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How Does OkCupid Work In 2023? What It Is and How To Use It

How Does OkCupid Work In 2023? What It Is and How To Use It

What Is OkCupid?

OkCupid is an internationally operating online dating site/app, registration on it is completely Free! As of 2010, OkCupid claimed 3.5 million active users.

Additionally, OkCupid keeps a wide variety of statistics to help you improve your text game, including The most important questions on OkCupid. Initially, users knew OkCupid only as a dating site and the mobile application has been running successfully for several years.

One of the leading dating networks, OkCupid has been in the industry for over 10 years and during that time has managed to build a name in the field.

How Does OKCupid Work - Okcupid Desktop Website Main Page

The huge advantage of OkCupid over other applications is that it challenges you to answer questions with which the system automatically calculates your compatibility with other users and automatically sorts them.

The questions have closed answers, and you can input explanations if you think there is a need for one. Then mathematical calculations begin, which over the years have proven to be accurate enough to avoid unpleasant people.

There can always be slight discrepancies, everything in this application is an algorithm, where there may be a percentage discrepancy.

Everyone can write to you in OkCupid, without necessarily liking each other, as with Tinder, and you don’t have to answer.

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OkCupid is also one of the most famous dating apps. Once you’ve created a username, you’ll start creating a profile to which you can link your Instagram account. You can answer questions through which the application will search for your match.

Depending on your answers the app will calculate just how compatible you are with a certain person. You can also choose to make your answers public and note how important they are to you.

OkCupid also has a pretty wide variety of users. The ages of users vary, but most fall between 25 and 40.

How Does OkCupid Work On My Phone?

OkCupid can be used on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, as well as on home computers. Firstly we will go over how OkCupid works on mobile phones, as they are the most popular way of using dating apps/sites.

Then go to the main screen where all the applications installed on the device are grouped and tap on the OkCupid icon.

How Does OkCupid Work - App Screens

How Does OkCupid Work On My Computer?

If you prefer to use the computer, you would be surprised at how easy it is to use OkCupid. First, go to the OkCupid home page and click the Join OKC button placed in the center of the screen to instantly create your account on the site.

OkCupid is slightly different on the computer compared to on the phone, as there is no Computer application on it, but it is rather a site.

This is the OG OkCupid experience, as the dating service originally started off as a Dating website. The features found on the site are nearly identical to those found on the app so there is no need to worry.

How Does My Profile On OkCupid Work?

You can start creating your account in the service by tapping the Join OkCupid button and specifying whether you want to register through your Facebook account or by e-mail filling in a field with all the relevant information, pressing the continue button placed at the bottom, writing the password you intend to use.

Check the “I am not a Robot “ box, and do the captcha (if there is one), then you need to input your details. Then you will be asked what exactly you are looking for “Hookups”, “New Friends”, or “ Short-term or Long-term Dating”.

Then you will be asked to upload a few photos so you can show others what you look like.

After that, you will need to create a short description of yourself to help people get to know you, and then you get to the best part, OkCupid’s smart algorithm, which helps you get the best matches.OkCupid is made so that you get matched with people who answered accordingly.

Then click on continue and proceed to answer the questions asked by selecting the appropriate answers and pressing Envie from time to time. If you find any questions particularly important, please check the This is important to me box . which appears below.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to answer all the questions: if you want to miss some, just click on the ‘Skip This Question’ link Seat below.

Questions concerning religion, relationships, sex, politics, etc. The question feature comes in quite handy, there are some users that have answered thousands of questions in search of the perfect partner

How Does OkCupid’s DoubleTake Work?

Finding matches on OkCupid is pretty easy, you will be thrown into a section of theirs called “Doubletake”, where things work basically like Tinder, swipe left the ones you don’t like, and swipe right the ones you like.

You will then be shown a series of profiles related to you, based on the information provided and the answers given: you can indicate the ones you are interested in by clicking the Estrella button and you can discard the ones you don’t find interesting, such as press the “X” button.

If you’re more interested in a particular user, click the View profile link above the photos so you can see their profile in detail.

If you want, you can contact him/her by clicking the see full profile button and there you can see the user’s other photos as well as more details, there you can also send them a message through the chat window that will open in the lower right corner of the page when you like their profile.

Doubletake also allows you to comment on the response of other users, which will send them a message, replying to their answers or their descriptions.

How Does okcupid Work- Doubletake

Another interesting thing that OkCupid does is that it shows you percentages based on how you match based on your account questions.

There is a general rating at the top, but then a further breakdown of the profile, which gives you an idea of how you fit your lifestyle, religion, and other topics. Plus, you can click the percentage button to get even more compatibility details.

You can go to the “Lifestyle and dating” sections which will help you understand how you match a particular person. It’s surprisingly effective to help determine if you want to reach the person by giving you a more personal perspective on the user than the canned yes or no preferences you get with other apps.

It’s one of the cool features on this app, OkCupid knows that to find a match, you need to do more than to look at a few fancy photos of someone, these questions help you find people with matching personalities, religions, political views, and additionally, what the prefer in bed.

One of the most interesting features that OkCupid has is the ability to link your social media accounts directly to your OkCupid Profile. But why is this important?

In Doubletake you can also use a few filters to find better matches.

Other Features Of OkCupid


Here you will be sent profiles, sorted by the percentage compatibility (which is calculated through all the questions you answered).


As we addressed it previously, there is a problem with inactive profiles in dating apps so this option allows you to match with people that are currently online, a great feature in my opinion.

New People

This section allows you to match with people who have recently registered on OkCupid, which is cool as they have not been flooded by messages and so they should bit slightly more optimistic.


Here you will be shown all of the most popular profiles on the site (for a reason).

Question Pros

You will get matched with people who have answered A TON of questions.


The Nearby section allows you to find people that are within a previously inputted distance that was set by you. You can find it in the Profile Section.

How Does OkCupid’s Discovery Work?

The Discovery section of OkCupid is an interesting beast, there you can find popular questions that people are answering, which is important as you will only see people’s answers if you have answered the same questions, so you can start there if you want to answer more questions about your self.

Additionally, there you can filter people by their interests, so if you are a hardcore Game of Thrones fan, you can find others who share your passion.

How Does OkCupid’s Likes Work?

The Likes section is where the magic happens, there you will be able to see everyone who has liked you, then If you like them you can like them back, and… you get matched! Voila, easy as that.

If you accidentally swipe left, check out this article on what to do.

okc match

How Do OkCupid’s Messages Work?

OkCupid’s messaging system is very similar to traditional dating app messages. The big difference here is that OkCupid allows you to send some sort of message before even matching.

That can be done by leaving a comment on users: Profile descriptions answered questions, which essentially starts the conversation easily without any awkwardness.

I highly recommend doing this as OkCupid’s own website claims it will increase your chances of a match by 3 times, which is a lot.

How Does My Profile On OkCupid Work?

Okay so we briefly went over the information you need to input at the beginning, but additionally, OkCupid gives you a ton of options!

Firstly, you can upload up to 10 photos on OkCupid, you can display: what you are looking for in long-term or short-term relationships, hookups, etc.

Okcupid Accidentally Swiped Left - Pass or Like

You can show your sexual orientation, are you looking for a monogamous relationship or a non-monogamous relationship?

Other specifics include, you can input your height, body type, all the languages that you speak, your diet ( are you a vegan or an omnivore?), and your vices(are you a regular weed smoker or are you the purest human being alive?).

You can get a lot more personal on your profile, what are your aspirations? What are your current goals? Talents, Traits, Hobbies? Favorite memories? The deepest secrets you are willing to share?

How Does OkCupid’s “My Ideal Person” Work?

Here you can be as specific or as broad as you want, are you looking for someone that is EXACTLY 23 years old? You can filter that!

Are you looking for someone who speaks AT LEAST 7 Languages? You can search for that too!

How Does The Paid Version Of OkCupid Work?

The paid version gives you the ability to enable the “incognito” mode and enhance your profile. On top of that, the site is known for its excellent privacy settings.

What do you get when you buy a subscription on OkCupid? Well, firstly they offer two, different types of subscriptions: A-List Basic and A-List Premium.

The first one allows you to see a list of daters who like you, use advanced search filters, search based on profile attractiveness, access message read receipts, and remove ads.

PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
1 Month$9.95$9.95
3 Months$23.85$7.95
6 Months$29.70$4.95
1 Month$24.90$24.90
3 Months$68.70$22.90
6 Months$119.40$19.90

To be completely honest with you, as with all dating app subscriptions, they won’t be the determining factor for your success, instead what you need to do is, improve your profile description and get ahead in the texting game, this will be the thing that will help you achieve your desired results.

How Do I Download OkCupid?

You can download the official application available on Android and iOS, additionally, you can use the OkCupid site on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In the first case, visit the relevant section of the Play Store directly from your device, click the install button and, if necessary, allow the download by clicking the Agree button.

In the latter case, instead, visit the relevant section of the App Store, click the Get / Install button and allow the download Face ID, Touch ID, or Password.

What Alternatives Are There To OkCupid?

Overall OkCupid is a nice dating app, It has a ton of features and customization, if you are looking for someone or something very specific, it is a good place to start.

With all the questions you answer and all the filters you apply, you can find exactly what you are looking for, although I would say that the problem is that the men-to-women ratio on the app is one-sided, there are fewer women than men on the app, which is always a problem.

Have you been on OkCupid for a while but you are not satisfied due to it not being so popular?

Well here are the best alternatives that I can offer you, personally, I feel that there are slightly better apps/dating sites out there like eHarmony or EliteSingles, but if you would like to find out more you can visit my “Best Dating Apps” article where I go in-depth into why I recommend those two in particular.

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