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What Is Tinder ‘Activity’? New ‘Activity’ Section Explained

What Is Tinder ‘Activity’? New ‘Activity’ Section Explained

You’re a Tinder pro! Or, you’ve at least been swiping quite a lot recently. And/or have swiped a lot in the past. Whatever, you’re hardly someone’s grandparent… but what is this Tinder ‘Activity’? Is it new?

Lucky for you and your pride, yes. Hot on the heels of adding Explore, Tinder is adding more features. 

In fact, Tinder ‘Activity’ is brand new. It just popped up in many locations in early 2022. Because Tinder love to keep us all on our toes, and make a fuss about new features! ‘Activity’ is pretty simple – it’s basically just a rolling update of notifications, very similar to the push notifications you’ll see on your phone when the app is closed if you have them enabled.

What Is Tinder Activity - tinder logo

If you have Tinder Gold or Platinum, you will be able to see exactly who has, say, liked you. If you use the free version, you’ll be able to see that someone has liked you and which interests you share. 

Tinder ‘Activity’ is designed to keep you in the loop, so you know how much interest your profile is getting. You can even keep an eye on whether changes you make to your bio or Tinder pictures get you more or less interest. If you need help with the basics of Tinder before you start experimenting like a pro, check out my guide to Tinder

What Is Tinder Activity - tinder activity notifications

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How Does Tinder ‘Activity’ Work?

So, there’s the basics of Tinder ‘Activity’. But how does it work, technically? And how do you navigate Tinder ‘Activity’?

It’s really simple. In pretty much real-time, activity on your profile (likes, people looking at your profile) will pop up on your ‘Activity’ feed. To navigate to the feed, look for and click on the bell icon in the top right corner of your screen.

At the time of writing, not everyone will have this icon – ‘Activity’ is brand new and is only being rolled out in some territories. Our feelers are out to find out exactly which, but this is pretty much breaking news so we’re not yet sure of specifics. 

If you’re lucky enough to have Tinder Gold or Platinum (a good idea if you’re looking for something serious, or looking seriously for fun, but an additional cost not everyone can stretch to) then you will be able to navigate straight to the profile of the person who liked you. 

Is Tinder ‘Activity’ The Same As Tinder Feed?

Ah, Tinder Feed, RIP. 

Although they sound reasonably similar, Tinder ‘Activity’ is not the same as Tinder’s failed Feed feature. With Feed, you could see the activity of your matches, rather than just the activity on your own profile. You could like or comment on what your matches were doing, too.

It was all a little clunky (sort of an attempt to turn Tinder into another form of social media) and finally bit the dust in 2020.

Activity’ on Tinder is a much simpler proposal. Just a little nudge to remind you that people are looking at your profile and liking you – and some info on what you have in common so you know where to start a conversation. 

What Is Tinder Activity - tinder feed

Tinder and its brothers and sisters, Hinge, Bumble, even Coffee Meets Bagel, often try out new features in various territories. Sometimes they roll them out everywhere, sometimes they don’t. And even after full rollout, if a feature isn’t working it may be shelved. 

It is likely that Tinder ‘Activity’ came from the same seed as Feeds, but the developers at Tinder had a rethink about what users actually need. 

When Was Tinder ‘Activity’ Introduced?

Haven’t spotted Tinder ‘Activity’ on your own app yet? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed something obvious. It is brand new.

As far as Dude Hack can tell (and we are the experts), Tinder ‘Activity’ was introduced in early 2022. It was first spotted in the US, though it may well be being tested in other countries too. It’s unclear when it will become a standard feature everywhere, but probably later in the year if previous timelines are anything to go by. 

In fact, if you’re in a territory other than the US and have found Tinder ‘Activity’, why not let us know?

What Is Tinder Activity - tinder activity

Final Thoughts

Tinder features come and go, but ‘Activity’ makes sense. It’s just a chronological list of the likes you’ve got, a simple concept, but one that might nudge you into being more active on Tinder. Unless you have Gold or Platinum, in which case you can see who liked you too.

Either way, ‘Activity’ should allow you to refine your profile and will let you know when swipes are surging or when you’re in an area with tons of activity. Both could be key to making a match!

Of course, if you haven’t yet settled on Tinder as the place to find the one (or the one for now), you can always take our Dude Hack dating app quiz. There’s a ‘the one’ out there for you, waiting. And by ‘the one’ I mean the perfect dating app.  

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