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Funny and Easy Tinder (Or Bumble) Profile Idea Anyone Can Do In 2022

Funny and Easy Tinder (Or Bumble) Profile Idea Anyone Can Do In 2022

What Are Flip Photos?

Have you just spent hours putting together your Tinder profile, only to realize that it’s pretty dull? I mean, it’s not like your photo of you hiking or with your friends at a party is exactly ‘ground-breaking.’

Will your potential match really be swept off her feet looking at that selfie in your bathroom mirror? The answer is… no, definitely not.

If you’ve read my book Tinder Hacked, you will know that one of the very top rules is to try and be different! The reason I say this is as of writing this post, there are a whopping 50 million Tinder users worldwide.

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So what I’m getting at is… there’s a hell of a lot of competition. Because of this, doing whatever you can to poke your head above the crowd is definitely a good thing!

Flip photos are using your Tinder photos in a creative way to tell a continuous story. What I mean by this, is positioning your Tinder photos in a way so that each one varies slightly from the last, and when swiped through in succession, the photos almost simulate motion.

The reason I have dubbed them ‘flip photos’ is because it reminds me of the flipbooks I used to make as a kid. Everyone at one point or another has created the little flipbook animations then proudly flipped through them.

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Why Use Flip Photos In Your Tinder Profile?

Flip photos can really work well for you because it is so different to every single other profile your potential match has come across. We all know those cliché profiles that your potential matches usually swipe through.

And I’m sure if you are reading this right now, you don’t want to get lost in the shuffle. With Flip photos, you can make a lasting impression right off the bat.

funny tinder photo idea darts

Not only will your potential match be intrigued when they see the first two photos are linked and therefore want to keep swiping, but they will most likely laugh when they realize your creativity.

I am telling you right now, having a creative and funny Tinder profile immediately puts you head and shoulders above 99% of the competition.

In my experience with these photos, I’ve always seen positive responses. As a potential match will appreciate the creativity.

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How Can I Use Flip Photos In My Tinder Profile?

It’s really simple actually. You can instantly give your Tinder profile a creative makeover by simply getting up right now, thinking of any sort of motion, and taking a series of photos, moving slightly each time.

The above photo of the guy throwing the dart is pretty well thought out. But if you’re worried that you can’t think of anything as creative, don’t stress. Look at this example:

creative and funny tinder photo idea sneeze

Unless you’re a strange kind of person, sneezes in the real world aren’t typically that funny. But as shown in the above example, when used on Tinder in a flip photo, it’s hilarious! So don’t overthink it.

Even attempting this style of the profile will definitely make you stand out.

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When Should I Use Flip Photos In My Tinder Profile?

There are a couple of instances I would highly recommend using flip photos in your Tinder profile. Obviously, if you want to stand out, they are for you.

But the main reason I would suggest including flip photos in your Tinder profile is when you feel you don’t have the best Tinder photos, whether that’s because of quality or lack of variety.

If you are anything like me and hate having your photo taken, then this is perfect for you.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive or aren’t photogenic, it just means that by the law of averages, you haven’t been in enough photos to have 6-8 really good ones.

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On top of that, the idea of having a mini photoshoot for your Tinder profile seems pretty daunting.

Don’t stress though! Simply take 6-8 photos in a row and experiment with flip photos! The beauty about these photos is you don’t need to focus on trying to look your most attractive.

Focusing on showing your funny and creative side is most important here. If you’re on the fence, just give it a go and see the matches come rolling on in!

If you’re wondering about other ways to improve your profile, having an awesome bio is extremely important. So go ahead and download my free list of 50 bios for you to copy.

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