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Flingster Review 2022 – Future Of Video Dating Or Just A Scam?

Flingster Review 2022 – Future Of Video Dating Or Just A Scam?

What Is Flingster?

Flingster is a new, easier kind of dating site. In a nutshell, it’s all about video dating, which is here to stay. It was conceived out of frustration at the usual dating app suspects.

The site’s copy claims it’s for busy people who don’t want to spend time filling out lengthy profiles and completing quizzes and questionnaires, and that seems likely to be true.

But Flingster is also just more fun than clicking through endless profiles (some of which are inevitably fake).

In fact, while the randomized video chat service is a new thing for a dating site, it will probably remind many millennial and gen x users of previous internet crazes like Chat Roulette and Omegle. Except obviously, this is an upgrade.

A clean, modern site makes everything easy and creates a kind of gamification of dating. You can add filters and masks, search by location and gender, and switch easily between video and text chat. Plus, security is tight, which is important on a site like this.

Flingtser Review - Flingster Home Screen

Hundreds of thousands of users are active on Flingster, including couples, which means that you will find constant new matches if that’s what you want. This site is all about having fun and connecting.

You can send as many messages as you like, whenever you like, to as many people as you like. Flingster was obviously created with certain randomness in mind, so you can’t revisit matches or narrow down your desires very far.

Some may see this as an issue, but really it’s all about what Flingster is supposed to be. The site’s developers had a very clear vision, and that sets it apart from other similar sites.

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How Does Flingster Work?

It’s unlikely that you’re going to find the one of Flingster (though obviously not impossible). If you’re looking for online fun, though, Flingster should be the first app you open.

Once you’re a Flingster user, a very easy process, by the way, you can choose to connect with men, women, or couples.

If you’re in a couple and not entirely sure if you should give Flingster a go, remember that online dating has changed a lot, and you should feel no shame in suggesting some online fun with your partner.

It advertises being open to ‘all genders’, but notably only has male and female options, plus couples. Video chat includes filters and masks either to up the fun or to keep your identity under wraps.

In fact, Flingster specifically claims to ‘take anonymous sex chat seriously’.

If that sounds like an oxymoron, don’t worry! All it means is that Flingster can be trusted to be user-friendly, full of real people and endless new connections, and private.

Again, as it’s a site with such limited features the designers of Flingster had to get serious about the things it does do.

The free version of the app works very well, and you have access to the 150,000 users usually online if you want it.

Paid features include a verified badge for further security, no ads, and more options to whittle down your matches through added search functions.

Even with a paid subscription, though, you can’t store connections for later or revisit old conversations. Perhaps that’s part of the site’s appeal for some — these are real, fleeting connections.

And if you’re unlikely ever to see someone again, doesn’t that give you certain confidence? You never know what you might end up doing!

Video Recommendation:

Flingster Review

Flingster isn’t a complicated site, but it does have a few interesting features to discover. Plus, with so many matches available you’ll never get through them all!

I’ve had a go, though, exploring every inch of Flingster so we can all get ahead of the game and squeeze every bit of usability from this relatively new and innovative dating site.

Flingster User Overview

Flingster boasts 224,000 US members and many more from around the world.

The exact number of international users is hard to pin down, but Flingster themselves claims that approximately 150,000 users are online at any given time.

Maybe predictably, more men than women use this video dating site with 30% of users female compared to a huge 70% male base.

This might just be because men tend to feel more comfortable getting sexy on camera, but remember, if you’re shy or aren’t in a position to be caught on camera you can use filters to hide your identity.

Well, to hide your face anyway. Maybe a few people would recognize you from other parts of your body?

Flingster Review - Hide Your Identity With A Mask

If your nerves would be calmed by getting on cam with your other half or a regular partner then you’re in luck. Couples are welcome on Flingster.

Flingster’s user base skews young, with the largest proportion of active users between 24 and 34 years old and the second largest user group 18 to 24-year-olds.

It’s a very intuitive site for digital natives, but with no main menu and minimal controls labeled it might prove harder to navigate for older users.

Then again, with so little to remember navigationally, I expect most people get used to Flingster in no time. Check out Flingster’s age range:

Flingster User Age Range

One of the best things about Flingster is its big international reach. You can just as easily chat to someone in China or Australia as someone on the next street. In fact, there’s even an automatic translation option so you can connect through language barriers!

Rating: 7.5

Flingster Sign Up

Flingster sign-up couldn’t be easier. You simply create an account with an email and password or sign in with Google. In fact, you can sign up in 30 seconds for free here.

You can start chatting immediately, including video, audio, and face filters, or you can add a little more information about yourself.

Rating: 10/10 

Your Flingster Profile

A full profile would defeat the object of Flingster. It’s all about getting straight to the fun without jumping through hoops first.

Basically, any changes made to “your profile” (or what is displayed to others) will be done through your ‘chat settings.’

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There’s no building a profile when you create your account. Rather you have to navigate to your chat settings within the video chatbox.

Just click on the settings gear icon beside your thumbnail, underneath the options for disguising your face.

Flingster Review - Chat Settings

Intro Message

Instead of a bio, you have the option of a short intro message and a list of interest tags.

Your message might be flirty or get straight to the point, telling people exactly what you’re online for. ‘Looking for women for flirting and fun’, for example, or more about you, ‘Naughty nurse, ready to look after you’.

As this is largely a hookup site, the bio messages aren’t often serious but there’s nothing to stop you from bucking that trend if you want to!

Interest Tags

You can narrow down matches by searching for those with specific interest tags, as well as defining yourself by your own tags. Most of the tags are about sex and preferences in the bedroom, with some strange outliers like ‘BBC’ and ‘Music’.

If you can’t find the tag you’re looking for there’s the option of suggesting a new one, and I can only assume a contingent of Flingster users requested the ability to declare an interest in music and the British Broadcasting Company.

Although now that I think about it… Maybe BBC stands for something else…

Flingster Review - Interest Tags

Verified Badges

While the super-quick registration is kind of the point of Flingster, and allows you to get flirty with new people ASAP, it also allows people to enter chat rooms just to browse or even lie about their identity. If this is a worry, look for verified badges.

You can get a verified badge as a VIP (that is a paying member of the Flingster community) that will be visible to other users.

A verified badge shows other users looking for online flings that you can be trusted and you are who you say who you are. It should, therefore, get you more matches and longer and more intimate chats.

I decided to go ahead and splash out on a membership purely so you could see my badge (I swear that’s the only reason…)

Flingster Review Dude Hack - Verified Profile


Select your gender, or if you’re joining as a couple that’s also an option. No gender is specified for couples.


You can toggle automatic translation to on if you want to make it easier to chat with matches from around the world.

Of course, you need to use text chat to use the translation feature and it’s not totally perfect. Luckily, sometimes a bit of space for interpretation in a conversation is fun!

Rating: 7/10

Other Flingster Profiles

Well, there’s nothing to see! You can’t click through to a separate profile from your chats, but you are shown basic information about your match.

This includes their gender, age, location, and what they are looking for. You can also see their intro message and how many likes (these are shown as hearts) they have.

Users can give one another hearts during conversations and video chats. Maybe for a particularly witty comeback, maybe for something sexier…

Flingster Review - Other Profiles Video Chat Screen

Though you won’t see user profiles on Flingster, you do immediately see the person you’re chatting to in real time if you use the video feature and isn’t that better than a profile?

Nudity and explicit chat is totally fine on the app, so you might see a lot of your matches.

Rating: NA

Flingster Communication – How To Message Others

Fitting with its ethos of simplicity and usability, messaging on Flingster is incredibly easy.

As soon as you sign in to the site you’ll be walked through allowing Flingster access to your computer’s microphone and camera.

You get the best experience, or rather the full experience, through chatting with audio and video but if you want to you can stick to text chat.

Remember there’s the translation feature, so text is actually really useful when talking to an international match.

Flingster Review - Text Chat

Maybe you’re just a little nervous about showing yourself to a stranger. If so, you can start with a text chat and move on to video later.

You can also use Flingster’s selection of masks to hide your face. These cover either your eyes or your whole face, following your movements just like a Snapchat filter might.

Flingster Review - Masks

The masks vary from extremely silly (giant heart eyes emoji for a head?) to sort of sexy. Though obviously there’s a limit on the sex appeal of a cartoon mask!

Rating: 7/10

Flingster App

There isn’t yet a mobile app available for Flingster. Don’t let this put you off, though. The simple architecture of the website mimics the looks and usability of an app and it’s mobile browser friendly.

Flingster is also very easy to use on a touch screen, so lends itself to mobile use.

There’s no word on whether an app is coming, but it doesn’t really make a huge amount of difference in terms of user experience.

With a site that’s primarily geared towards hookups and play there’s a certain danger to having an app on your phone, and that might have played into the developers’ decision to work on making the site friendly for mobile users rather than creating a separate app.

Flingster will ask for some permissions when you first use the mobile version. These are pretty standard, but it’s up to you to decide what you’re comfortable with in terms of online security.

Rating: NA

Flingster Free

As I said, signing up to Flingster is incredibly easy. And a free account gets you a pretty great user experience

If you’re just looking to play on camera or chat to new people (including couples) then a free Flingster account might well be all you need. If that’s you, go ahead and try it for free here.

The added benefits of premium are helpful if you’re interested in more — perhaps finding singles close to you for some real-life fun – and if security is an issue for you.

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With free accounts not requiring any verification, there’s the possibility of running into spammers and/or bots.

In my own trials of the site, I didn’t have any issues, but obviously, these problems tend to come and go on a site like Flingster so keep your eyes peeled and don’t share any personal information with strangers.

Rating: 6/10

Flingster Premium

The biggest upgrade you get with Flingster’s premium service is the option of verifying your identity for a badge that will be visible to other users.

This should lead to more trust from your matches and more of a possibility of making a meaningful connection with a verified user.

Trust is important whether you’re just on Flingster for a bit of fun or looking for a forever relationship.

Premium membership of Flingster also allows you to narrow your matches down by gender and location.

Essentially, this is a time-saving device as you can click through matches until you find one that takes your fancy with the free interface.

If you want to take things to the next level, for example meeting someone in the flesh, then making contact with someone close by will obviously be a priority for you.

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There’s a back button in premium, too, which means that if you accidentally flick past someone interesting or lose a chat midway through you can find the user again.

Imagine all the epic love stories that have been thwarted by a cat standing on the keyboard or a dodgy internet connection… you could be searching for days and not find your match again with 15,000 users online!

Finally, premium membership gets rid of ads on the site. The ads aren’t particularly intrusive anyway, but it’s always easier to use a site without them.

Plus, ads can be rather distracting when you’re trying to engage in online hanky panky.

Rating: 6.5/10

Flingster Cost

Flingster is reasonably well priced for a hookup site, and it’s a lot more fun than a lot of them.

One week of premium will set you back $6.99, one month is $19.99 and a 6-month subscription is $14.99 per month.

Weekly and monthly subscriptions bill weekly and monthly respectively, and the 6-month subscription bills every 6 months at $89.94.

PricingUpfront CostMonthly Cost
1 Week$6.99$27.96
1 Month$19.99$19.99
6 Months$89.94$14.99

If you sign up for a subscription you are agreeing to a repeat payment, so remember to cancel and ensure you have canceled the direct debit or bank transfer if you want to quit the service.

Rating: 9/10

Flingster Value For Money

Compared to other sites, Flingster’s premium service is quite cheap. Some hookup sites, though, such as AdultFriendFinder (which I have also reviewed) do offer more features for paying members.

Really, value for money partly boils down to what you’re looking for. If Flingster has everything you need and you like its modern design, usability, and fun randomized elements then it’s great value for money.

The monthly subscription option is, in my opinion, the most sensible choice if you’re going to pay for a premium membership.

Six-monthly payments of almost $90 will probably end up coming as a shock (at least if you’re disorganized like I am!) when they roll around.

Plus, your circumstances could easily change within six months. What if you find a serious significant other and stop playing the field?

Rating: 7/10

Real-Life Success and Reviews

Flingster isn’t super widely reviewed openly, because at its heart it’s a hookup site.

Dissimilar to sites like eharmony with proven track records of success, you don’t usually get long-winded praise-singing reviews for sites that are all about a bit of fun! 

As Flingster isn’t about meeting up in person, there are very few ‘success stories’ to draw from. It’s more about how much fun users have had on the site, whether they went back for more and if they feel like Flingster delivered on its promises.

Though they were thin on the ground, I found a few testimonials from users online.

Richard, 29, says this.

“I tried using Flingster because I heard it’s free. So I’ve got nothing to lose. I wanted to purchase a premium membership but I tried to use the regular first. I enjoyed text chats and video chats with most of the members I encountered. But there are those who I don’t like very much, too. Some didn’t like to turn on their webcam so I skipped. Overall, it’s a nice past-time for people looking for not-so-serious relationships like me.”

This seems to be the sentiment from most users. Flingster is great fun and something to keep you busy. For example when you’re stuck at home alone! You’re likely to make connections, but probably not the connection.

Other reviewers have noted, on their own blogs, that Flingster is the best place to go for fun as a couple.

Cammie, who uses the site with her male partner, said the following.

“One of the things we love about Flingster is that it is so easy to use. You simply activate the chat and see who you get on the other side! It usually takes us only a couple of minutes to decide whether or not the person is down for what we want to do or if we should search for someone else. Not everyone on Flingster is looking to have online sex right then and there, and that’s fine… While it may look like there’s not much you can do with just one person watching you through a webcam, you can actually get as creative as you want to!

This really highlights the fact that Flingster is all about two things: sex and fun. Plus maybe a sprinkling of adventure too as it’s very international and a little like a game of roulette matches-wise.

You should log in to Flingster with your eyes open: this is a hookup site, and an active one at that. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you should enjoy it!

Rating: 7/10


Flingster Customer Care

Flingster is one of the few dating sites with the option for immediate chats with customer care representatives.

This makes sense, as its minimal site design might leave some users with questions. Plus, it’s a modern feature for a thoroughly modern site.

Flingster Review - Customer Service Live Help

Getting ahold of customer care isn’t too hard, but do keep in mind that you won’t be refunded for the remainder of a billing cycle if you cancel in the middle of one.

There’s no wriggle room on that, so it’s best just to enjoy the site’s features until the end of the cycle or, if you have to, swallow the cost. This is another reason I think the monthly billing option makes sense.

Rating: 8/10

Flingster vs. AdultFriendFinder

If you’ve been looking for fun and flings for a while (whether or not you’re also looking for romance), then you’ll probably be aware of a few other places online that cater to that sort of thing.

AdultFriendFinder is probably the most well-known hookup site out there. Obviously, that means new contenders on the scene are compared to it a lot.

The main difference between Flingster and other casual dating sites, including AdultFriendFinder, is that Flingster is pretty much solely designed for online fun only.

Other sites encourage meeting up in person and have more options for showing who you are and what you’re into in your profile as well as more advanced matching technology.

If you’re looking specifically for easy-to-find, no-strings online fun then Flingster might be best for you. Otherwise, think about exploring elsewhere. AdultFriendFinder is the largest hookup site out there, so why not make a profile there?

You can engage in video chats (specifically naked video, too) on AdultFriendFinder, so if that’s specifically what’s appealing to you about Flingster remember there are other options.

Flingster Review - AdultFriendFinder Homescreen

On the other hand, as it’s so easy to use and low-commitment, Flingster might be a good option if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of hookup sites.

That’s true if you’re a couple, too, and want to try playing with strangers for the first time. Once you graduate to looking for threesomes or to start meeting swingers then you can move on to AdultFriendFinder!

To sum up, Flingster offers a very limited service. It does what it says on the tin, and does it well.

If you’re looking for more than that then AdultFriendFinder might be a better choice for you. You can try AdultFriendFinder for free here.

Flingster FAQs

Is Flingster Legit?

Yes, Flingster is legit. Because of its really easy sign-up process, you might run into a few scammers on the site but it’s definitely a real dating site. If you want to be extra safe, paying members of Flingster can verify their identity. Look for Identity verified badges in your matches, and consider getting one yourself.

How Do You Sign Up For Flingster?

One of Flingster’s biggest pros is its incredibly easy signup process. You can log in as a guest as soon as you reach the site, and from there you can register with either your Google login or an email address.

How Do You Search For Users On Flingster?

You can’t search for users on Flingster. If you pay for premium membership, though, you can search by gender and location. You also get a back button to return to your previous chat.

How Do You Cancel Your Flingster account?

Cancelling couldn’t be more simple. Just log in to the site, click ‘My Account’ in the top right corner of your screen. You’ll get a menu with ‘Delete my Account’ as an option, underneath your email address.

How Can I Reach Flingter Support?

Flingster has a live chat option for customer support. You can access it through the website by clicking on ‘My Account’.

Final Thoughts

Flingster does exactly what it set out to do. It’s incredibly easy to sign up for and use (at least for younger, digital-native users like myself), and it doesn’t involve a lot of bells and whistles you’ll never use.

This may be a personal bugbear, but I feel like a lot of dating sites get bogged down in adding new features and ‘improving’ on their original model. Flingster hasn’t done that, at least not so far, and that’s good!

If you have a corner of the market, keep it. Flingster’s site architecture is clean and usable, it looks good, and crucially it works! That’s true of both desktop and mobile sites.

In my opinion, Flingster is one of the best options for video dating and potential hookups. It’s fun, international, easy to use, and it has a decent international user base and reputation.

The free service is absolutely passable, too. If you’re just looking for no-strings fun and to meet a few strangers then you might not need to pay for premium at all.

If, on the other hand, you’re a total Flingster convert, there are enough additional features when you go premium that it’s definitely worth shelling out for.

Verification badges in particular are a great premium add-on. As the site is so easy to sign up to, you’re always going to get a few curious bystanders or potential scammers, and looking for those badges really helps you avoid interacting with them.

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The face filters (basically just little AR masks) are cute and ramp up the naughtiness of playing on video but they don’t quite live up to the hype.

Flingster really tries to sell them as unique in their ad copy, but they’re very similar to face hiding options on other hookup sites.

The translation option, on the other hand, really works quite well and the ease of choosing your likes and dislikes by simply clicking tabs is also great.

I mean let’s face it, you aren’t on a video hookup site to fill out a long and in-depth profile, are you? You want to get right down to the fun part!

I may be laboring this point too much, but Flingster feels thoroughly modern. It’s very easy and natural to use Flingster, which is a huge thumbs up in the world of dating sites. How many clunky dating sites have you come across?

Because I feel like a lot of them were designed in about 2005 and never updated. This is especially true of sites built for casual relationships, hookups, and play.

The bottom line with Flingster is, obviously, it’s probably not where you’ll find your true love. I mean, do many wedding speeches start with ‘Their eyes met for the first time in the video window of a hookup site…’. Not in my experience.

Instead, Flingster is a great place to have fun, meet new people, and pass the time.

Try Flingster free here.

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