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Can You Be Private On Bumble? How To Use Snooze And Incognito Mode (2023)

Can You Be Private On Bumble? How To Use Snooze And Incognito Mode (2023)

When you’re using a dating app, the idea that your profile could just pop up in front of anyone can be a little worrying.

Plenty of people are looking for something at least semi-discrete from their dating app experience, but can that be achieved on the most popular dating apps?

For example, can you be private on Bumble? Is there a way to hide yourself on Bumble?

Of course, ‘private’ can mean a few things and will have different connotations for different people.

On Bumble, you can turn on incognito mode and to an extent control who sees your profile and the info you share but there is still the occasional data breach that you should keep in mind. Protect yourself with a strong password, making sure you only log in on secure wifi and be sensible with who you trust, the links you follow, and other online safety basics.

Bumble Incognito Mode

Can You Be Private On Bumble?

From our dating red flags to our long-held goals, our dating profiles sometimes feel surprisingly intimate and not everyone’s comfortable with that.

Can you be private on Bumble? To an extent, yet. Use Bumble’s Incognito Mode to restrict who sees your profile. Your profile will only appear in the Swipe Deck of people you’ve Liked.

So, if by private you mean can you control the info you are showing and who it is being shown to on Bumble then, yes, to a certain extent you can be private on Bumble.

That being said, it’s hard to hide your profile from other users before you make contact with them and unavoidably, once you sign up the app does have your data!

Plus, as online dating is about getting to know other people a little before you meet them you kind of have to share some info about yourself, otherwise what’s the point?

Bumble is certainly aware of privacy issues though, and has recently introduced Snooze so that users can take a break from being visible on the site and Incognito mode.

Just a side note before we jump into how to be private on Bumble, if you want a full breakdown of Bumble check out my article about How Bumble Works.

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What Is Bumble Incognito Mode?

Bumble’s incognito mode is only available to users who have paid for Bumble Premium. If you want to keep things private on Bumble, then forking out for Premium and toggling in incognito mode is your best bet if you can afford it.

But what is Bumble Incognito Mode? When Bumble incognito mode is on, other users will only see you once you have swiped right on them. You won’t show up in anyone’s feed if you have swiped left on them, or if they haven’t shown up as an option for you yet.

This gives you a pretty fine-tuned control of who sees you on the app and is one of the most advanced privacy features on mainstream dating apps. But, as I said, you do have to pay to access it.

Bumble Snooze

How To Use Incognito Mode

Here’s how to use Incognito Mode on Bumble:

  1. Open up the Bumble app.
  2. Tap the profile icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Hit the gear icon in the top right to open Settings
  4. Toggle “Incognito Mode” to on.
  5. Confirm by tapping “Turn on Incognito Mode”.
  6. If you’re not already a Premium user, you’ll be prompted to upgrade now.

Time to put your money where your mouth is!

Remember, when Incognito Mode is on, you won’t get any new people in your Beeline. When you’re using Incognito Mode, consider dishing out a few more likes than you usually might to ensure you get plenty of matches.

What Is Bumble Snooze?

Being aware of dating app burnout is important for anyone in online dating. If you’re not feeling it, then take a break.

So, what is Bumble Snooze? Bumble’s new Snooze feature allows you to pause your Bumble account. While your account is snoozed you won’t appear to new potential matches, so you won’t be in anyone’s feed.

If you need to step away from the rigors of digital dating for a while then this is for you.

You will still be able to continue chatting to people you’re already connected with, but they’ll also see that you’re snoozed so hopefully will also give you space if that’s what you’re after!

Whether you’re digitally detoxing or just testing out whether or not you can survive without swiping, Snooze mode is super easy to toggle on and off. You can snooze for a set amount of time or indefinitely by hopping into settings and toggling Snooze on.

And unlike Incognito Mode, Bumble Snooze isn’t locked behind a paywall. Free Bumble users can Snooze their profile, at any time.

Can My Friends See Me On Bumble?

If you’re cringing over your cheesy Bumble pics, the first thing you should do is take better photos. But maybe the second thing you should do is worry that your friends will see and make fun of you!

So, can my friends see me on Bumble? That depends! If your friends are on Bumble, and you’re on Bumble, and neither of you is snoozed or incognito then yes, you might well pop up on your friends’ Bumble feed.

You won’t be able to chat on Bumble unless you both swipe right and then either the female user initiates conversation or, if you’re both men or both women, one of you initiates, and the other replies within 24 hours.

For this reason, running into pals on Bumble isn’t too much of a worry for most users. I mean, they’re using the app too! If you really don’t want to be caught on Bumble, then I’d suggest doing a little self-investigation into why you’re on the app in the first place.

I mean, I get being a little embarrassed, but everyone uses dating app these days. If you shouldn’t be on Bumble, then a rethink is in order!

Can You Hide Your Bumble Profile From A Specific Person?

If you’re trying to avoid one person, like an ex for example, then Incognito Mode is overkill. Tinder’s Block Contacts feature, for example, lets you hide from specific people based on their phone numbers.

So can you hide your Bumble profile from a specific person? Unfortunately not – there is no block contacts feature on Bumble and no way to hide from someone in advance. However, if you see someone in the Swipe Deck you can hide your profile from that person.

To do so, scroll to the bottom of their profile and hit “Hide”. They won’t be able to see you on Bumble anymore – although you may have already appeared for them to swipe on.

Is Bumble Confidential?

If you’re new to online dating, putting an intimate depiction of yourself in the public domain feels a little weird. 

So, is Bumble confidential? No dating app is confidential. Apart from anything else, technically everything on your profile is in the public domain and everything including messages can easily be screenshot.

If you’re worried about privacy on Bumble (or any other dating app) the solution is simple – just don’t give too much away.

Don’t say where you work or go to school, and obviously don’t ever give out your address or even social media handles if you’re worried about privacy and confidentiality.

If you like someone on Bumble and feel like you trust them, then you can absolutely move to a more private messaging app. My biggest piece of advice here though would be to meet them!

You can tell an awful lot more about someone from how they behave in real life than you can on an app. After that, you can use your initiative in terms of how fast or slow you go sharing things.

Obviously, if confidentiality specifically is your issue, and you have some big state secrets to share, then maybe get your security detail to vet your date for you… Yes, I have a lot of presidential readers here at Dude Hack.

Don’t look at me like that! I mean, I could have them…

Is Your Bumble Profile Public?

Sometimes the murky world of dating apps can appear mysterious. What goes on behind the locked door of the Bumble app? But is it actually all that opaque?

So is your Bumble profile public? Yes. All personal information on Bumble is public, and even if you have Incognito Mode switched on users can screenshot and share your profile or even conversation.

Bumble doesn’t notify users of screenshots, so you shouldn’t reveal anything on Bumble that you wouldn’t want in the public domain.

Be cautious and, before you give out intimate information, meet people in real life to build trust.

Can You Control Who Sees You On Bumble?

I recommend putting yourself out there on Bumble and being open to who you match with. Don’t be too picky – dating should be about new experiences, after all! But still, maybe you’re uncomfortable with just anyone seeing your profile.

So can you control who sees you on Bumble? Using Incognito Mode will give you complete control over who sees your profile in their Swipe Deck – only people you’ve Liked. Without Incognito Mode, you can set your filters to restrict the type of person that sees you.

So, to an extent, you can control who sees you on Bumble.

You can manipulate your preferences, filters, and age range to narrow things down and you can also block or unmatch users you don’t fancy interacting with or, in more extreme circumstances, don’t want to see you.

Final Thoughts

If you want to use dating sites discreetly then you need to manage your privacy settings. Lots of apps, from Tinder to Bumble, allow private profiles where only people you’ve liked can see you.

Of course, if you go that route you’re likely to get fewer matches because you’re only seen by a small pool of people – so it’s important to build a strong dating profile that appeals to the right kind of match. 

So it’s time to check out my 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up. This simple walkthrough will level up any dating profile. It’s packed with bio tips, and photo ideas to help you create a coherent profile with an overall vibe that fits your dating goals.

 Happy Bumbling!

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