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Can You Tell If Someone Pays For Tinder? Or If Someone Uses Boost?

Can You Tell If Someone Pays For Tinder? Or If Someone Uses Boost?

I know, there’s a certain awkwardness to paying for all the extra features on a dating app. Or, is there? I don’t know. It sometimes feels like there might be. Especially on Tinder, where the whole vibe is young, free, and single. 

Anyway, as much as you might feel like an asshole for paying Tinder Gold or Platinum, plenty of people do it and no matter what you’re on Tinder for if you can afford Plus, Gold or Platinum then you may as well pay for it and up your chances. Plus, save time!

I mean, we can’t spend all day on dating apps, can we? Okay, we can but we probably shouldn’t.

For a full explanation of Tinder Gold, including prices and an explanation of everything you get for your cold hard cash check out my article on the topic here or you can get the same for Tinder Platinum and Tinder Plus.

But if your issue is whether or not other people will know you’ve forked out for a paid Tinder subscription, or whether you can tell if they have done the same, then keep reading.

I mean, can you tell if someone pays for Tinder Gold?

Can You Tell If Someone Pays For Tinder?

No, you can’t tell if someone on Tinder is a Plus, Gold, or Platinum subscriber. And it works the same the other way. If you pay for one of them, no one will know.

I gotta say though, it would be a weird thing to lie about. Your dating site behavior is pretty much a private affair anyway, and I don’t think your mates will waste too much time worrying about whether or not you spend some money every month helping yourself get dates.

Unless you subscribe to a lot of paid dating sites. Like, too many. All of them. But then again… the more the merrier!

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Can You Tell If Someone Used Tinder Boost?

Now and again, you just need a win. Like, if you take another L you will genuinely cream. Or maybe cry. Maybe put your head under the comforter and not come out for a week or two.

Like, your team lost the playoffs, you burnt dinner, you’ve had a telling-off at work, and there’s no food in the damn fridge. So, you need a win! And the only thing you have left is Tinder.

Okay, not the only thing, it’s not quite that bad. But you’re really trying to distract yourself, and Tinder is perfect for that.

As long as you’re getting matches. And a good way to make sure you get matches? Using a Tinder Boost of course! But you’re probably wondering: can you tell if someone uses Tinder Boost? Can anyone tell when you’re using one?

Tinder probably knows about this little issue with Boosts, and they have designed them accordingly. So, no, other users won’t be able to tell you’ve used a Boost. A lightning bolt will appear beside the name of your match when you’re messaging them, but no one else can see that.

Tinder Boost claims to… well… boost the popularity of your profile up to a whopping ten times over. Essentially, your profile is chucked to the top of the queue in your area, so, say you’re a guy looking for a woman within three miles.

All the women within three miles would see your lovely face at the top of their Tinder feed. And just to reiterate, they wouldn’t see that you used a Boost.

They’d just assume you were at the top of the feed because you were a great match for them and/or extremely popular, as the Tinder algorithm tends to chuck likely matches and very popular profiles to the top of the queue.

Of course, if you’re feeling extra in need of a win (and you’re already a Plus, Gold, or Platinum Tinder user) then you can bring out the big guns and use a Super Boost!

Super Boost

Hang on, there’s a Super Boost?

There is indeed a Super Boost! And as with the normal Boost, no one will know when you’ve used one on Tinder.

A Super Boost is, according to Tinder, ten times more effective than a Boost. Okay, I’ll do the math for you. That means a Super Boost will get your profile in front of 100x more users than usual.

It’s all a little mysterious, and no one quite knows the details of exactly how a Super Boost works on the back end, but we do know that they can only be used during ‘peak night hours’ when the most people are swiping on Tinder, and you can choose whether they last for 3, 6 or 12 hours.

That’s a lot longer than a regular Boost’s half-hour duration!

super boost

What Do You Get When You Pay For Tinder?

Tinder Gold is one of the three paid Tinder subscriptions. Just to be totally clear, it doesn’t matter which of the three you sign up for, other Tinder users can’t tell that you’re using a paid version of the app and obviously can’t tell which service (Plus, Gold, Platinum) you have subscribed to. Tinder Plus gets you the following, as do the other two options:

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind
  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • 1 Boost a month
  • Passport
  • No ads

In addition to these extra features, Gold provides you with:

  • See who Likes You before you Like or Nope
  • New Top Picks every day

And the most expensive option, Tinder Platinum, offers:

  • Message before matching by attaching a message to your Super Like
  • Have your Like prioritized over others with Priority Likes
  • See the Likes you’ve sent in the last 7 days

Arguably, Platinum is just showing off at this point. But if you can afford a paid Tinder subscription then it may well be worth it – the unlimited likes alone should be enough to sway you! I mean, why not, no one will know unless you tell them.

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