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Is Hinge Boost Worth It? Should You Pay For Hinge Boost In 2024?

Is Hinge Boost Worth It? Should You Pay For Hinge Boost In 2024?

We all find ourselves in a dry spell occasionally. And when your Hinge match list is dryer than Death Valley, you’ll do anything to make it rain.

Sure, you could try a raindance but I can’t vouch for that. When it comes to getting more matches on Hinge, there’s a better way and it’s called Hinge Boost.

But as with many things Hinge, it’s not free. Before you splash out, you’ll want to know how it works and most importantly, if it’s worth it.

So should you pay for Hinge Boost? Hinge Boost will get you more matches if you already have a solid profile, but it only works if you already get likes on your profile. Paying for a Hinge Boost won’t fix a bad profile, but it’s definitely worth it occasionally if you’re already going strong.

But that’s a quick answer to a complicated question. Stick around for my complete Hinge Boost review.

What is Hinge Boost?

Hinge Boost is a paid add-on that gives your profile more exposure. When you buy a Boost, your profile is shown to more users for an hour, which should lead to more matches.

Hinge themselves say that a Boost will result in at least 11x more people seeing your profile, and Reddit users report up to 40x more views. Sounds pretty good if you like being the center of attention.

Most online dating apps have a version of this feature. Tinder’s is called Tinder Boost as well, while Bumble calls it a Spotlight.

Boost vs Superboost

If a Boost sounds good to you, how about a Superboost? While Boosts push your profile for one hour, a Superboost lasts for 24 hours, resulting in maximum exposure. There’s no other difference between Boost and Superboost other than how long it lasts.

24 hours of highlighting your profile sounds impressive, but don’t forget that for the vast majority of those hours, your potential matches will be asleep, at work, or just not on their phones. A 24-hour boost isn’t 24 times better than a one-hour boost, at best it’s like two or three times better.

And then you have to factor in that Hinge Boost is pretty much a souped-up version of a premium feature on HingeX. HingeX users get to “Skip the line” meaning they are recommended sooner, effectively giving them a small, consistent boost in the algorithm.

So if you’re tempted by a Superboost, it might make more sense to pay for a month of HingeX.


What Happens When You Boost Your Hinge Profile?

The Notorious B.I.G. famously warned us, more money, more problems. But Biggie never said anything about more matches and if he were alive today, I’m pretty sure he’d agree that more Hinge matches is never a bad thing. But before investing in a Boost or a Superboost, you might want to know how it works.

Hinge bumps your profile to the top of other user’s swipe deck, meaning that you’ll be seen by many more Hinge users – up to 11x as many, according to Hinge.

When I tried Hinge Boost, I got nine likes in a single hour, which is pretty decent. I live in a busy metropolitan area and average one or two likes every day, so a Hinge Boost made a difference.

But I also noticed a slow start after my Hinge Boost and tweaked my dating preferences to expand the age range. So I recommend that you check your search settings before paying for a Boost, as if it’s too narrow you’ll miss out on a lot of potential matches.

Hinge wants you to know that a Boost has worked, so whenever you get a Like through a Boost that user will have a little lightning bolt next to their name.

And when you match with a user, the lightning bolt stays beside their name in your conversations tab.

And on Hinge, lightning does strike twice. Or even up to nine times in my experience! But only if you use your Boost at the right time.

When Is The Best Time To Boost Your Profile On Hinge?

Let’s get this straight, there is no point Boosting your profile at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. Because a Boost only lasts for an hour, you have to use it tactically when the Hinge app is at its busiest.

Hinge revealed that the busiest time on the app is Sunday night. Activating a Boost on a Sunday night between 7 and 9 p.m. will maximize your exposure and bring in the most matches.

Thursday nights are also a traditionally popular evening on all the apps, as folks gear up for the weekend. So if you like to match, chat, and close a date in a rapid fashion, a Thursday evening Boost could be the way to go.

Of course, it’s worth experimenting a little with your Boosts to see what works best in your local area, and given that it’s cheaper to buy Hinge Boosts in bundles, you should have a few to play with.

For example, if you’re in a late-night party town like Vegas or New York City, Boosting later will bump your chances with party animals and night owls.

Should You Pay For Hinge Boost - Boost complete

How To Activate Hinge Boost

Here’s how to purchase a Hinge Boost:

  1. First, open up the Hinge app.
  2. Tap the heart icon at the bottom right of your screen to open your “Likes You” tab.
  3. Tap Boost in the top right corner.
  4. Choose your bundle, or your Superboost, and tap Select.
  5. Enter your payment details (if they aren’t saved in Google Play or the App Store already) and hit Agree.

You can also purchase Boosts from your Hinge profile, where you’ll find a Boost pop-up at the bottom of the screen.

To activate a Hinge Boost, open the “Likes You” tab and hit Boost. The Boost button will switch to a one-hour countdown so you can see how long you have left.

And at the end of your Boost, Hinge will show a screen telling you how many more people saw your profile, and how many Likes you got. But let me reiterate that you’ll only get more likes if your Hinge profile is already strong enough to attract high-quality matches.

How Much Does Hinge Boost Cost?

I’ve been saying over and over that a Hinge Boost is only worth it if you’ve got a great profile already. That’s because they’re not cheap enough to buy on a whim. If you’re going to make a Hinge Boost worth it, you have to use it tactically.

One Hinge Boost costs around $9.99 and the price per Boost drops if you buy more at once. You can get three Boosts for $24.48 and five Boosts for $36.45. These prices may change depending on where you live, as Hinge uses dynamic pricing. And a single Superboost will cost around $19.99.

1 Boost$9.99
3 Boosts$24.48
5 Boosts$36.45
1 Superboost$19.99

Given that the free version of Hinge is a worthwhile dating app for guys and that Hinge’s new premium service is pretty darn pricey, buying a Boost from time to time is a pretty good middle ground.

You’ll get a few more matches and it should kick off some interesting conversations, without having to invest in a monthly payment for HingeX.

The Verdict: Is Hinge Boost Worth It?

Using a Hinge Boost got me nine good-quality matches in an hour when I usually only get one or two, so the Hinge Boost is totally worth it. You can definitely use a Hinge Boost to get more likes but only if you’re smart about it.

Using a Boost in desperation because you never get any likes in the first place will not work. Nor will Boosting on a random Tuesday afternoon when nobody is on the app.

So before trying a Hinge Boost, fix your Hinge profile. Update your photos to show your best side, with interesting and notable backgrounds. Travel photos are great, but so are interesting pictures of murals and architecture wherever you live.

Make sure your Hinge prompts are targeted to appeal to the matches you’re looking for, whether that’s for hookups or a relationship. Write some funny, original, and attention-grabbing prompts to make the most of that Boost.

And how can you do that? Get my free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up today. It’s a complete profile overhaul and it works for every dating profile, the Hinge dating app included. A Hinge profile level-up is essential before using a Boost.

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