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Victoria Milan Review 2023 | Cost, Effectiveness and Security Breakdown

Victoria Milan Review 2023 | Cost, Effectiveness and Security Breakdown

Whether you have an ‘arrangement’ with your spouse, or just wish you had one, Victoria Milan is the place to go online for flirting, fun and relationships when you’re already attached.

Equally, if you’re a commitmentphobe or lead a busy life and find it easier to date someone who already has a partner, then get yourself over to Victoria Milan to find love. Or you know… whatever it is you’re looking for in that department. 

Victoria Milan is a product of Digisec Media, which also owns, which caters to sugar parent/sugar baby relationships. Given their portfolio, it stands to reason that Digisec knows a thing or two about privacy and discretion, and that shows in the features of Victoria Milan.

Not only faces blurring technology a standard option on the site, but there’s also a panic button to remove all traces from your browser if your other half comes into the room, and the site guarantees it will never appear on bank or card statements.

Victoria Milan boasts over 7 million members worldwide, if you’re looking for love and passion outside your relationship then Victoria Milan is the best place to start your search.

It’s a stylish, well-designed site for grownups, where finding someone like-minded is the main mission.

Just a quick note before moving on. In no way am I encouraging you to have an affair or cheat on your spouse, that’s your call. I’m just here to bring you all the information about Victoria Milan.

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Does Victoria Milan Work?

As with all other dating sites, whether Victoria Milan works or not depends on what you’re looking for. Remember, this is a site full of people searching for illicit affairs and clandestine encounters.

You’re unlikely to find your future partner in a big wedding and a white picket fence on the site, though stranger things have of course happened!

If you’re looking for a little flash of excitement to spice up your life, an online affair, or real-life passionate hookups outside of your relationship, then Victoria Milan works. Well, it facilitates, you do have to do a little of the work! 

Because a lot of users are snatching time away from their real lives to use Victoria Milan, users tend to be pretty direct. That cuts out a lot of the crap and means that you can work out quickly whether Victoria Milan is the site for you.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean you can be rude and inappropriate to other users. If you need any help getting the site to work for you (and charming other users) then Victoria Milan provides helpful dating tip guides for both men and women.

Victoria Milan Review

Victoria Milan is a big site with millions of users. It’s also not a site you will want to sign up to with your primary email address, and do you really want to create a secondary just to have a little exploration?

To save you potential embarrassment or tough conversations, and to help you make your dating choices, I dove headfirst into Victoria Milan.

Everything I found out about this sexy, secretive site is below. Read on if you think you might be into an extra-marital thrill but aren’t sure where to start!

Victoria Milan User Overview

Most sites in the cheating/extramarital niche are heavily populated by men, but at Victoria Milan, women play for free! Premium is totally free for all women who join the site, and that has bumped the numbers up to 40% to 60% — still more men than women, but not by as much as many competitors.

Victoria Milan isn’t just for heteronormative fun, either. There are options for men seeking men and women seeking women, or you can keep an eye out for both if that’s your bag!

There are no gender options other than Male and Female, which is something that will probably be amended in the future. 

Of its 7 million users, over 150,000 Victoria Milan members are based in the UK. The top sites for membership are the US and Canada and in Europe including Poland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

The biggest chunk of users by age falls, perhaps surprisingly, in the 25-34 category.

This seems a little young to be dissatisfied in a long relationship, but remember the site is also used by people in open relationships and those who just prefer not to be the primary partner.

There are also plenty of users aged 35-44, and a lot of 55+ men.

Victoria Milan Review - Users

Victoria Milan Sign Up

Victoria Milan’s sign-up process is easy and will be pretty familiar if you’ve ever signed up for another dating site. 

You input your email address, gender, and the gender or genders you’re looking for, as well as your relationship status and country of residence. Choose a username, verify the email and you’re good to go.

As I said elsewhere, I doubt many people use their main email address to sign up for Victoria Milan (unless they like a particularly intense thrill whenever their Gmail notification goes off) but you do need to use a genuine, active email account because the site does send a verification message.  

Once you’re signed up, you can fill out your profile.

Making Your Victoria Milan Profile

Profiles on Victoria Milan are pretty simple. You fill out a tagline or bio and provide some info on your likes and physical appearance, and upload photos if you want to add them.

First, you’ll be asked to choose your dating interests and turn-ons (not for the prudish!) from a pre-prepared list of tabs. The more you choose, the more matches you are likely to get.

That being said, if your interests are very specific and niche your matches are more likely to share them if you don’t pad this section out too much in the hope of a larger match pool.

Your bio can be as flirty as you like, though this is the main information on who you are and what you’re like for interested users.

Keep it short and sweet, but maybe tell other users who you are and what you’re looking for – ‘Hot suburban mom, bored and looking for fun or ‘City-boy looking for a no-strings bit on the side’.

Having difficulty coming up with a profile bio? Give this article a try for some advice!

Victoria Milan Review - Create Profile


Victoria Milan asks for things like your height, weight, and build. This is because many users don’t show all of themselves in pictures for reasons of discretion. Plus this is a site that’s all about getting down and dirty, whether online or IRL, so physical attributes matter to many members.


You will also be asked to upload pictures at this point. You can blur your face with the anonymous blur tool, and the pictures won’t turn up in things like Google searches.

If you’re hiding your face make sure to show off some other good physical features, though, or maybe a great outfit.

Obviously, things like family photos are an adultery turn-off. And I know you liked your suit, but no one wants a cropped and blurred version of your wedding photo. I promise everyone can tell. Yes, even if it’s the ones from the reception!

Profiles with pictures are 200% more likely to get a response, and if you send the first message you’re 500% more likely to get one back if you have a picture.

If you’re worried about being identified through things other than your face, you can also post pictures of your favorite parts of yourself in isolation. Get creative! 

Not those parts, though, those are for your private galleries. 

Photos are reviewed by moderators before they’re visible to Victoria Milan users, so do abide by the site’s rules! That means no landscapes, no obscene content, and no images that violate anybody else’s rights.

Private Galleries

Private galleries can either be more risque than your public images, or they can show a little more of who you really are. You can send keys to users you’re getting along with to allow them into these galleries.

Victoria Milan Review - Upload Photo

Other Users’ Victoria Milan Profiles

Once you’ve made your own profile, you’ll be able to navigate the profiles of other Victoria Milan members easily. They should let you know a little about who they are in their bio line, and you can explore their pictures by clicking through their gallery.

You’ll also get information on their lifestyle and habits, as well as their location (or at least the location they most recently entered) and how far they are from you. Everyone can answer the lifestyle questions with ‘Ask’, but what’s that if not an invitation to make contact?

You can like/favorite other users or send them a flirty wink directly from their profile. This shows you’re interested and may remind you to check back later when you have more time to contact them properly.

You can also send ‘gifts’ (which I’ll get into later) and messages right from the main profile page of users you’re interested in. 

Victoria Milan Matching Tools

The matching system isn’t complicated. You will be matched with users who meet your search criteria in terms of gender and orientation and are in the country you have chosen.

Matches with similar interests to you (the tabs you clicked to populate parts of your profile when you were filling it out/signing up) will be higher up your matches page, as will ‘featured users’. 

As Victoria Milan is intended not only for in-the-flesh hookups and long-term affairs but also online fun and short-term flings or hookups, you can change the country you’re searching for with ease.

This is to facilitate online interaction, and also because a lot of members are looking for holiday (or business trip) romance. I mean, it’s easier not to get caught when you aren’t in your hometown…

Victoria MIlan Review - Match Preference

Ways To Interact On Victoria Milan

Basic users can’t message. All women are premium users, so they always can. If you’re a man using Victoria Milan, though, you’re limited to viewing profiles and sending likes, favoriting users, and giving them a cheeky little wink until you upgrade. 

Along with messaging, Victoria Milan offers the following interaction options.

Likes And Favourites

Hit the heart button on a user’s profile to show them some love. This lets them know you’re interested while also saving the profile to look at later.

Maybe you haven’t taken the premium plunge yet but plan to soon, or maybe you’re browsing the site somewhere less than private!


Winks are similar to liking a profile, with a cheeky edge. They show you’re interested and ready for a bit of fun. Winks don’t save other users to your favorites, though, so keep that in mind when you send them.


You can send users you like keys to your private galleries so they get to see a little more of you!

Virtual Gifts

These are essentially images of romantic gifts that you can send to users you’re interested in lieu of the real thing (or perhaps as a placeholder).

They cost real money though, so use them sparingly! You can pay for credit for gifts even if you aren’t a premium member.

Victoria Milan Review - Profile Interactions

Victoria Milan Communication

Victoria Milan’s main messaging feature is its own page on the site and allows you to send longer email-style messages as long as you’re either a premium or female member.

For more off-the-cuff chatting, use the chatbox that’s always on the bottom right-hand side of the page when you’re on the site.

You can use the chatbox to send faves, winks, and gifts too, showing your match that you’re in the mood to play! Just make sure to use this trick before asking a girl out…

Victoria Milan App

Victoria Milan has a decent, free app available for free on both Apple and Android and on all major app stores. 

The app shares almost all the features of the desktop site, with the obvious advantage of being usable on the go and chatting naturally being easier for many on a mobile device.

Unfortunately, it’s not the quickest bit of software out there and that negates its convenience somewhat. 

Before you download the app, do think about whether or not you want it to be on your phone! It might be noticed by others, and it doesn’t have the Panic Button feature that’s so popular on the desktop site.

The app makes it really easy to get in touch with customer services through chat, though, so if you need something sorted quickly then by all means use the app. 

Victoria Milan Review - App

Victoria Milan Privacy And Security

As it’s a site specifically intended for clandestine romance, Victoria Milan takes privacy extremely seriously. 

The most obvious features are FaceBlur and the Panic Button, but serious user protection goes on behind the scenes. 

FaceBlur does just what it says on the tin: it allows you to blur out your face in all pictures so that no one can easily identify you.

Of course, you still have to be careful about other identifying features like tattoos or birthmarks, distinctive clothing, and setting if you’re really worried about getting caught out by anyone.

The Panic Button is a big button on every page of the desktop site that immediately directs you away from Victoria Milan so it looks like you’re doing something totally innocent online.

I would advise using a private browser whenever you log on to Victoria Milan if you have anyone you’re hiding your activity from. 

Behind the scenes (where, as I said, the real data protection and privacy work goes on) the site uses a system that’s powered by 256-bit encryption and functions on Amazon web services, using Norton by Symantec along with an SSL Trust.

Your personal data is encrypted and, maybe a worry if you pay for premium, Victoria Milan will never appear on your credit card or bank statements. 

Victoria Milan has moderators who check all photos, and their customer service team aims to be available for any and all issues you have with their service.

Discretion is literally what they make their money from, so your privacy is important to them!

Victoria Milan Review - Privacy and Security

Victoria Milan Free Features

The free version of Victoria Milan’s site only applies to male users. Women get premium for free, always. That means they can use all the premium features I talk about in the next section without paying a penny!

For everyone else, the premium is kind of a must-have if you want to use the site fully and meet someone to enjoy time with.

With the free service, you can get matches, including matches from all over the world if you change your location/search area. You can make contact in the form of winks and likes, as well as favoriting the users you like.

You can also send digital gifts, and receive gifts, winks, and likes. But really, what’s the point of a dating site without messaging?

The free service is useful for working out how to use the site and maybe finding a few users you like before you fully commit to Victoria Milan.

After a little while, though, if you like what you see you need to invest. After all, with all the privacy and security features on the site, you won’t have much luck tracking any matches down elsewhere!

Luckily, Victoria Milan is cheaper than a lot of competitors and it’s easy to sign up to premium. Let’s have a look at what you get when you do.

Victoria Milan Premium Features

When you sign up for premium membership with Victoria Milan you get a few additional features.

The most important, of course, is messaging! Whether you want to send heartfelt love letters, cheeky sexts, or just have long rambling midnight conversations getting to know someone new, you kind of have to have the messaging features available if you’re after a real connection (even if it’s only a short-term connection)!

You’re also in with a chance of becoming a Featured User as a premium member of the site, assuming you regularly update your profile and have good pictures that show who you are (though not necessarily what your face looks like).

As a Featured Member, you’ll end up at the top of members’ match pages, which will give you a boost in popularity.

Finally, as a Premium Member, you will be able to see who visited your profile and when they did so.

This may seem pretty meaningless, but it’ll let you know if someone shy has been nosing around, or if someone who doesn’t have Premium themselves yet is actually really interested!

Also, if someone you’re chatting to has been visiting a bunch then they’re almost certainly trying to impress you by finding out more about you. Or, even more flattering, they just can’t stop looking at your pics!

Victoria Milan Review - Features and Costs

Is Victoria Milan Good Value For Money?

Compared to other sites in the affairs and casual hookups niche, Victoria Milan is a pretty good value.

It’s not the cheapest out there, but it’s certainly not expensive relative to the average price point and it’s also a widely trusted site with good name recognition and a track record of security.

The plans are advertised as different ‘levels’: Premium Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, but in actual fact, the only difference is the length of time you gain access for and the per-month price.

Though all are advertised per month, you’ll pay the full price for the plan at the time of purchase. Longer plans save you money if you’re going to stay on the site, but if you’re just dipping your toe in you might want to start with a shorter commitment.

Remember to cancel your subscription if you don’t want it to auto-renew at the end of the contract. You have to cancel at least 7 days before the money is set to come out of your account if you don’t want to be charged.

DurationCost per MonthTotal Cost
Premium Gold
3 Months49.99 USD149.97 USD
Premium Platinum
6 Months39.99 USD239.94 USD
Premium Diamond
12 Months29.99 USD359.88 USD

Contacting Victoria Milan Customer Service

Victoria Milan customer services are available 7 days a week. You can message them through the app, or email at [email protected].

Their street address is as follows: 33-34 Level 3, Regent House Bisazza Street Sliema, Malta SLM1640 Malta. The site also features FAQs, a help center, and a contact form.

There’s no phone number, but replies are promised within a reasonable time and the app chat should be close to instant. 

Real-Life Success And Reviews

Victoria Milan kind of relies on remaining discrete, which means it’s not particularly easy to find a whole bunch of real-life reviews or success stories. 

That being said, the few reviews I could track down were positive.

Andrew, 33, says: “This is one of the few dating sites I encountered that offered the Blur edit, so it was convenient that I could “anonymize” my photo right before it gets public on the website. I got messages from interested women within 24 hours after my registration.

I believe it really is a website for confidential affairs because the women I talked to were honest about their intention to cheat. I have to say kudos to this “panic button”!

It saved my life more than a couple of times. I dare say that a cheating dating site like Victoria Milan refueled my passion.

If you wanna experience what I just went through on this secret dating website, you are gonna have some crazy fun.

While John, 36, feels similar: “My officemate mentioned this app to me, and at first, I was confused why he was using such an app. I discovered that he is unhappily married although he still loves his wife.

So I thought maybe it’s just a phase. But a few months ago, I started having problems with my wife too. Then I remembered my officemate. I realized that he was using the app to remove the pressure from his marriage. I signed up and now, I’ve been using it for a month.

I found an outlet for my stress, and now, my relationship with my wife is improving. I just hope she never finds out what I am doing because I am really having fun with Victoria Milan.”

Erin, 28, on the other hand, is realistic and cautious whilst also admitting she has had a good time. She says: “With sites like this, you’ve got to be very cautious: I have had numerous messages from fake users, but I found what I was looking for in the end. Many Thanks!”

And, of course, as with any online dating site, you do need to be cautious on Victoria Milan. Don’t let the adrenalin of a naughty experience blind you to the real issues of finding love (or fun) online! But don’t let caution kill the mood, either. Plenty of people have had a great and even meaningful time through Victoria Milan.

Victoria Milan Review - Success Stories

Final Thoughts On Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan isn’t your run-of-the-mill dating site. It’s not the place to go if you’re looking to fill your Friday night with an easy date, a drink or a meal out, and maybe some conversation (or more).

It exists for a purpose and, like it or not, that purpose is to facilitate affairs, extra-marital relationships, and elicit hookups. Whatever side of that you’re on, the unsatisfied spouse or the bit on the side, you can certainly find what you’re looking for with a little effort and a little time on Victoria Milan.

There’s not too much use to a basic Victoria Milan membership, it’s more of a try-before-you-buy situation. But premium membership isn’t expensive and it offers features that make it worth it.

Plus, beyond the features, you’re paying for security. From FaceBlur and the Panic Button to solid encryption and invisibility on bank statements, you’re paying for peace of mind. And would you want to be on a site full of lurkers and uncommitted free users? It seems much more private on a more exclusive dating site like Victoria Milan.

The app lets the service down somewhat. It’s not the fastest app out there, which means that it’s not particularly convenient when you’re out and about. Plus, having the app on your phone might give you away!

As the site is free for women it’s not too saturated by men (as sometimes happens on hookup sites). It’s also reasonably usable if you’re queer, though not exactly explicitly welcoming.

Honestly, Victoria Milan is a usable, trustworthy, and somewhat middle-of-the-road hookup and affairs site that is enticing not despite being a little safe, but because it’s a little safe.

It’s not scary, and that’s a good thing! It’s sexy, but not too sexy, not too kinky, not too in-your-face, and if you’ve been dreaming of meeting someone new for a while but not quite had the confidence to do anything about it until now then Victoria Milan may well be your new favorite site.

I don’t condone cheating if you feel you can help it, but sometimes it’s the lesser of two (or a few) evils. Plus, Victoria Milan could be used for a bunch of other things, from playing at cheating with consent, to open relationships, to finding a partner who already has a primary because you don’t want to do all the emotional labor stuff…

The site is also very international, so you can find someone to flirt with or more wherever you land on any given day. You could even have a partner in every port, like an old-timey sailor!

In short, Victoria Milan is a solid site with good security and a fair monthly fee and it might just be the online home that teaches you to have fun again. Gets that pep back in your step. Brings romance back into your life!

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