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What is Red Hot Pie and How Does It Work In 2023?

What is Red Hot Pie and How Does It Work In 2023?

Red Hot Pie is an Australian hookup and dating site that has made waves worldwide. With all the laidback sexiness you would expect from us Aussies, this stylish site is an open place for play, meeting couples, really any sexy playtime you can think of bar really extreme kink.

Plus, Red Hot Pie is a largely inclusive site, welcoming the spectrum of genders, sexualities, and kinks into the ranks of its members.

You can even join Red Hot Pie as a couple if that’s your thing, use the site to look for couples to play with, or find sugar dating opportunities through the site.

what is redhotpie homescreen homepage shirtless man

There are, of course, a few sites that offer all this. AdultFriendFinder is the obvious choice for many – in fact, I’ve reviewed it. So what does Red Hot Pie offer that makes it stand out from the more established options out there?

To be blunt, Red Hot Pie is cool. It’s a fresh, modern well-designed site with promo photos of sexy people covered in tattoos making out in pools or on the beach.

I’m sure the ineffable air of style will intimidate some, but it also opens up online hookups and plays to a whole new audience of coffee-quaffing, well-traveled, cross-fit-loving millennials.

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Does Red Hot Pie Work?

If the Australian market is anything to go by, Red Hot Pie certainly works. It regularly makes headlines down under and has over two million kinky Aussie users.

In fact, Red Hot Pie is consistently a top-10 dating site in Australia and has been for the past decade.

As ever, though, dating and hookup sites only work if you’re going to the right one. Red Hot Pie is less a place to find your one and only, and more a place to have fun, explore your kinks and maybe find a few playmates.

With the option of swinging and group play, a whole variety of kinks, and online fun purely over chat and webcam, Red Hot Pie delivers if you’re looking to expand your sexual horizons but may not deliver if you want romance.

That’s not to say no one has ever fallen in love over a dirty webcam sesh, but I wouldn’t bank on it!

Red Hot Pie is also queer and LGBT-friendly while not being aimed purely at the queer community. For that reason you find a lot of members exploring the limits of their sexuality and even their gender — if that makes you uncomfortable, then stay away from the site.

The last thing people enjoying themselves want is negativity!

On top of that Red Hot Pie is involved in lots of fun (and naughty) things. They hand out advice like when the best time is to break up with their partner and even host awards for the Sexy Australian of the Year. So safe to say, Red Hot Pie is more than a hookup site.

Red Hot Pie Review

Signing up for a new site can be a hassle, and you don’t want to waste your time.

Maybe you already have favorite sites and you just want to try something new, or maybe you’re dipping your toe in the online hookup pool for the first time and want to know what you might be getting yourself into before you fully go for it.

Either way, I’m here to help. Your hookup knight in shining armor, if you will.

I’ve explored the depths of Red Hot Pie so you can work out if it’s the place for you, and you’ll find my analysis below. If you want to sign up for free and try it yourself, you can do so here.

Red Hot Pie User Overview

Red Hot Pie was founded in 2002 and it was an immediate hit, attracting 20,000 members in its first six months of existence.

Since then, membership has grown massively and the site now boasts 2 million Australian members and at least 500,000 more worldwide.

The UK membership sits at around 200,000 with 72,000 of those active at least weekly. As you would expect from a hookup site, Red Hot Pie’s user base skews male. It’s not as heavily weighted to men as many other sites, though, with a 63 percent to 37 percent male/female ratio.

There don’t seem to be stats on how many of those users actually identify as trans or nonbinary, although one of the draws of the site is the multiple gender options when you sign up to Red Hot Pie.

There’s also no clear info on how many users sign up as couples, and what the gender ratios are there.

Again, there’s nothing too surprising about the age range of Red Hot Pie users. Most are between 25 and 34, with the fewest members in the 18-24 category (those kids are probably still shy…).

The site does have a decent percentage of users over 35, though, and there’s a spike at 55+ too. So, if you’re looking for a cougar, silver fox, or sugar daddy then you may well be in luck on Red Hot Pie!

Red Hot Pie Celebrity

Red Hot Pie Sign Up

Red Hot Pie signup is super easy. Maybe too easy, if security is a big factor for you when you’re choosing hookups or dating sites.

You simply sign up with your email or link a Facebook account. If you choose to go the Facebook route nothing Red Hot Pie-related will appear on your timeline or be visible to your followers, but email is still preferred by most.

You’ll receive a confirmation email that you need to use to verify your account, which does get in the way of a lot of bots creating accounts, but obviously using a burner email is an option so this doesn’t really verify identity.

Although the signup process is easy, it may take five minutes. You’ll be asked to choose your gender from a decent list of options, and then you’ll be asked about your sexuality, sexual interests, kinks, and finally your day-to-day hobbies.

There’s also the chance to write an introductory bio at this point, which most people keep either light and flirty or explicitly sexy. This is also a chance to share a little more of what you’re looking for in case it wasn’t an option in the previous tabs.

Just like on many other sites, you’ll also be asked about relationship status (couples are welcome, as are those looking for extra-marital fun) and also about your body type, and the kind of relationship you’re looking for.

Making Your Red Hot Pie Profile

Your profile on Red Hot Pie consists of the answers and bio you provided during signup, plus a bit more. You can go back and change most of the answers you provided during signup at any time, or add the info you initially skipped.

Most people fill out at least the basic personal info and the sexual and romantic preferences parts of their profiles, but you can also opt not to display certain answers or add a coquettish ‘Ask Me’ instead of declaring your interests.


Photos are optional, but as with all dating and social sites, profiles with pictures get more interaction and views. Most people’s pictures are on the sexy side, though profile pictures aren’t expected to be explicit.

Luckily, though, there are separate folders for Private pics that you can then share with other users, and for amateur sexy shoots that you may have been involved in.

Red Hot Pie does have moderators who check photos regularly, making sure the uploaded photos are legitimate of you and that you have permission to use them.


An unusual feature of Red Hot Pie (maybe a hangover from earlier internet days) is the status update option in profiles on the site.

You can tell everyone how you’re feeling today, for example: Flirty, horny, bored, etc. This is a useful ice breaker, and whether or not it has recently been changed also lets you know how active a user really is on Red Hot Pie before you try to engage with them.


It may seem oddly clinical, but all the basic information you provide on your profile is arranged in an easy-to-read table at the bottom of your profile. The table has three tabs, Physical, Intimate, and Lifestyle.

what is redhotpie rhp homescreen sign up now

Other Users’ Red Hot Pie Profiles

Profiles on Red Hot Pie are visible to all members. You can look at pictures, see user information and stats and check on others’ statuses at any time.

Other people’s profiles show all the same stuff you will just have filled out on yours, although of course, a user might have answered half their questions with ‘Ask Me’. And there’s only one thing you can do about that!

Red Hot Pie is a usable website, and that extends to profiles. Information is really clearly laid out and you learn all you need to know about a user pretty easily.

Or all they want you to know about them, anyway! User profiles aren’t really a place for self-expression, apart from photos of course, but that can be remedied by getting chatting to your matches ASAP.


Red Hot Pie provides you with regular matches that fit your criteria for a partner or partners, but there’s also an option to search the site.

You can search based on age, gender, sexual preferences, orientation, and physical features. Premium members have access to even more settings. If someone matches your criteria and you theirs, you can message them even as a free user.

This is great, plus the fact that premium members can contact anyone means that there are often a lot of messages flying around on this active hookup site.

If you want a break from them for a while, though, you can always lock your messaging so that no one can contact you, maybe while you’re busy with a particular user or users and don’t want to be disturbed. You can unlock it again at any point.

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Red Hot Pie Communication

One of the things that sets Red Hot Pie apart from its competitors is its wide variety of contact options for its users.

As well as the expected messaging options (some of which are restricted to premium members) there are flirt, text and webchat functions on Red Hot Pie.


The standard messaging function on Red Hot Pie is just as you would expect. You can use it to send longer form, email-style messages to other users.

The complicated part, though, is what free members can do vs what premium members can do with the message function.

Premium members can send messages to anyone and can also receive them from anyone. Free members, on the other hand, can only send messages to members they have matched with.

They can also receive messages from premium members and after that initial message, can send messages back to that specific member.

This all adds up to a pretty good deal for free members compared to other similar sites, but it can take a second to get your head around.

Remember, you can change your preferences to encourage new matches or a very different type of match than you would usually get, so it’s possible to game the system a little.

Webcam Chat

Again, this is a familiar feature. Webcam chat is the place for, essentially, sexy Zoom calls. Okay, maybe that’s 2020 getting in my head, I probably shouldn’t compare making connections on hookup sites to Monday morning catch-up with the CEO.

Webcam chats are real-time video chats, and as Red Hot Pie is people with such a diverse range of users you’re likely to find someone you’re interested in looking at and talking to!

Only premium members can engage in webcam chats, which makes it one of the main perks of premium membership.

There’s no need to keep things clean on webcam chat, but obviously, make sure both (or all) parties are up for whatever you’re going to do.

Text Chat

Text Chat is somewhere between the messaging apps we’re now so used to, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp for example, and an old-school private message board chat.

It’s for sending short messages, so you can have real conversations (or a real string of sexts). Text chat works great on the Red Hot Pie app, which makes it useful for keeping in touch with your matches on the go.


Flirt is a feature specific to Red Hot Pie. It allows all members to send short messages selected from a preprepared list to any other Red Hot Pie user.

Flirt is a great way to open up communication as a free user because you can send a flirt to paid users you’re interested in but haven’t matched with. If they like the look of you, they’ll message you back.

The available Flirts are sorted into categories like Ice Breakers, Cheeky, and to the point. Cheeky is what you would expect, with lines like ‘You’re at the top of my ‘to-do’ list’.

To The Point lines are really useful though, and unusually… well… to the point… ‘You’re exactly what I’m looking for. Please message, I’m keen.’

Date Away

This isn’t exactly communication, or it isn’t just communication. Date Away is a genius feature and an unusual one. It allows you to input information about upcoming travel plans and find dates in the places you’re visiting.

If you don’t want to leave the whole holiday romance thing to chance, make a date in advance with Date Away!

Events Listings

This is mostly relevant for Aussie Red Hot Pie users, but the site has party and event listings (including fetish events, swingers events, etc.) that have long been used by fun-seekers down under.

This chance to communicate IRL will hopefully take off in the same way in other parts of the world soon!

Red Hot Pie App

Red Hot Pie’s app is of great quality, which is a selling point when stacking Red Hot Pie against its competitors. As I already mentioned, the text chat feature works great in the app.

It also has a simple, clean, and easy-to-use layout that a lot of hookup site apps are sadly lacking. In fact, the app works so well 90% of Red Hot Pie users rely either solely or mostly on the app to use the site.

The Red Hot Pie app is free to download on both iOS and Android, and both apps perform well. Do beware, though, that premium features cost money and if your credit card is hooked up to Google Play or the App Store it could be charged with just a few clicks.

If you do pay for premium features, make sure you’re aware of whether or not auto-renew is on!

what is RedHotPie app sign up

Red Hot Pie Free

The free version of Red Hot Pie is really usable as long as you have the time to slightly work the system. As a free user, you can make connections and chat with other members as long as you’re mutually matched.

You can also send flirts to premium members to try to entice them into starting a conversation with you, and you can share pictures and see pictures others have shared with you.

Red Hot Pie free is a decent hookup site experience, especially if you’re just trying the site (or hookup sites generally) for the first time. If that suits you, go ahead and check it out for free here. 

If you’re short on time and just want to get to the fun without having to try too hard, then you might want to think about Red Hot Pie premium. Likewise, if you’re really into fun on cam, Red Hot Pie premium is for you.

Red Hot Pie Premium

Red Hot Pie Premium is, arguably, too complicated for its own good. There are three tiers of premium, each with its own price points for one, three, six, and twelve-month plans.

There’s also a fourth tier, Platinum Diamond Club, which is only available for a full year. 

The plans offer stepped benefits, with Premium the most basic and Platinum Diamond Club giving access to everything the site has to offer. Benefits are as follows:

Premium allows users to send up to 5 messages a day, view private or restricted photos, enjoy viewing two cam sessions a day, and be bumped up to third in search results.

PremiumPlus adds another 15 messages a day, making 20 total, bumps users up to second in search results, and allows access to restricted phone numbers, and private chat requests.

Platinum includes all the above, but messages are bumped up to 50 and users appear first in search results.

Platinum users also get 3 webcam views, mailbox highlighted messages, and all users who match the platinum user’s criteria can message them and view their listed contact details.

Premium monthly plans are priced as follows. The entire amount for all plans will be charged as a lump sum, so keep an eye on that total price!

As ever, keep an eye on your auto-renew if you don’t want to keep paying automatically when your plan runs out. If auto-renew is on, you’ll be charged for the same plan again when your plan lapses.

what is redhotpie profile matching options sexual orientation

Is Red Hot Pie Worth Paying For?

If you’re particularly interested in the cam aspect of Red Hot Pie, or genuinely intend to meet up with people you meet on the site then it’s worth paying for Red Hot Pie Premium or PremiumPlus.

I personally can’t imagine coughing up for Platinum, as the additional added features don’t seem like they’d enhance the hookup site experience much at all.

Red Hot Pie free is actually a really usable site, especially if you’re just looking for a bit of fun. I would recommend sticking with the free site for a while before you upgrade even if you think you’re probably going to go premium eventually.

It’ll not only let you make an informed decision about whether or not paying is worth it, but you’ll also get more out of premium membership once you know how you like to use the site and how all its features work.

Using the site for a while will also give you time to decide which plan to go for. The three and six-month plans offer a dramatic drop in price from the single-month plans, so going for a three or six-month Premium or PremiumPlus would be the most sensible option!

Real-Life Reviews and Success Stories

As always with hookup sites, reviews aren’t particularly easy to come by. People love to write long reviews about their happy marriages, but not so much about their hot cam sessions! 

Red Hot Pie is a really successful site, though, available in 47 countries and boasting 2.5 million users, hundreds of thousands of whom are active regularly. 

The few reviews I’ve managed to track down back up the statistics. James, who’s 24, has positive things to say about Red Hot Pie:

After moving interstate for a new job, I needed to get out and about and make some new friends. A guy at work told me about RedHotPie and that he used the site to meet around 10 girls in the past year. Some were serious dates; others were just hookups. I thought I could do it, too, so I registered and looked for a hookup experience. On my first three days on the site, I had conversations with a lot of girls I found through search. Until I had a nice conversation with someone I found while checking out the forum about awkward sexual experiences. I messaged her and we met that weekend. Yes we hooked up, and a year later we are still hooking up, but she is now my girlfriend. And no, there are definitely no awkward sexual experiences between us!

Most of the reviews come from Australia, where Red Hot Pie has been a staple part of the dating scene for almost twenty years. Here’s what one Queensland couple has to say about their experience using the site together:

We joined RHP to find a place to meet like-minded people who generally want what we want….we have made such good playmates and friends through this app..thank you for bringing us all together. We didn’t know really know what to expect at first, it all seemed too overwhelming, we soon figured out who is who and what to look out for and how to see the signs that fake profiles vs the verified real people..we found that people represent themselves a certain way in the profile and pictures which at times is not the same in real life…this is concerning and false advertising but it’s all part of the game I guess…we generally look at meeting couples or single woman or groups…I recommend this app as it’s user-friendly and it works

Red Hot Pie Customer Care

Red Hot Pie offers a help center and extensive FAQs, but phone numbers are hard to find. You can email Red Hot Pie customer care and they should get back to you within 24 hours, though this doesn’t always happen.

Overall, customer care is fair. Users get enhanced customer care with Platinum membership, which is a bit iffy as a concept but makes sense given its price.

Final Thoughts

Red Hot Pie is a fantastic site when compared with competitors in the hookup niche. It’s really inclusive, open to users of all genders, sexualities, and sexual tastes, and that works to its advantage.

Red Hot Pie is a great place to explore your sexuality and romantic interests, no matter how out there or how vanilla you think you are. 

The fact that free members of the site get a lot of usable features makes Red Hot Pie feel quite welcoming. In my opinion, it actually encourages more site use, and I would guess that more users end up signing up for premium services because they have the opportunity to have some fun on the free version of the site before committing. 

Red Hot Pie is also pretty modern, which again is unusual in the world of hookup sites. The fact that the user base skews young and 90% of them primarily use the app says it all, really. This is a hookup site that millennials aren’t embarrassed to be seen on!

I can’t really finish the review without talking about the pricing and benefits structure, though. I mean… what is Red Hot Pie thinking?

The wild array of premium member benefits and the strange tier system really let this modern, usable site down at the last hurdle. Not only is it confusing for users who are trying to take the plunge into premium, but it also looks oddly old-fashioned and has a whiff of scams about it.

Red Hot Pie is a legitimate dating site, one of the best options if you’re looking for varied and exciting hookups and online action, but their pricing structure looks like it belongs to a late-90s sex chat room run from someone’s shed. 

I don’t want to end on that low, so I’m going to reiterate: Red Hot Pie is a great site. I hope that it gets recognized as such outside of its Australian homeland soon! If it sounds like Red Hot Pie would suit you, go ahead and sign up here for free. 

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