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Is Ice Skating A Good First Date? | The Ultimate Ice Skating Date Guide

Is Ice Skating A Good First Date? | The Ultimate Ice Skating Date Guide

Maybe you’re a regular at the rink and you want to show off how fun your hobby is to a date you’d like to impress, or perhaps a new rink has opened up in town (one of those seasonal outdoor ones even), and you fancy checking it out.

Whatever your reasoning, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Is ice skating a good first date?’ or maybe even ‘Is ice skating awkward for a first date?’

In my opinion, that’s a hard yes and a hard no! I mean, if you are super worried about looking suave when you first meet that hotty from Bumble (or Tinder, or Hinge, or Match… or, if you like to make connections the old-fashioned way, I guess someone you met eyes within the grocery store?) then maybe wobbling about on the ice isn’t your idea of a great first date.

Is Skating A Good First Date - Skating Couple

But personally, I think both being bad at something can be really fun.

There’s also a possibility that you’re an amazing figure skater or something, and you’re going to triple-axel your way into your date’s heart. If that’s the case, please remember not to leave them behind on the ice!

The bottom line though? Whether you’re a seasoned skater or a first-timer, ice skating can be an excellent first date.

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Why Is Ice Skating A Good First Date

Like I already mentioned, ice skating dates can go one of a few ways.

If you’re an amazing skater and your date is too you can impress each other zipping about on the ice.

Ice skating is a good first date because if one of you is great at it, it can be a cute lesson (in fact, the lesson would probably have to involve hand-holding!). And if you’re both terrible then you can have a lot of fun clinging to one another.

What’s not to love about slipping about like newborn animals trying to stand, or balancing on the weird giant penguin things they give children and inept adults.

Basically, ice skating is a good date because it’s a low-pressure activity that’s fun, a bit silly, and can be as easy or as taxing as you like.

Once you have rented your skates, you can spend as much or as little time actually skating as you like. Lots of rinks also have snacks and drinks for sale and are built so that you can make a night of your skating date.

Almost all of them (indoor and outdoor) at least have seating areas to relax and people watch, and you can get to know your date pretty well on an ice skating date just by sitting on the sidelines with them and watching other people fall over on the ice!

What Should I Wear On An Ice Skating Date?

You want to stay warm on an ice skating date, obviously, but you’ll also potentially be moving about a lot so you’ll need layers you can remove.

As with all dates, you will want to look as good as you can on an ice skating date, but please remember that it’s probably not the perfect time to show off your best outfit.

Unless you don’t mind potentially ripping the knees of your best jeans, or think that your favorite shirt looks best slightly wet and/or a bit sweaty of course.

It goes without saying that a Torville and Dean-style ice skating costume is a possibility for an ice skating date, but it’s a real commitment.

I mean, first, you would have to get it professionally made and rhinestone-coated, and then you would have to live up to having worn a spangled catsuit on your first date for the rest of your potential relationship.

Ultimately, though, it’s up to you!

What Should A Guy Wear On An Ice Skating Date?

One of the best materials for really high-quality sportswear is merino wool. It’s not the cheapest option by any means, but it’s natural, breathable, long-lasting and it doesn’t feel synthetic.

High-quality merino wool clothes are built for layering. It’s the perfect material for a cozy base layer and a pair of socks that manage to be practical and warm. I recommend any pair that provides arch support without being ugly.

I know socks aren’t exactly sexy, or usually the most important part of a date outfit, but do you know what’s even less sexy?

Massive blisters and trying not to cry when you take your hired skates off. So, trust me on this one, and wear good socks for your date on the ice!

Is Ice Skating A Good First Date - Ibex Tranquil Crew
Is Ice Skating A Good First Date - Ibex Hiker Warm Crew Socks

If you want to achieve the layered sportswear look at a lower price point (I mean, I get it, their stuff is great but not affordable to everyone) then you opt for a non-merino synthetic fabric.

You can find particularly great pants that look smart but feel like warm joggers, so there is almost no chance of them ripping as you either show off your skills on the ice or fall on your ass on the ice.

Is Ice Skating A Good First Date - Public Rec All Day Everyday Pants

Or whatever combo of those two you manage to achieve I guess! A down bomber jacket is a good choice for a top layer, particularly something with an eco-friendly and sustainable filling, aka no birds were harmed in its making.

Is Ice Skating A Good First Date - Public Rec Better Than Down Bomber Jacket

Plus something that looks like a classic bomber jacket rather than a down-jacket that screams ‘hiking obsessive’ or ‘you won’t see me all ski season’ to your date will probably help with the first impressions.

And when it comes to before and after having your skates on, I think this look is perfectly topped off with a pair of white sneakers.

What Should A Girl Wear On An Ice Skating Date?

As an ice skating date is essentially meeting up to do a light round of winter sports, women should keep it practical on the rink too.

The same rules about layers apply, though women probably want to add a sports bra as layer number one.

Just like the socks thing, I know this isn’t the sexiest first-date wear but you’ll definitely appreciate its practicality while skating.

And there are definitely better women’s sportswear options out there than there are men’s sock options!

Firstly, find yourself a sports bra that not only offers the support you would expect but also helps you control temperature (aka keeps you warm on the ice) and is antimicrobial and odor-controlling.

I know, I know, I said it wasn’t sexy! But it’s better than the alternative, right?

Is Ice Skating A Good First Date - Ibex Balance Crop Bra

Normally I feel like women can wear workout tights for most sporty activities, including things like hiking dates or a date to play tennis, but you would just get too cold ice skating in such thin fabric.

Instead, head to a specialist snowsports store and get a pair of fleece-lined joggers that will keep you warm.

They’re always slim cut so there’s no extra fabric flapping about, and the medium-high waist is flattering on pretty much everyone while also keeping your kidneys warm no matter how often you land on that chilly rink.

What Should A Girl Wear On A Iceskating Date?

Ice Skating Date Accessories

I’ve already talked about socks, but I’m going to say it again. Wear good socks to go ice skating! Maybe even pack a thick pair to change into at the rink.

You don’t want your date cut short by sore feet, right? So be sensible!

Beyond that, you should definitely bring a wooly hat or beanie and a pair of gloves. Any good beanie should be affordable, breathable, and moisture-wicking, and obviously, they’re warm too!

Is Ice Skating A Good First Date - Public Rec Chill Beanie Gray

If you have the money for proper snow sports gloves, then splash out to look the part. I like an undeniably stylish leather option, but if that icks you out a bit or you can’t stretch to the price, you can get something in nylon or Gortex instead.

And if that all sounds like overkill because this date is the only time you will ever play on ice or snow? Then get yourself a nice pair of mittens, or get your date a pair as a gift!

They keep your hands warmer than gloves with fingers because all the heat from your hands gets trapped in one pocket. Admittedly, they do make cheeky on-ice hand-holding more difficult.

Finally, what time are you going ice skating? If this is a daytime ice skating date and it’s an outside rink then you should think about sunglasses to combat the glare of the sun on the ice.

If you actually want to be able to see your date’s face, anyway.

Types Of Ice Skating Dates

Of course, not all skating rinks are created equal, and just asking a potential date ‘Do you fancy going ice skating’ doesn’t tell them very much.

I mean, firstly, they’ll want to know how good you are at skating and how good you expect them to be at it, and secondly, they’ll probably ask ‘What sort of ice skating?’

By this they probably mean, is it an indoor ice skating date, an outdoor ice skating date, or, the rarest of the three, a brave wild ice skating date?

Romantic Outdoor Rink

These rinks pop up in towns all over the world in the winter. They’re often at historic landmarks or existing tourist spots, so you can fold in a whole winter wonderland experience to your date with no problem.

They can also be a bit pricey, though, and crowded so do take those factors into account when planning your outdoor ice rink first date. Catch them quiet, though, and it’s you’re guaranteed a romantic evening on the ice.

I would advise booking ahead, or even looking up deals online before you ask your potential date if she wants to go skating.

Cheesy Indoor Skating

I love an indoor ice rink. They remind me of being a kid when friends would have parties at them.

This can be a fun, affordable date and leaves the option of going out to dinner or drinks afterward because it doesn’t eat up all your cash.

Make sure you go on a day when public skating is allowed because these rinks are sometimes used for private events, sports games, or semi-pro skating practice.

You will often find that local rinks even have events like roller discos from time to time, only colder and with blades of course. These make a great silly first date and can be paired perfectly with an outdoor cinema date because you’re already wrapped up warm!

Is Ice Skating A Good First Date - Indoor Ice Skating

Adventurous Wild Skating

Finally, this option is really for experienced skaters. If you live somewhere cold enough, you might take a date out skating in the wild.

You’ll obviously need to both have skates for this and find a safe frozen area to skate.If you get it all right though, maybe combining it with a romantic winter picnic, it could be an unforgettable first date.

What To Bring On An Ice Skating Date

I covered a lot of what to take clothing-wise above, but I would always suggest grabbing an extra hat and gloves if you’re going skating with someone as there’s a moderate chance they’ll forget something.

Or lose a glove on the rink, even. It’s also a good idea to bring extra warm stuff, like a blanket and some hand warmers.

You can go upmarket with a merino wool blanket or keep things cheap, lightweight and practical by grabbing an easy-pack travel blanket that you can shove into your bag or even a large pocket.

What’s more impressive than being prepared? Okay, a few things. But if being prepared means remembering to bring a flash of coffee, hot chocolate, or even mulled wine if you’re feeling spicy, on a cold-weather date then the list is narrowed down!

Grab a decent-sized flask in whatever color goes best with your eyes, and get on with impressing your date.

Final Thoughts

You’re a long way from relaxing on the beach, so an ice skating might sound like a sort of intimidating first date to some, but in my opinion, that’s what makes it such a good one!

If you’re both rubbish at it, the stakes are low and the playing field is leveled. You can tell a lot about someone new based on how they react to being crappy at something, in fact.

Plus, it’s great to have a new experience together! It creates a bond and it makes it really hard to get bored or run out of conversational topics, even if you usually get nervous on a first date.

Of course, if you both hate ice skating, you can just give back the painful skates, go get a drink, and bitch together about how you will literally never step foot on a rink again.

And if you haven’t gotten to the first date stage yet, try my 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up for a profile overhaul that will get you more matches and just in time for those cozy winter date ideas!

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