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How To Make A Romantic Evening For Him | 23 Romantic Date Ideas

How To Make A Romantic Evening For Him | 23 Romantic Date Ideas

What romantic things can I do for my boyfriend? It’s not an unusual question. Whether you’re a he, she, or a they who dates men, they can be… tough to read!

And especially tough to romance. The thing is, a romantic evening is a romantic evening. You just need to know what romance means to him. What your boyfriend finds romantic and will enjoy. This leads me to…

How Would You Plan A Romantic Evening?

Think about how you want to make him happy. For this evening, I mean, we aren’t talking about people-pleasing forever. But romance, like many things, well: it’s personal!

That being said, I have plenty of tips and tricks for potential romantic evenings for a boyfriend. Take these as advice – your man might like some and not others. Basically, you need to know his likes and dislikes to plan an evening he will love, so don’t take him ice skating if he’s got the coordination of a baby deer!

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19 Ideas For A Romantic Evening For Him

1. Go To A Lookout Point

Okay, I know, maybe you’re getting flashbacks of bad teenage make-outs. But a romantic makeout spot is… romantic?

Whether you drive somewhere to see the sunset, time a hike perfectly to see the city lights turn on, or head to a windswept beach, you’re creating a romantic moment.

Sunrise walks are also good I assume but, honestly, I am not a morning guy so I’ll have to get your takes in the comments.

2. Play His Favorite Video Game

I’m not going to fall into the gender stereotypes trap of assuming he’s a gamer and you, as a woman, aren’t. In fact, maybe you’re not a woman.

Anyone can have a boyfriend. Wow, am I digging myself a hole? What I mean is, usually even if both of you like to game there are certain favorites you might not be so keen on.

Let him have at for the evening, and choose what you spend hours playing. Just try not to accidentally be amazing at Counter-Strike or Portal or whatever first go around, that might end in a fight.

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - play video games gamefly

You could also use date night as an opportunity to explore some new games you might end up loving playing together.

You could make trying out a new game a regular monthly date night, even!

3. Take A Hike

Right, this may end at the lookout point. But a sunset hike in itself is pretty damn romantic. One/both of you will also be kinda scared as the shadows get longer too, meaning you can look after one another in a beautiful, protective, romantic way.

You could also take a picnic along with you, but maybe leave a little earlier if that’s the plan, or do an easy hike. Both eating on pitch-black nights and hiking in complete darkness can be iffy.

Do you know what’s not romantic? Ending your evening covered in wine and crumbs, in urgent care with a broken ankle.

4. Dinner For Two

Is there a restaurant you’ve both been wanting to go to for a while? Or a restaurant he wants to go to and you’re like… ‘ugh’.

Either way, make a reservation secretly, and take him there on a night he thinks you’re just going for a normal dinner out. It’s a small surprise, but that’s a good thing.

No one wants a big ‘guess what I’m actually a duck in a human costume’ surprise, but ‘omg this restaurant I’ve been talking about for months? Yeah, that’s a fantastic surprise.

5. Recreate That First Date

What did you do on your first date? If it was remotely good, or even had a good moment, or, in fact, was so bad it was funny, then you can recreate parts of it as a cute date.

Make the dish you ate that first time, buy him the book you first talked about, or, wild, recreate the whole thing! Right down from the tablecloth to the candles to the meal. I mean, I can’t believe you were at a place with candles for your first date. That’s a lot. I guess it worked.

The bottom line, remind him of your early relationship in some cute way and it will bring a spark to things.

6. Go Out Dancing

What? It’s basic, but it’s fun. This may be going to a club, going to a show, or going to a swing dancing class.

Any kind of dancing works. It gets the endorphins flowing, you’ll have a laugh (even if you’re bad at it – especially if you’re bad at it), and feel closer together.

And if you can’t go out? Dance in the living room!

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - dancing couple

7. Share Letters

This one is almost too romantic. But it’s also a lovely tradition. Basically, write a letter to your partner about how you feel about him, why you love him, and the fun you have together.

And then swap letters and read them, maybe have a cry. You could even make this an annual tradition, writing a letter after you read the last one so you can see the progression in your relationship.

8. Make Your Fave Foods

Again, this is fun whether or not you’re actually good at it. If you’re both good cooks, you can be really ambitious and try something new using ingredients you love.

Or else, you can use a cookbook or even a meal-delivery kit to get your cook on. Hopefully, this will end in a romantic dinner for two! You could even get the candles and the best china out (okay, who has ‘best china’’ No one has that right? Or am I living life wrong?) 

And if the cooking all goes wrong, then you can order takeout and leave the dishes ’til the morning.

9. Pair The Wine

This goes well with that dinner for two, but you can also do a little wine tasting on its own. Maybe with some cheese, grapes, and crackers?

Anyway, wine used to be a bit of an old rich people mystery, but nowadays there’s a natural wine boutique on every street corner, so you can experiment with some fancy flavors.

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - first leaf wine club

10. Play Board Games

This only stands if your boy is into board games or card games. Or dice games, I guess? And tbh a lot of us are.

Romance, in this case, might just be agreeing to a full evening of playing a game when you might usually just want to play for an hour or two and then go do you.

This goes for any hobby. If he loves to scrapbook, spend the entire evening scrapbooking! Romance is sometimes just indulging what the person you love loves.

11. Take A Break

Like, go to a hotel or B&B. Yes, even just for a night. Even if you have to get a babysitter or a pet sitter.

Removing yourself from your normal, tiring, day-to-day environment will help you feel romantic again!

You’ll be removed from the day-to-day issues of being a person, and can have fun jumping on a hotel bed, hiking up a hill, going to new restaurants, etc, break stuff!

12. Go To A Show

Shows are back! Go to one. Go to three. What’s a better date than getting sweaty at a show, screaming along to your favorite songs, holding up your lighters, and weeping at the slow ones (no one does that anymore right? Holding up your… vape??).

Get a deal, but let your boyfriend think you really splashed out on this romantic evening for him!

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - ticket network

13. Go Somewhere. Anywhere!!!

Shows are back, and so are romantic getaways. Usually, I would say go to the airport and just pick somewhere. Be wild. Be spontaneous.

Obviously, given current world issues, you might need to plan a little more than that. But try to keep it spontaneous. Tell him you’re going away, and find a last-minute deal for the two of you.

Yes, I know this is not a ‘romantic evening’ but I’m extending it to romantic weekends. Sorry, I’m the boss. I can do what I want.

14. Road Trip If You Can

On that note, a road trip is a fantastic bonding experience. The newness of it all is romantic, even if you go and see the biggest ball of yarn in the US and then stay at a motel.

It’s that feeling of escape, of being out of your normal routine. It’ll really open you both up and allow you to connect on a fresh level.

15. Explore Your City

We often don’t enjoy what’s close to home. You can grab a couple of day passes and go and explore what your own city has to offer!

The pass allows you to be spontaneous, hitting up attractions all evening or for a whole day. There are loads on offer, including escape rooms, museums, boat tours… it really depends on where you are. And what your dude will find romantic.

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - sightseeing pass

16. Massages

I was torn on whether this should be in the spice it up section or up here, but getting a professional massage or going for a spa evening can be super romantic.

Men often don’t allow themselves to be pampered (or rather, don’t pamper themselves) so taking him for professional treatments, from massages to facials to getting a mani-pedi might be a great romantic surprise.

17. Let Him Teach You Something

I once had a girlfriend who was really into the history of Jazz and Blues. Like, really into it. We’re talking Louis Armstrong, Etta James kinda stuff here, not plinky-plonky free jazz.

It was kind of a background hum in our relationship, her telling me facts about Billie Holiday and me saying ‘mmhmm’.

Anyway, one evening I decided to listen. And we had a fantastic time listening to records, dancing, and for me, learning the intricacies of the Harlem music scene from the 40s to the 60s.

Stephen, you’re probably asking yourself now, why did you just tell me that boring story? I want dating advice not to hear about old-ass tunes.

Well, there’s a lesson in it. If your partner has a passion, letting them indulge it and bring you into it can bring the two of you closer.

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - guy teaching girl how to play guitar

I guess I’m just lucky mine was into jazz and not like, trains, or the old west. But you can manage it, right?

For one night! Even if he’s still got a Pokemon card collection or loves Chinese Checkers. Or U2. Actually, not the last one. Why are you with that guy? Aim higher.

18. Get Crafty

This is another ‘do an activity together’ one, and works if you’re good or crappy at arty stuff. You could even get all Ghost and throw some pots together!

At the end of the day, whether it’s origami, making Christmas cards featuring the two of you and your dog (yes, I have done that one), or learning how to knit while you sit by the fire together, you’ll not only have fun getting crafty but you’ll also have something to show for it.

I mean yeah, it might be an ashtray with a crack in it, but it’ll remind you of your romantic evening!

19. Try Something New

Horse riding? Salsa dancing? Camping? A wrestling class? Really, anything new and kinda silly works here.

Maybe it’s something he has been wanting to do for a long time, or maybe it’s something totally random – like a ‘late night at the zoo’ event, or going to the carnival cos it happens to be in town.

Again, I’m pushing the fact that spontaneity is romantic as hell. Because it is. So get out there and do shit together!

Ideas To Spice It Up

Okay, so lots of those were great date ideas, but they weren’t totally capital R Romantic.

Actually, capital R Romantic is a period of literature but whatever… you know what I mean… oh, you didn’t think the guy who runs a site about dating apps had a degree in English Literature. That’s so small-minded of you. My GPA was… perfectly passable.

Anyway, let’s get back to romancing him. Specifically, ideas to spice it up at home.

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - intimate couple

And yes, by home, I do mostly mean the bedroom.

Though I guess as long as you don’t have roommates you don’t strictly have to stick to one room?

Honestly, I’ll leave those decisions up to you. All I can offer you is a few ideas for having a bit of fun.

1. At-Home Pampering

This is more a pre-hanky-panky thing, but giving one another massages, doing a face mask, taking a shower, or a bubble bath together.

All of these can help you guys relax and get in the mood. Get some bubbles in your First Leaf box, and you can even drink champagne just like you’re at an actual spa.

Well, maybe not champagne. But it’ll be fizzy and boozy.

2. Get Yourself Something Slinky

Nothing says ‘get in the bedroom’ like appearing in lingerie.

Even if he’s in the middle of playing Call of Duty, he’ll probably put down the controller and follow you if you step into the living room wearing something silky. It’s a gift for yourself that’s really a gift for him.

Actually, if he doesn’t it might be grounds for a serious chat about priorities.

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - wear lingerie

3. A Sexy Playlist Doesn’t Have To Be Cringe

Look, I know, having a CD you pop in every time you’re getting down to it feels very… ‘someone’s parents in 1998 who thinks their kid doesn’t know what’s happening every time he hears Van Morrison blasting from their bedroom’.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! A Spotify playlist of softer favorites is a great way to bring some light romance to the bedroom.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Toys

Women are, in general, super comfortable with sex toys. Men on the other hand can be kinda squeamish about them.

So try sitting down and looking at a site together and talking about what you both might like.It can really be quite liberating to actually talk about this stuff and will improve intimacy in the long run.

How to Make A Romantic Evening for Him - ella paradis

Final Thoughts on Romancing Him

You (hopefully) know your boyfriend better than I do. Maybe his idea of romance is a simple date to the movies — then go for it!

As I said, romance is really personal, so think about what he would enjoy rather than what is generically ‘romantic’.

I mean, a roaring fire, a bearskin rug, and a cabin in the snow aren’t going to work for a vegan who suffers from poor bodily temperature control, is it? 

Focus on something either intimate, in some way liberating, or if possible both. Doing new things, stuff you can really talk about (both at the time and afterward) is the best way to keep things fresh and romantic.

Yeah, that means your romantic evening with him might not look conventional, but who wants to be conventional? I mean, unless your man really loves convention. Then I suggest a French restaurant followed by a carriage ride.

And if you haven’t gotten to the match-on-Tinder stage, let alone the romantic evening stage, let me suggest my 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up. It’s a completely free profile overhaul that will get you more matches and, I almost guarantee, a partner to wine and dine!

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