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How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline? So What Is The Bumble Beeline, and How To Use It?

How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline? So What Is The Bumble Beeline, and How To Use It?

Okay, so swiping left or right on someone isn’t life’s hardest decision. Honestly, I spend a lot more time figuring out what to have for dinner. But still, once the clock’s ticking the pressure’s on: she’s a 10, but “Dog Mom” has always been a dealbreaker. What are you gonna do?

How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline - bumble beeline

Bumble introduced time limits on matches to encourage people to start messaging right away. This has reduced ghosting on the app, but it might leave you wondering if your potential matches in the Bumble Beeline are going to expire, too.

Bumble is the second-most popular dating app in the USA, and its female-friendly features have made it a great place to find everything from long-term relationships to hookups. Let’s take a look at the Beeline feature and figure out if the clock’s ticking.

How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline?

Most people know that once a match is made on Bumble, female users have 24 hours to send the first message before the match expires.

So what about potential matches? With Bumble, you find your potential matches (called Admirers) in the Beeline. So is the clock ticking on your Beeline?

So how long does someone stay in your Beeline? According to Bumble, they’ll be there indefinitely: until you either match with them or swipe left in the swipe deck. Unlike Bumble Matches which expire after 24 hours, potential matches in the Beeline never expire, but they will disappear if someone deletes their account or snoozes Bumble.

How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline - unlock your beeline

So there’s no rush to go through your Beeline. But I have to ask, why would you wait? If someone has appeared in your Beeline, then you know they’re active then and there. That means it’s a great opportunity to match and make a connection right away.

There’s no need to play it cool. Leaving people languishing in your Beeline just increases the chance that by the time you do match, they’ll have lost interest in the app. Lots of matches are worthless if half are from inactive profiles.

Do People In Beeline Expire?

Once a match is made on Bumble, the race is on. From a guy’s perspective, there’s nothing you can do but watch the yellow circle around your match’s profile picture disappear, like the sands of time falling in an hourglass, as you wait for her to make the first move.

Expired matches suck, so what about expired potential matches?

So do people in Beeline expire? Nope. Your potential matches in the Beeline never expire. But they might disappear for other reasons, such as deleting the app, snoozing Bumble, or leaving the country.

On Bumble, potential matches never expire. So unless fate intervenes, people will stay in your Beeline forever. And similarly, if you’re a free user, you could swipe right on someone today and if they match back a month later you’ll still get a chance to chat. Maybe you should give Dog Mom a chance after all.

How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline - beeline feature

Why Do People In My Beeline Disappear?

So Beeline matches never expire. But you might have noticed that little number in your Match Queue drops from time to time. So where are people in your Beeline disappearing to?

If you’ve noticed your Beeline number decrease you’ll be asking: why do people in my Beeline disappear? If someone deletes their account or snoozes Bumble then they’ll disappear from your Beeline. Additionally, your Beeline only shows users who are in the same country, so if you’ve gone on vacation you’ll notice everyone disappears. And lastly, if you’ve paid for Bumble Premium, your preferences will be applied to the Beeline so you may find fewer people there.

All in all, there are quite a few reasons why people disappear from Bumble Beeline:

  • The user deletes their account
  • The user snoozes Bumble
  • The user toggles off Date mode
  • If you (or they) leave the country
  • If the user is outside of your preferences when you upgrade to Bumble Premium
How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline - bumble beeline match queue notification

So if people disappear from your Beeline when you buy Premium, don’t get buzzed off. You can adjust your Bumble filters to bring them back. You can do this in the Beeline tab from the icon in the top right corner.

Meanwhile, if you’re a free user, don’t worry about that Beeline number going up or down. You’ll eventually find these users in the Swipe Deck if they’re still active. If they’ve deleted Bumble or hit Snooze, then forget about ‘em.

What is the Beeline on Bumble?

The beeline – the straightest point from A to B. And if you want to head straight for a match then you’ll want to check out the Bumble Beeline.

What is the Beeline on Bumble? It’s where Bumble shows you all the profiles that have liked you, that you haven’t swiped on yet. Free users will see these profiles as blurred-out images while Bumble Premium users can swipe left or right, rejecting or matching instantly.

The Beeline is Bumble’s version of Tinder’s “See Who Likes You” premium feature. Hinge has the same thing, called “Likes You”. On all of these dating apps, seeing who has swiped right on you is a paid feature that saves you from plumbing the depths of the swipe deck.

How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline - tinder and hinge beeline counterpart

To find the Beeline on Bumble, you can tap on the heart icon at the bottom of the screen. Your Beeline is categorized by “New”, “Nearby” and “Recently Active”.

You can also access the Beeline from your Match Queue. Free users will see their Admirers as blurred-out faces, sometimes surrounded by a green circle.

Tap on a person’s profile to open it up, and then you can decide whether to swipe left or swipe right on that person.

Is Bumble Beeline Worth it?

If you’re suffering from swipe fatigue, you might want to skip the thumb workout and beeline straight for the Beeline. And heck, it’s always an ego boost to be brought a ready-made list of everyone who likes you. But the Beeline is a Bumble Premium feature.

So is the Bumble Beeline worth it? It’s definitely useful if you’re sick of doing a lot of swiping, or if you’re in a busy area with a lot of users on the app. But to access the Beeline you have to pay for Premium and it’s not cheap.

Bumble Premium costs around $39.99 for a single month, or $76.99 for three months. That’s more than my two cents right there.

How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline - get bumble premium

The major difference between male and female users will be the number of people in your Beeline. Most women I know on the app have 50+ potential matches at all times, whereas male users might have just a handful, especially if you’re in remote areas.

If you’re thinking of investing in Bumble Premium to see who likes you, then I recommend starting out with a week’s subscription. You’ll find out quickly if the profiles in your Beeline are the type of user you’d like to match with.

What Are the Benefits of Bumble Beeline?

If you’re considering coughing up for Bumble Premium, then the Beeline is one of the main draws. So what are the benefits of Bumble Beeline?

  • Confidence boost: Seeing everyone who likes you is a confidence boost
  • Mental well-being: Reducing time spent swiping can improve mental well-being.
  • Chat and match faster: A new user in your Beeline is currently active, so you get an instant match that leads to a quicker connection.
  • Knowing who likes you: No more guessing about whether a user will like you back.
How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline - confident guy using phone

Alongside the Beeline, Bumble Premium gives you a ton of other new features. Travel mode, Incognito mode, the ability to rewind accidental left swipes and unlimited extends are great features that add up to make it an appealing package.

And it’s worth noting that a Bumble Boost subscriber doesn’t get access to the Beeline. Boost is Bumble’s cheapest tier and it’s a bit more bare-bones. 

How To See Bumble Matches Without Paying

If you’re wondering how to unlock your Beeline on Bumble for free, you’re out of luck. You can’t unlock your Beeline without paying for Bumble Premium. There are no sneaky hacks like the Tinder unblur trick.

But while Bumble makes you pay for the privilege of seeing who likes you, you don’t have to pay to see your matches on the free version of Bumble. Free users can swipe, match and message in the app. 

Here’s how to see matches on Bumble without paying:

  1. Open up the app and swipe right on the profiles you like in the Swipe Deck.
  1. Click on the Speech Bubble icon to open the Chats tab
  1. Your Bumble Matches will be in the Match Queue at the top of the screen. Guys have to wait for female users to message first.
How Long Does Someone Stay In Your Beeline - Free Bumble Match Queue

If you’re having trouble getting matches, then maybe you need to work on your waggle dance.

(But seriously, a good profile is going to massively boost your matches, and choosing the optimal profile picture is essential to making a good impression.)

Final Thoughts

Bumble has some unique features compared to other apps so it’s worth taking a deep dive to understand how it works.

While your potential matches in the Beeline never expire, you don’t know if someone’s going to ditch the app or go abroad.

And when there are new profiles in your Beeline, you know they liked you recently. That means they’re more likely to be active now so you could get chatting right away. As a general rule, I match back right away. Why wait?

And if you’re still not sure Bumble’s the app for you then try my dating app quiz to figure out which app is a match made in heaven for your dating needs. Get swiping!

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