is almost as bad as leaving your bio blank. Women will just think you are lazy. Don’t think you are the first to think of “I will write this later” or “witty bio pending” because it’s just lazy.

tinder bio not trying

Examples Of Good Tinder Bios For Guys?

After going through all this info I’m sure you would love more examples. If that’s the case, download my free list of 50 of the best bios for you to copy. 

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