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How To Invite Your Tinder Match For A Netflix And Chill Date

How To Invite Your Tinder Match For A Netflix And Chill Date

Thinking About Inviting Your Match To Netflix And Chill?

So even though this might not be my cup of tea, I’m not a prude. If you are someone who does want to have some fun, and you are respectful and not manipulative, then that’s fine.

I personally think going for drinks, or coffee is a better idea, just so you and your match get a chance to know each other first.

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Thinking worst-case scenario for a second, it gives you a chance to look out for your own safety, and dodge any potential red flags that could lead to you and your match not hitting it off.

Trust me, it’s much less awkward wrapping up a coffee date than a Netflix and chill date.

But I get it. I’m not naive in thinking that every single person on Tinder just wants to find the love of their life. I even wrote about this in the article ‘What Are Women Really Looking For On Tinder.

So, for you guys that are down to Netflix and chill, let’s take a look at some tips on how you might go about planning a date like this.

Before I get into that, I’m definitely not going to give you a script on “what to say to get your match over.”

But I do understand that some of you might have this goal, and it would be unfair if I didn’t address it. So what I’m going to do is break down a couple of points to consider, if you do decide to plan to Netflix & chill.

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Types Of Netflix And Chill Dates

How To Invite Your Tinder Match For A Netflix and Chill Date

To kick things off, there are two kinds of Netflix and chill dates.

Netflix and Chill Date Type 1: Your date comes over and you get straight into the action.

Netflix and Chill Date Type 2: Your date comes over, you get to know each other, you watch Netflix, you chill and maybe there is some action…

Before moving on, understand that if you have simply gone about setting up a date to hang out and watch a movie, yes, traditionally we all know what that means, but you certainly shouldn’t assume that your date is there to get laid.

If I were you, I would be happy with the idea of hanging out and getting to spend some time getting to know her, and wouldn’t have any expectations when it comes to hooking up.

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The Netflix & chill date type 1, will be a lot rarer so I’ll only address this briefly.

This is usually when two very “keen” people match with each other, a suggestive pickup line is thrown out, and a meeting is arranged quite quickly.

Or someone blatantly asks for a hookup, and the other accepts.

The reason I address this is that I feel that maybe this is the only instance where you can 99% assume physical contact.

But let’s not focus on this. Let’s take a look at what I would advise if you decided to go ahead and plan a Netflix and chill date type 2.

Tips To Have A Netflix And Chill Date


The biggest point I urge you to take on board if you do decide to invite your match over would be to acknowledge the gravity of what you are asking of her.

Again, I’m not going to give you the script, but I would suggest after you ask her to watch some Netflix, that you take a moment to acknowledge that you both know what inviting someone to your place from Tinder usually means.

Simply taking a moment to prove that you’re not an idiot, and understand what inviting someone around usually means, could potentially diffuse your match’s stress a little, when she realizes that you both have the same views about the situation.

She will also most likely realize you’re not trying to be a manipulative jerk who is tricking her into coming over, you genuinely do just want to see her (in a more lazy setting).


Going ahead and also clarifying what you are expecting from the date could help you see eye to eye even further.

For example, after acknowledging in the previous point, explaining that you would genuinely like to just hang out and get to know each other.

Do not say your intentions are to just hang out and get to know her if you only want and expect some action. Make your intentions clear, and don’t give her any surprises when she arrives.

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I only suggest this, because you don’t want to be rigid and formal while talking about something like this. It’s also a great way to diffuse the situation further.

It lets your match make a decision on whether or not she wants to see you, while she is more at ease.

You could joke about sitting on either side of the room, or anything for that matter. It just might be a good idea to finish off your request for a Netflix and chill date with something that lightens things up a bit.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it folks. If you are going to be respectful and go into your Netflix and chill date without any expectations, then enjoy the tips.

Just remember everyone’s perception of what might go down on a date like this is different.

If you want more tips like the ones covered here, make sure to grab a free copy of my ebook Tinder Hacked.

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