Are you struggling to get matches on Tinder?


Why do you think that is?

  • You don’t have good photos?
  • You’re ugly?
  • You don’t know what to say in your bio?
  • You’re short?
  • You think Tinder is too hard for guys?

And do you struggle with what to say when you DO get matches? Trust me, I get it… Trying to get matches and also have good conversations is tough. Don’t even get me started on getting dates…


But imagine a world where you are able to:

  • Get 20+ matches a week
  • Get 3 dates set up a week
  • Know EXACTLY what to say next
  • Have confidence in yourself, no matter what you look like!
  • Have faith knowing that there are DEFINITELY women out there that like YOU

Maybe sounds too good to be true? I don’t blame you for thinking that way.

Breaking News

Women are increasingly growing more selective on Tinder, pushing the competition between men way up. Girls are almost 20 times more likely to get a match than us guys, so things are stacked up against us to say the least. This continuously makes girls even more selective. We are all fighting over the bottom percentage of women and they are basically taking their pick.

So you CANNOT get away with an average profile anymore.

But this opens up the question: is there a way to actually separate yourself from this overly competitive crowd and get the top percentage of women on tinder? Well it’s funny you ask, because the answer is YES.

Introducing… Tinder Hacked 2018

Think that average guys can’t get the best girls on tinder? Think again.

Think that you have to learn some fancy pick up lines to get girls interested? Bullshit.

Think there is no possible way of upping your tinder game? Man… change that way of thinking, RIGHT NOW!

Tinder hacked is an easy to follow, start-to-finish eBook guide to help you dramatically up your Tinder game. Simple.

We are talking:

More matches

You will stand out to the top percentage of women, setting yourself apart from the thousands of other dudes

More dates

Go experience the world we live in with some beautiful company

More connections

Have more engaging, meaningful conversations

More confidence

Let’s learn how to get more matches by just being YOURSELF

If you have ever thought that you wish you could be someone else, then STOP.

TODAY you can take action and start laying down the foundations to becoming a badass tinder closer.

I’ve heard every excuse under the sun:

  • If only I was better looking
  • If only I was charming and witty
  • If only I had more money/was taller/was in better shape…. STOP DUDE!!

It’s absolute crap! You have the power to do something about it now.

Don’t believe me?

Well these average guys have had a hell of a lot more success since getting started:

So just put yourself in that position for a moment. More matches every night, planning several dates for the upcoming days and overall feeling amazing talking to plenty of women.

If you would like to have ANY of the success as shown from past clients before, it’s actually so much easier than you think…

Don’t just hope for the best

Dude, there are SO MANY guys out there that just make a profile and hope for the best. These days, that just won’t fly and you’ll be in the bottom percentage of guys. Of the guys that are willing to take on help, there are hundreds of fake guru’s giving shitty advice or only helping you with your opening line.

With Tinder Hacked, you are never left high and dry or fed some copy and pasted pick up lines. You are guided every step of the way. Start to finish.

Most importantly, Tinder Hacked explains how to do it, and why it works. So you are actually learning for next time.

Once You’ve Hacked Tinder?

*Get this limited time offer for $27 for lifetime access
4-week money back guarantee. Results or your money back

What’s Inside?

Phase 1-The Fundamentals

Learn the basics.

Chances are, you are making one the many mistakes that guys are making on Tinder ALL THE TIME. Get a grasp on what it is women are looking for on Tinder, and learn about the 3 rules, that EVERY guy should be following.

Phase 2-Bio

Learn how to construct the best bio.

Guys are four times more likely to get a match with a good bio! Learn what makes up a good bio, but more importantly, what you can put in yours.

Phase 3-Photos

Learn how to take/choose photos to get you a match.

Dude, it really doesn’t matter what you look like. With that being said, there are so many potential mistakes people make which dramatically lowers their chances of a match. Don’t be that guy.

Phase 4-Open it On Up

Learn the perfect opener.

Once you get more matches, the biggest struggle is coming up with the right opener to actually get a reply. Let’s take a look at what to do, and definitely what not to do to open up the conversation.

Phase 5-Let’s Talk

Learn how to have proper conversations.

Having engaging conversations that are fun and easy is the goal, but normally that’s easier said than done. Learn about the communication tricks you can take on board to make ALL your tinder conversations flow with ease.

Phase 6-Date Time

Learn how to ask them out properly.

Like I said, this book teaches you from start to finish. I’m not interested in giving you lines and then leaving you to it. I want you to learn EXACTLY how to go about getting dates. Here you will learn how to arrange a date, how to know when your match is ready to be asked out and also a variety of dates you should, and shouldn’t, take her on.

Limited Time Bonuses

To start off 2018 I have decided to include TWO bonus sections, to help you get the most out of your time.

1-Saving fizzled out conversations

I’m a realist dude. Hopefully by the time we are done with you this won’t be an issue, but a lot of the time conversations do tend to “fizzle out” or die off before you can ask your match out. In this section you will learn EXACTLY what to say, to reignite the flame.

2-What to do when she is unsure to meet you

Learn the little tips and tricks to overcome any sort of nerves your match might be feeling about actually meeting you.

*Get this limited time offer for $27 for lifetime access
4-week money back guarantee. Results or your money back

Hi I’m Steve…

First of all, as I’m sure you can tell by my photo, I am a pretty average guy.

For an average guy, I do pretty well for myself. But it wasn’t always the case. I mean, I have freckles, a ginger beard and am as pale as bucket of glue, so things weren’t always as easy as I would have liked.

But at the back of my head, I knew it could be done… I had seen guys before that were WORSE looking than me, that clean up on Tinder! So if there is this tiny portion of average guys doing well, there must be something they are doing differently?

The next few years, I got a little…obsessed, searching for the answers.

If you fast forward a while, let’s just say I got the answers I was looking for and decided to found Dude-Hack to purely help normal guys like you and me, realize they can do so much better than they expect.

After I had spent years developing Tinder Hacked friends began pestering me for advice. I just ignored them. I was certain it would only work for me. But they kept on begging. So I tried, and to my surprise… They got the same results and word quickly spread. I tried to help as many people as I could, until it all go so ridiculous that I had to start charging for Tinder consultations.

Because even though there are a lot books and blogs out there on how to get girls using Tinder…
Most of them give you CRAP advice or some unoriginal copy and pasted lines that are the furthest thing from just being you.

Look, I heard there was some terrible game on Tinder, but I couldn’t actually believe how bad it was… These fake guru’s have infested the Tinder landscape and the advice was just downright WRONG.


The ROOKIE ERRORS that were going down left, right and center blew my mind so much that a new goal was formed: teach average guys a simple, clear and concise way to be successful on Tinder without listening to douchebag wannabe guru’s.

Who Is Tinder Hacked For?

To be perfectly honest with you, I actually don’t want that many people getting started in this program. It is something I have spent countless hours developing and only want to right type of guys to take full advantage of it. So it might not be for you.

Tinder Hacked is simple, but it’s not easy. Most guys are looking for a quick fix without putting in the time to ACTUALLY GET BETTER. A genuine start to finish, effective Tinder guide is not for guys like that. They aren’t willing to invest a little bit of time, for a whole lot of outcome.

This book ISN’T for you if:

  • You’re not interested in committing time towards making lasting changes
  • You want someone holding your hand every step of the way telling you what to say- and never actually learning
  • You want to use the concepts in this book to take advantage of women or be a sleazebag
  • You just want “some pussy”
  • You want every single line written for you
  • You have even the slightest bit of doubt that this won’t work

This book IS for you if:

  • You are willing to invest time into making yourself better
  • You think you have a good Tinder base, but would like further assistance
  • You think that being fake and something you’re not isn’t your style
  • Deep down you know that you don’t have to be manipulative or play a “game” to get girls on tinder
  • You want to learn how to find someone, by just being YOU
  • You know that seeing first world examples would help you learn
  • You want to learn advise from a normal guy it has worked for before, not some douchebag Calvin Klein model who has had it easy his whole life

Ok so let’s break it all down

If were to calculate all the consulting hours this book is worth, and how many hundreds of hours I’ve spent over the past 4 years learning about Tinder, I would charge somewhere around 4 figures for this product.

But, I’m not going to charge you hundreds of dollars, or even $99.

But today, you will get access to Tinder Hacked 2018 for only… $27.

So let me ask you, is it worth it…?

That’s a question you need to ask yourself

  • Do you think that you would regret spending $27 when you’re holding that gorgeous girl in your arms?
  • Do you think that $27 is worth changing your dating life around forever?
  • Would you spend over $27 on just one date anyway?
  • Is $27 worth your happiness?

If you think the answer is yes to any of those questions, what do you have to lose?

Try Tinder Hacked 2018 with Zero Risk

Yes, I think it’s obvious we can all agree that achieving our Tinder goals is worth $27. But I want to take it further than that. I want you to understand that this is a completely no-risk deal.

I know that this is by far the best program out there, so I’m going to let you try it, totally without risk, for 4 whole weeks. If you go ahead and grab access to Tinder Hacked 2018 right now, I’ll back it with my 100% money-back guarantee.

So you’re totally free to try it out for 4 weeks, experiment, and see what happens to your Tinder results. And if you’re at all unhappy for ANY reason I’ll refund every cent. So take advantage of me right now… grab Tinder Hacked 2018 at this rock bottom price, with this rock-solid guarantee.

And don’t forget, the current price is a launch price only – it could go up at any time…

Tinder Hacked 2018 With Zero Risk For


  • Phase 1  The Fundamentals
  • Phase 2  Bio
  • Phase 3  Photos
  • Phase 4  Open it On Up
  • Phase 5  Let’s Talk
  • Phase 6  Date Time


  • Bonus  Saving Fizzled Out Conversations
  • Bonus  What To Do When She Is Unsure To Meet You

Matt, Green Bay

“A few months ago I was a complete hermit that lacked all kinds of confidence. At this point my luck with women and Tinder was a joke and I felt like there was no hope.Having the confidence to talk to women properly had always been an issue of mine, so I tried everything.

The thing is, I was pretty desperate. So desperate in fact that I admittedly had spent hundreds of dollars on courses and coaching, that promised the world but never delivered.

I vowed to never pay for any sort of dating advice again, but when I came across Steve and Dude Hack on YouTube, I instantly could tell the whole vibe was different. I’ll admit though, I was still maybe a little skeptical…

 The thing that stood out to me after researching for a while, was the lack of bullshit. Steve is extremely transparent and seems to only want people involved with the program that are interested in REAL help. There’s no manipulation, no telling me who I need to be and definitely no spoon-feeding me pickup lines to use.


Advice wasn’t just thrown at me. Steve actually took the time to ensure I understood what I was doing, so I can incorporate the lessons subconsciously later.


The mantra of “this is simple, but not easy” is what made me decide to take the plunge. No false promises to get a quick result, rather a system that reflects how much effort you put into it. Plus… I thought I really didn’t have anything to lose, having 30 days to try it and all.

Within the first 2 weeks of reading Tinder Hacked 2018, I started to see way more matches. The most noticeable change came in myself, as my confidence was through the roof, now that I actually had beautiful girls messaging me.

Steve and the team at Dude Hack helped me achieve the confidence I never knew I had. That confidence helped me start dating an amazing girl from work that I have actually been seeing for the last few weeks.

I was lying in bed with her the other day and I had a moment of clarity. What if I didn’t get started with Dude Hack when I did? Would I have ever met this amazing, gorgeous girl who is nestled into my chest right now? I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I didn’t get access to Tinder Hacked straight away, but thank god I did.

Even though things are going amazingly well with this girl, I think this book will always be there for a reference point for me. Thanks for everything Steve and the Team at Dude Hack!”


Do I get any future updates?

Of course. Every future update will be sent directly to you, for absolutely no extra cost.

Will girls know I’m using Tinder Hacked?

Not at all, unless you tell them. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Girls will never suspect you have purchased  Tinder Hacked 2018, as we are not recycling the same lines, or being unoriginal.

Can I really get my money back if I want?

Absoutely. Just shoot an email before the 4 weeks, and the refund will be processed within 48 hours. I’ll even let you keep the book.

Will I get charged more than once?

Nope. One time cost of $27 – for life. All updates, All future year editions, all access.

Are my results guaranteed?

Dude, the only thing guaranteed in life are death and taxes. Results may vary.

How long do I have access to the ebook?


Don’t miss out, take action NOW.

Send an email with any questions to: [email protected]

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