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How Does Christian Mingle Work? What It Is And How To Use It In 2023

How Does Christian Mingle Work? What It Is And How To Use It In 2023

Are you looking for a like-minded Christian partner? Well, look no further than Christian Mingle. This online dating site is mainly designed for Christian users looking for a partner from the same faith.

If you’ve heard of Elite Singles, JSwipe, and SliverSingles, then you’re probably familiar with the company behind these platforms, Spark Networks. The company is also responsible for launching this niche dating platform in 2001.

If you’re curious to know more about Christian Mingle, then this guide will be perfect for you! I’ll walk you through all the features of this dating app, so by the time you’re done with this post; you’ll be an expert on Christian Mingle.

Let’s jump right into the guide!

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How Does Christian Mingle Work?

Since most users on Christian Mingle are between their late twenties and early forties, it’s the perfect place for people looking for long-term and serious relationships.

With around 7 million users from the US and about 40 thousand active users weekly, Christian Mingle offers you a good pool of individuals to pick from. Moreover, there’s also a balance of both male and female users. 

The majority of the members on Christian Mingle are from the US, UK, and Australia, so if you’re from one of these regions, this site will be perfect for you.

Since Christian Mingle is a niche website, you can look at potential partners based on their religion and how practicing they are.

How Your Christian Mingle Profile Works

If you’re hesitant to sign up because you’re dreading the long process, then you have nothing to worry about. The registration process takes 5-6 minutes at most.

Signing up on Christian Mingle is pretty simple. You can sign up using your Facebook, Apple account, or your email. If you decide to choose the former two options, your account’s current information will be transferred to your Christian Mingle account.

If you opt for email sign-up, the app will ask for some basic info such as your name, gender, birthday, and zip code. You must be at least 18 years of age to sign up. The site does not allow minors to sign up.

Once you have the basic info down, the site then gives you the option of uploading six images. Adding at least one picture is compulsory for the sign-up process.

The picture you use should give a clear view of your face. Moreover, you cannot upload an image that is suggestive or offensive.

Next, you need to decide on your Display Name. You can either use your original name or choose a nickname that describes your personality. 

After this, you can add more details to your profile. The site asks you for information such as your height, marital status, occupation, and education level. It also asks you to specify your religion and how regularly you attend church.

You’re also asked questions about if you have kids or if you want to have kids later. 

christian mingle textboxes interests

How Christian Mingle LookOut Works

Similar to apps like Tinder, Christian Mingle also has a feature that allows you to swipe through different profiles quickly. If you don’t want to look at each profile’s details, you can open the LookBook.

The LookBook gives you a quick glimpse of each person’s profile. This means you see their profile picture, name, age, area of residence, and match percentage.

Depending on whether you like the profile or not, you can either press the X symbol to move to the next match or press the heart to like the profile.

christian mingle like eachother match male female smiling

In the next step, you’re asked to write a short and quick profile summary. I suggest writing about things that you’re interested in; make sure it’s eye-catching as you need it to grab the attention of potential matches.

Christian Mingle then gives keywords regarding interests for you to choose from. For instance, under the heading Sports and Fitness, you’ll find keywords like basketball, surfing, soccer, swimming, etc.

You have other headings such as music, eats and drinks, travel, so you have lots of interests to choose from.

For the final step of the sign-up process, Christian Mingle asks you to specify what you’re looking for. You are asked to select your gender, religion, type of religion, and age range. You can go to advanced preferences if you wish to be more specific.

Initially, the dating site only let heterosexual couples match up, but now homosexual couples can also find their matches on Christian Mingle.

And that’s about it! The whole sign-up process doesn’t take longer than 5-6 minutes.

How Christian Mingle Matching Works

Remember the information you filled in when signing up about what you’re looking for in a partner? Well, that information is critical for matching you with potential partners.

On the home screen of Christian Mingle, you’ll see four different tabs. In each tab, the profiles are filtered to fit your preferences. On the New tab, you’ll see new profiles each day that match your requirements in some way or the other.

You can change your requirements by clicking on the I’m Seeking box in the New tab. The profiles that show up here have a bit more detail. You can tap on the profile to look at their interests.

Christian Mingle gives you daily matches based on your preferences. If you feel like exploring a little, you can use the free search feature, which allows you to look up profiles using different filters.

The profiles that show up here don’t necessarily have to be the ones that the app has matched you with.

While free users cannot message other users, you can send them a smile to get their attention.

How Christian Mingle Messaging Works

Like most popular dating platforms, you cannot send or receive messages on Christian Mingle as a free user. You need to sign up for their membership if you wish to send and receive messages from other users.

However, if you catch a premium user’s attention and the message, you can respond to their message even as a free user. 

If you’re using Christian Mingle on desktop users, you get notified through browser notifications or via email every time you receive a message. If you’re using the app, you’ll get a notification on your phone from the app.

You can also customize and make a list of your top favorite Christian Mingle users to make communication easier. 

On the other hand, if there’s a user who has been bothering you or has been offensive, you can add them to your block list. Christian Mingle will remove the user from your suggestions, and they won’t be able to message you.

Once you subscribe to the membership, you can also gain access to read receipts. So, you can see when the other user has seen your message.

How The Christian Mingle Algorithm Works

If you carefully look at the profiles suggested by Christian Mingle, you’ll see a match percentage on them.

Christian Mingle’s algorithm uses the preferences that you added at the start when signing up for potential partners to match you up with other profiles. The higher the percentage, the more the profile matches your requirements.

I would like to emphasize how important it is to be clear about your preferences if you want the algorithm to give you the best matches.

You can keep track of who looked at your profile and of all the mutual likes in the Activity tab. However, this feature is only available to Premium users.

How Does Christian Mingle’s Premium Membership Work?

If you want to experience the best of Christian Mingle, you will need to subscribe to the Premium membership. 

Not sure if that is the best idea? 

Don’t worry. Let’s go over the features available to standard free account users and the ones available to Premium users to help you make your decision easier.

Christian Mingle Standard Vs. Premium


As a standard free user, you can create an account on Christian Mingle. You can also customize your profile. 

In addition, you can do match searches, send smiles to other users, and even like their profiles. However, this is where the limits of a standard account kick in. while you can browse other profiles, you can’t really message them.

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re lucky enough to catch the attention of a premium user and the message, you can respond to their messages. Although this isn’t really practical, you can’t just wait around for the perfect match to just message you. What if your perfect match is a bit shy? 

Honestly, not being able to message the people you’re interested in just defeats the point of being on a dating platform.


You get access to a bunch of different features if you subscribe to the premium membership. 

One of the most important perks is that you can send and receive messages from other users–regardless of whether they’re premium users or not.

If you wish, you can also hide your profile from potential matches. Say you have a busy week at work and can’t regularly check up on your matches. You can hide your profile to prevent other users from finding you.

You can also hide your online status. Once you have more time for dating, you can make your profile visible again.

The premium membership also gives users access to read receipts. This is to say that if the other user reads your message, you receive a notification.

In addition to all these features, you can see who has visited and liked your profile. Besides, if you wish to browse someone’s profile but don’t want them to know yet, you can browse their profile anonymously thanks to the premium membership.

Now comes the important question, how much does the premium membership cost?

There are three plans Christian Mingle offers for its premium membership.

PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
1 Month$49.99$49.99
3 Months$104.97$34.99
6 Months$149.94$24.99

Christian Mingle Spotlight

Another feature that you can purchase on Christian Mingle is the Spotlight feature. This feature boosts your profile to the top of the search list. You can choose how long you want your profile to be on the Spotlight.

This feature is really helpful for exposing your profile to more users.

How To Download Christian Mingle

If you prefer using a desktop or laptop, you can easily access Christian Mingle on your browser. When you’re using Christian Mingle on a browser, you either receive notifications through email or as browser notifications.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, I’d suggest downloading the app from the store. Christian Mingle is available for Android on Google Play and for iOs on Apple Store. The app is free to download in all stores.

Most people are more comfortable using dating apps than you. it is easier to share information and keep track of your notifications through your smartphone. No matter where you are, you can easily see who messaged you and send them an instant response.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve probably noticed by now, the app is quite simple to navigate through. Users who aren’t tech-savvy will have no trouble navigating through the app. 

If you’re Christian, this is the perfect niche dating site for you. You can find potential matches based on their religion and how practicing they are.

However, if you do wish to use this app, I would suggest going for the membership plan if you can afford it. While you can sign up and browse profiles as a free user, the app is of no use to free users as you can’t really send any messages.

Christian Mingle has had its share of success stories so if you’re looking to settle down, this might be the site for you! I suggest you go ahead and sign up for free here to see if it’s for you! What do you have to lose?

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