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10 Weird Ways To Start A Tinder Conversation From Reddit

10 Weird Ways To Start A Tinder Conversation From Reddit

We are 5 days into the new year and already there are so many…interesting Tinder openers that I have come across.

These guys took a risk, something that I think is generally a good thing.

But, as you will soon see, some of these openers might not work for everyone you try them on, but some might be very impressed.

Decide for yourself once you’ve worked through this list of 10 “interesting” ways to open a Tinder conversation.

All of these openers have come from Reddit.

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10 Funny And Weird Tinder Openers


weird tinder opener Mya


weird tinder openers dtf


weird tinder opener purse phone


Weird Tinder openers Anne Frank


weird tinder openers shit pants


weird tinder openers


weird tinder openers baby yoda


weird tinder openers 1


weird tinder openers dog


weird tinder openers knock knock

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