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Is a Movie at Home a Good First Date? | Movie Night Date Ideas 2023

Is a Movie at Home a Good First Date? | Movie Night Date Ideas 2023

If you ask me ‘Is a movie at home a good date?’ I would say yes, almost always! But if you’re asking, ‘Is a movie at home a good first date?’ my answer might be different.

The thing is, the first date at home, alone, just the two of you can be a bit much. If you met online, then if you’ve been speaking for ages and really gotten to know one another it might be nice to have an intimate first date.

Likewise, if it’s a ‘Netflix and chill’ situation (which you’re both on board with) then sure, a movie at home can be a good first date.

Whether it’s your first, fourth or fortieth date, though, there’s some prep that should go into a good movie date at home.

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Find Where Your Tastes Intersect

First, don’t just assume you know what sort of movies your date likes. If you just think girls like romcoms and boys like explosions… well… are you six?

Maybe you both like horror movies sometimes and French arthouse others.

Talk about what the two of you feel like watching that week or day, and what some of your faves are. If you’re both stressed, perhaps you just want something easy and junky.

If you’re feeling cerebral, you could go for that art house stuff we were talking about before. And if you’re likely to chat the whole way through? Go action or rom-com.

There are obviously loads of streaming services to choose from, so you’ll be able to find pretty much whatever you’re looking for!

Do remember, though, to check you can actually find what you’ve decided on. Or you’ll be cobbling it together last minute, and end up watching something neither of you is that into.

Movie Types – Pros And Cons

Obviously, I can’t tell you exactly what to watch. That would be weird, I don’t know you, you don’t know me.

How could I say ‘Watch this one film on your movie date’ I mean, I’d inevitably get it wrong. Although I do love Coyote Ugly.

But that’s just me. That’s me, not you. That is not the number one best movie date film ever, except for in my humble opinion.

What I can do, though, is look at the pros and cons of types of movies for a movie night date.


Romcoms are a real go-to for date night. But before you jump to them, check that your movie-watching partner likes them. They can be divisive!

Plus, unlike say, horrors, thrillers, or cult classics, a bad rom-com is kinda just bad. Boring. Generally speaking, though, most people have real comfort romcom faves like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and The Wedding Singer.

If you have one of these in common it can be a great way to bond, but showing your obscure romcom fave to a partner who has never seen it can be fun too.

Horror Movies

This is one you really have to feel out if it’s the first date. Some people hate scary films. Some people love scary but hate gore. Are you going for B-movie weirdness or genuine terror?

Does someone have a specific fear, for example, say, doppelgangers, that might make them wake up in a sweat after watching the invasion of the body snatchers even though it’s incredibly schlocky and was made in like, the 70s?

That’s just an example based on… nothing. Anyway, horror can be super fun, and will definitely lead to you snuggling up and/or grabbing one another at jump scares, but the actual movie should be chosen very carefully.


Just like horror movies, thrillers can really vary. On top of that, some are just… boring.

Like, do I want political intrigue for 2.5 hours on a date? No. But maybe you or your new beau do! Also, obviously, a thriller can be many things.

Some are actually pretty sexy, so if you want a kind of fear + “excitement” factor, you could do worse.

Weepy Movies

Honestly? I’ve always wondered why weepy movies are a dating staple. Like, do you want to end your date both crying?

On a first date, do you want the girl you met on Hinge to see you ugly cry because the dog dies at the end (I get a lump in my throat even thinking about a dog dying, for goodness sake)?

That being said, catharsis and shared emotion can work for some. You’re going through something together. Get to comfort each other. But I, personally, am not down to weep through dates.

Is A Movie At Home A Good First Date - couple on the couch


Do you snort when you laugh? Who cares! Let it all hang out. A comedy (a good one) is a great date movie.

You’ll get to work out whether or not you have a similar sense of humor if you’re on a first date, and that’s absolutely key to a decent relationship. One thing to avoid? Maybe gross-out comedies.

Unless that’s what you’ve found you both love of course. There are no absolutes here – it’s about finding something you’ll both enjoy.

Cult Classics

Showing a date your favorite cult classic is a great idea. I mean, what was formative for you? Pulp Fiction? The Truman Show?

Something way cooler I’ve never heard of? Yeah, probably. Anyway, wouldn’t you like to show it to your new beau?

Is A Movie At Home A Good First Date - watching on the laptop

Foreign Language Movies

Look, I love me some French New Wave. But when I’m on a date, I don’t necessarily want to be concentrating on subtitles.

Of course, if you’re thinking wine and sophistication, and a chat about the cinematic techniques employed by the director to finish the evening off, then, by all means, go arthouse and foreign language.

Equally, there’s nothing wrong with fun stuff like Totoro, that just happens to not be in English! Just think about what sort of date it’ll be, and if you’ll want time to look at one another as well as at the screen!


I can see you yawning. I can see you rolling your eyes. But I love a good documentary.

Probably don’t go for Grizzly Man or for Earthlings, but if you can find a well-made doc on a subject you’re both passionate about then you should watch it together.

Or you can learn about each other’s passions through docs. It’s another great way to share. I mean, unless you’re really into multi-part WWI docs. No one wants to share in that.

What You’ll Need For A Basic Movie Night

Of course, it’s not all about the movie. You’ll probably want to get some snacks in, at the very least popcorn.

You can even get some snazzy movie-style containers for it to help feel like your night is the real thing!

Beyond that, mood lighting, cozy blankets. A throw is a good option, but you can also just drag your duvet out from the bedroom. Maybe try not to spill on it though?

Is A Movie At Home A Good First Date - movie date with popcorn

Always a serious danger when engrossed in a movie (and the person beside you).

Of course, one of the most important questions when planning a movie night is, ‘What should I wear on a movie night date?’

Well, that depends of course, but here are a few ideas.

What To Wear For A Movie Night

For guys, girls, and anyone in between, it should be noted that a movie night date is not the time to dress to impress.

I’m a big advocate of keeping things comfy as for movie-watching. I mean, you don’t want to look a mess of course, but the sort of stylish comfort provided by Public Rec staples is the perfect compromise.

Their men’s and women’s ranges are shaped to fit all sorts of bodies in a flattering way, and the fabrics they use are strokable and soft. Always a good thing on a date, I guess?

Finally, you might want to go all the way. No, not like that, we’re not 14! I mean, you might want to… but who says ‘go all the way’. I’m talking pajamas.

Is A Movie At Home A Good First Date - cozy couple

I know, sexy. But if you’re pretty comfortable around one another (or want to get there fast) a nice new pair of PJs is great for watching a movie.

If you’re feeling bold, you could even get a matching pair and call them your ‘date night PJs’.

There is obviously the danger of suddenly becoming 75 years old if you do that, though.

Finally, if you’re going PJs, get some slipper socks or something (these ones are from Ugg, you’ll p much be a style icon!).

No one wants to see your gross feet or have your sweaty daytime socks rubbing against them while they try to watch The Notebook.

Get Your Theme On!

This works especially well if you’re watching an old favorite, or if you want to turn date night into a double date.

A theme can mean anything from making all the Italian food you possibly can and watching The Godfather, dressing up for the full Rocky Horror experience, or trying to learn the moves to dirty dancing and enjoying some watermelon cocktails.

Is A Movie At Home A Good First Date - date at home setup

Dressing up, and getting dressed up together, can be really fun.

And the exciting food and drinks a theme can bring into your evening will really turn movie date night up a notch, making it a full experience.

Or you could just get in dressing gowns, make a big batch of white Russians, and watch The Big Lebowski.

If You’re Feeling Wild, Turn Things Up

There are plenty of bells and whistles that can be added to an at-home movie night.

Whether it’s having fun making popcorn and slushies, building a blanket fort to watch your movie in, settling in for an all-night movie marathon, or taking things to the yard for an outdoor movie experience!

A movie night can be the easiest, most chill date in the world, or it can be something exciting and new. It’s up to you and your date to make it whatever you’d like it to be.

It can even be super romantic if you choose one of their favorites (especially if they know you hate it).

Is A Movie At Home A Good First Date - couple first date

Final Thoughts

A movie night can be anything you make it. From a simple snuggle in PJs in front of Netflix to a full dinner and cocktails event inspired by a movie.

It’s a great way to show one another films you’ve loved for a long time, as well as discover new things together.

Plus, it’s a great budget date night idea and a good way to take things from always going out for drinks and dinner into a more intimate space.

I mean, there’s a reason a movie night is a classic date. There’s a reason ‘Netflix and Chill’ is so deep in our lexicon.

Whether you’re paying attention to the movie or not, a film is a solid way to spend two hours real close together!

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