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Hinge Last Active | Can You Tell If Someone Has Been Active On Hinge?

Hinge Last Active | Can You Tell If Someone Has Been Active On Hinge?

I can feel your frustration. You sent off a truly magnificent first message: erudite, charming, funny. You waited for that buzz and for the flirty chat to flow but… nothing.

You start to wonder what could be wrong. What if the future love of your life is in trouble? What if she’s trapped in a cave or got lost on the walk from the grocery store?

Or… what if the message you sent just wasn’t as good as you thought it was? Whatever it is, you need to know the truth so that you can either rush to your lover’s aid or change up your writing style. But how can you tell if someone’s been active on Hinge?

The only way to know if someone has been active on Hinge is by using the ‘Last Active’ feature. This is a new feature Hinge has been testing in certain locations throughout 2023.

But if you still don’t have access to Hinge’s Last Active feature it can be quite tricky to know if a profile has been active or not. There are also no read receipts.

Hinge Last Active - Hinges New 'Last Active' Feature - Active Now

So what can you do to tell if a Hinge user is online? Stick around and I’ll let you know some of the ways dating super sleuths find out the answer.

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What Is Hinge Last Active?

Hinge Last Active is a new feature that Hinge is testing in certain locations to help weed out inactive profiles. While swiping, it allows you to view when a user was last active.

It will show the profile’s activity status as Active Now, Active Today, or Active This Week. According to users, not all profiles will have activity status, which indicates that the profile has not been active within a week.

For now, it seems that this feature is only available on the explore page whilst swiping. So if this news leads you to be worried you can no longer send that “Sorry, I haven’t been on here in a while” message, have no fear, your matches won’t be able to see your activity status.

Last Active really just seems like a feature to help combat the problem of wasting your precious 6 daily likes on inactive profiles. In my opinion, that can only be a good thing.

Hinge Last Active Settings Toggle

Can You Tell If Someone Has Been Active On Hinge Without ‘Last Active’?

As mentioned above, not all users will have access to the ‘Last Active Status’ feature yet. So if that’s you, is it still possible to tell if that profile you’re looking at has been active?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to this feature there is no real way to see user activity. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a few ways that might help.

Can you see their profile?

If their profile is still showing up, that’s a good sign, right? That depends on one important question: does Hinge show you inactive users? Well yes and no.

Around 75% of the users that you see on Hinge are what’s considered active users. Active users, according to Hinge, are users that have used the app within the last three days. Most of the people who’ll show up as top matches will be active profiles.

Unfortunately, this does mean that 25% of profiles will be inactive users, which doesn’t help all that much.

Can You Tell If Someone Has Been Active on Hinge - Active Matches

These inactive profiles could be there for any number of reasons: forgotten password, lost phone or just one of those freaks who never check their thousands of notifications.

But the biggest reason for inactive profiles is people mistakenly thinking that they’ve already deleted Hinge.

So, do you show up if you’ve deleted the app? The answer to this is yes… unless you’ve also deleted your account. It’s not enough to simply delete the app from your phone.

That will stop you from using it but won’t get rid of the profile itself.

So, if you’ve finally found love and don’t need Hinge anymore, follow these instructions to make sure you’re really gone.

Alternatively, if you just want to go invisible for a little while, find out what to do in this article.

Ask Them In A Message

This seems pretty obvious, but obvious is usually a good place to start. If you’ve been getting on well with someone and suddenly they stop talking to you, you’ve got a right to know if you’re being ghosted.

I guess you could straight up ask “Are you ghosting me?”. With ghosting being a more and more common thing, a lot of people will just straight-up admit it. Some will say yes, and you’ve got your answer.

Some will be guilted into responding with a lame excuse and again, you’ve got your answer. Of course, some people will still ignore you, leaving you no better than when you started except more desperate looking.

Have A Look At Their Profile

This is where you need to become a bit of a sleuth. Have a look at their profile. Have any of their pictures changed? Has their bio been updated?

If they have, you’re being ghosted, champ. Take the L and move on. If nothing’s changed, hmm… you’re still none the wiser.

While it’s good to keep an eye on their profile to see if you’ve been ghosted, you need to avoid becoming obsessed, though.

If you find yourself checking every couple of minutes, have a deep breath and a glass of water. You’re better than that, Queen/King.

Can You Tell If Someone Has Been Active on Hinge - Profile

Can You Tell If Someone Paused Their Hinge Account?

Maybe they’re not ghosting, maybe they’ve just paused their account briefly to tell everyone else they’re talking to back off because they’ve found the person of their dreams. Anything’s possible, right? In this case, unfortunately not.

You can’t tell if someone’s paused their Hinge if you were already talking to them. Pausing Hinge will stop you from showing up to new matches but will allow you to talk to old ones. It’s basically a way of cooling the brakes if you’re so popular you can’t keep up.

Can People See If You Pay For Hinge+/HingeX?

Maybe they really were charmed by your opening gambit, but they’re worried you’re not committed enough because you’re not paying for Hinge. That’s possible, right? First of all, huge red flags, get away. Second, no it’s not possible.

Formerly, paid Hinge was called Hinge Preferred, so you might also be asking: can people see if you’re a preferred member? Nowadays there are two tiers: Hinge+ and HingeX, but nothing has changed in this regard.

People cannot see your Hinge membership status. Even if they’re a subscriber and you’re not. The only way another user would be able to tell your membership status would be if you told them.

So there we have it. Your kind of answer… I know, I’m sorry I can’t give you a more definitive way.

But I can give you some advice about being ghosted (trust me, I’m an expert). First off, keep your dignity, don’t do a thousand texts, hoping that one will finally get an answer.

Secondly, maybe consider going for a higher age group. Ghosting is a pretty millennial thing, try sites like eharmony or even Silver Singles which tend to have a higher age group.

And lastly, pimp your profile with my completely free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up! It says Tinder in the title but it’s great for every app and will take your pictures, bio, and prompts to the next level.

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