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How Does Flingster Work? What Is It And How Does Its Algorithm Work?

How Does Flingster Work? What Is It And How Does Its Algorithm Work?

Flingster is an instant adult video chatting app that allows you to connect anonymously via cam or text with random strangers from around the world without having to register!
Yes, I refer to what is commonly known as a “casual fling”, but online… and totally anonymously in this case.

It’s incredibly easy to connect — literally a couple of clicks and you are online with people who are streaming live right now!

This app is heavy on sex and adult content obviously, and not for the faint-hearted (check out these other apps if you’re looking for something else instead).

Of course, you can register and subscribe to one of their plans once you’ve created an account and that opens up other chat features, but more on that later.

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How Does Flingster Work?

Flingster is unique in the world of online dating apps in the sense that it is a no-holds-barred, random and totally raw chat and potential hookup tool.

As I said, it’s anonymous and therefore good to begin interacting with other people right from the get-go, but as with anything online nowadays, some common sense has to be used.

By that I mean never give away personal information because you never know who you’re actually connected with (even with cams nowadays, I would be very wary).

Flingster’s website (there is no Flingster “app” so you just access the website on your mobile device), is very straightforward in its design and interface. In fact, once you enter your gender (male, female or couple) and agree to their terms & conditions, you are suddenly in the Wild West where just about anything goes.

One thing I should mention is that the website will ask to access your camera and microphone. I suggest you decline at first until you’ve had the chance to explore the site.

You’ll only have the option to text chat at first, but that’s always best to sort of get your feet wet with Flingster. When you feel ready, then go right ahead and allow the site to access your camera and microphone.

A very important factoid: unless you register (and subscribe) you will NOT have access to the gender, location and “verified user” filters and you will basically be connected to everyone.

Having said that, with a standard account you do have some choices of locations, but to access the entire list of countries you will need a VIP account.

In any case, with a predominantly male population on Flingster, you will see (and hear) things that you might not really appreciate. So they sort of force you to register and choose a subscription plan so you can access their filters. I believe without filters you are basically shooting in the dark.


So, I see you’ve come this far. Well, when you’re comfortable enough with taking a virtual leap into the unknown, you can enable your camera and microphone through your browser and that opens up a whole new experience.

Right away, you will be able to see your chat partner (and they can see you too) and more often than not it will be raw and unfiltered sound and video.

One thing is for sure though, it is entertaining as long as you approach it with the right mindset. You are basically chatting with strangers and that within itself is interesting.

Yes, they are primarily on there for adult chats, on-camera acts, hook-ups, and other things — the list is endless. Think Craigslist back in the day.

With this in mind, the profile of users is definitely skewed more toward males and more often than not, you will find that it is most certainly NSFW! I say it again: this is definitely NSFW content and watch out with the speaker and microphone volumes too… it gets quite raunchy sometimes.

Having said all of this, Flingster isn’t for everyone because it is very RAW and people on there pretty much say (and do) anything and everything you can imagine on cam.

But in some cases, albeit rare cases, you MIGHT connect with someone for a quick date or hook-up. There might even be someone out there who has insomnia and just wants to shoot the breeze… but take it from me, this is a minority on this website.

Again, I will repeat this point, always be very careful of verifying that the person you’re chatting with is indeed who they say they are, are real, etc. This means basically making sure that the video and sound are clear.

Everything sound good so far? Why not give it a go? Sign up for Flingster here.

How Your Flingster Profile Works

There is no “profile” per se. You create an account when you register.

It is a standard account which basically does nothing until you register for one of the Flingster VIP plans (weekly, monthly or semi-annual subscriptions).


On Flingster you do NOT need a profile photo, nor will you be uploading any images to your profile. It relies on video primarily so all you need is an e-mail address and a subscription plan and you’re good to go.

Your chat partner(s) will be able to see you in the flesh so to speak.


Prompts are a series of questions and conversation starters… at least on “regular” dating sites.

On Flingster you jump right into the deep end and start texting or camming with strangers from around the world.

No ice-breakers, introductions or anything… straight and right to the point.

What is Flingster - Chat Settings


The only “preferences” you have to deal with are the filters.

Without a “VIP” subscription you are basically at the mercy of the site’s random search algorithm which seems a bit too flaky for me (it jumps from one country to another, from one gender to another and has the occasional ad for the subscription service thrown in to distract you as well.

I can’t say I liked it… but if you’re on Flingster to chat with anyone, anywhere and you don’t care about matching up for a relationship necessarily, then you might like it.


Due to the very nature of Flingster, there really are no deal-breakers. If you subscribe to a plan, just set your preferred gender to contact and the site does the rest for you.

How Discover Works

There is no specific “discover” feature… the whole concept is based on random searches by gender and location. Simple enough.

How Flingster Matching Works

When you connect with someone (be it from your standard account or from your VIP account), you just start chatting. The website’s match algorithm is simple and you don’t need to think about it too much. Think of it like virtual speed dating on steroids.

How Flingster Messaging Works

Compared to other dating apps that make the messaging function dependent on each person “liking” the other to start, Flingster opens up the chat on the spot once you connect with someone.

This is unique, in my opinion, since you start to chat before you know anything about the person.

The upside is that it gives that sense of instant gratification… you connected with someone in less than 30 seconds.

The downside is you have no idea who you’re chatting with and if you are on a standard account, you can’t reconnect with that person if you happen to lose the chat for any reason.

What is Flingster - Chat Mask Options

How The Flingster Algorithm Works

Flingster’s algorithm (if you can call it that) is based on a simple formula: connect anyone, anywhere to others who are also anywhere. It is as random as they come.

As I mentioned above, you can refine things a little with a subscription, but even then, it isn’t very complicated.

How Fingster ‘VIP’ Paid Subscription Works

Flingster is free. At least the standard account is. But if you want to narrow down your search to a specific gender in a specific country then you’re gonna have to dish out some cash. If you’re interested in trying it out and seeing where things take you, you can click here to try Flingster for free.

See Who Likes You: As you search the site, you will find people (and they will find you), and they will begin chatting right away. Assuming you both are searching for the same thing then you chat… if not, one person moves on and the search continues.

Preferred Preferences: As mentioned earlier, the only preferences are if you choose to chat with males, females or couples only. Or you can specify the country you want to search in or keep it set to worldwide.

Unlimited Chats: There’s no limit to the number of people you can chat with.

What Does Flingster Cost?

For such an interesting experience, you could say that Flingster isn’t such a bad deal.

If you do decide to sign up for any of these subscription plans then you are agreeing to a recurring payment. So you have to remember to cancel your payment plan BEFORE you quit the service.

Flingster: Value For Money

Generally speaking, Flingster’s subscription/VIP service is relatively cheaper compared to other sites.

Having said that, other hookup sites, such as AdultFriendFinder (which I have also reviewed) do offer more features and benefits for premium or subscription accounts.

In reality, value-for-money is in the eyes of the beholder; meaning that it boils down to what each person is looking for.

If you happen to be looking for total randomness in your search and you aren’t too squeamish about what you see (and hear), then you can definitely say that it’s great value-for-money. Also, the instantaneous connectivity makes it fun, if nothing else.

If you want to go a step further and be somewhat more serious about hooking up with someone on Flingster, then it is obvious that the monthly subscription option is the most sensible option for you (in my opinion at least).

However, if you dish out six payments (assuming you opt for the 6-month subscription) will add up to a hefty $90 more or less.

Unless you are very organized (I wish!!), then when those six months are up you will feel that you spent quite a chunk of cash so it pays off to stop and think about what you actually want to do before selecting your subscription package.

Another important point to keep in mind before going for long-term payment commitments is, what if your circumstances change and you meet someone during that time?

You’re pretty much stuck with the monthly payments until the 6-month period is over.

Good luck explaining that one to your new significant other!

What is Flingster - Upgrade Features

Flingster Customer Care

Flingster is one of the few dating sites out there that has a great option that allows you to immediately chat with a customer care representative.

This actually does make a lot of sense since most new users, being confronted with the site’s minimalistic design, might have questions. Plus, it’s a very novel and modern feature for what is a thoroughly modern and innovative site.

While getting in touch with customer care is quite easy, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you still won’t be refunded for the remainder of a billing cycle if you cancel in the middle of one.

There’s not really much you can do about that so it’s just best to sit back and enjoy the site’s features until the end of the payment cycle or, if you really must, then just take the hit and lose whatever balance is left. This is another reason why I believe that the monthly billing option makes more sense. It’s all about the flexibility of opting out anytime.

How To Access Flingster

Flingster is a website. There is no app for it. Having said that, it is mobile friendly and the navigation, loading speed and legibility are quite good on most phones I’ve seen.

The performance is good enough so that you’d think it is actually an app.

What is Flingster - Start Chat

Final Thoughts

Flingster is interesting. It’s really the only thing I can say about it because while, in my opinion, it falls short on quite a few features one would expect in a dating app, it does deliver something unique: instantaneous matches (for better or for worse).

You use it right out of the box… and that is something that is unique enough and is definitely noteworthy.

It is random, it is global, it is instantaneous, it is raunchy, and it is free at its most basic level.

So, with that, why not live on the edge and connect with the world on Flingster and get chatting?! Sign up for Flingster here.

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