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Is Adult Friend Finder Legit? Or Just A Scam?

Is Adult Friend Finder Legit? Or Just A Scam?

I get it. You have to pay for Adult Friend Finder, and maybe you haven’t signed up for many non-app-based, ‘grownup’ dating sites you pay for.

So, before you drop money you’re asking, ‘Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?’

Yes, Adult Friend Finder is legit! It’s a site with a long history (and yes, the fact it’s 26 years old does show a bit in its UX design) and a huge amount of great user-generated content.

If you’re looking for fun, whatever that might happen to mean to you, then Adult Friend Finder is probably your best bet!

As you probably know, Adult Friend Finder is a paid site. You will have to sign up for a membership, with a monthly fee. You can, however, try out a lot of the sites before you buy.

Is Adult Friend Finder Legit - Adult Friend Finder Site

Adult Friend Finder is absolutely a legit dating site, but as mentioned it’s not a dating site.

It’s a hookup site, where you can be honest about what you want from a casual relationship, and what you want sexually.

If you want to give it a go (remember, you can have a good look around before you commit to a paid membership) then follow this link.

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Is Adult Friend Finder Free?

If you’re used to using Tinder to find casual hookups, you might be wondering ‘Is Adult Friend Finder free too?’

Well, that depends on what you want to do with the dating site!

To use all of Adult Friend Finder’s features you have to sign up for a paid account. You can, however, create a profile and use some features for free.

Free features include making and personalizing a profile, and access message boards, and user-generated erotica, amongst other things.

You can also take a look around and see if there are any users you are interested in before taking the plunge financially.

Once you pay for Adult Friend Finder you can message other members, view galleries and if invited private galleries too, and even video chat with other AFF users.

At that point, you can arrange dates either online or offline, getting to know users with similar interests to your own!

For a full review of Adult Friend Finder Premium, click here.

Is Adult Friend Finder Worth It?

Adult Friend Finder isn’t the cheapest dating site out there (to be fair, it’s not the most expensive either).

And anyway, can’t you find hookups on Tinder? Is Adult Friend Finder worth it?

In my opinion, yes, Adult Friend Finder is worth it. It’s a mid-priced site, so it’s priced pretty fairly.

Plus, you can absolutely find hookups on Tinder, but can you discuss your kinks openly on Tinder? Can you get straight to the logistics of the kind of casual relationship on Tinder? Not often.

But you can on Adult Friend Finder because everyone is looking for (something close to) the same thing and that’s just how it works there.

At the end of the day, if you’re serious about finding something… well… not all that serious, then you really should give Adult Friend Finder a go!

The price of membership is even more reasonable when you take into account the fact that there’s a whole bunch of additional, user-generated content on the site.

Literally hours and hours of content before you even make contact with anyone is a pretty good deal, right? Here’s my review on Adult Friend Finder, in case you were looking for that final push to go ahead and try the site out.

Is Adult Friend Finder Safe?

The whole online dating world can be scary, what with all the news of dating scams and all. I mean, it is at first anyway.

And it can also be scary to move to a new site, especially a site with a long history, and slightly old-fashioned design like Adult Friend Finder.

It makes sense if you’re asking yourself, ‘Is Adult Friend Finder safe?” Good news, though. If you take the usual precautions, Adult Friend Finder is absolutely safe.

Of course, you should tell someone where you are going if you’re meeting someone in real life, you shouldn’t get yourself into any situations that feel weird or uncomfortable, and no one under 18 should be using Adult Friend Finder.

Is Adult Friend Finder Legit - Adult Friend Finder Logo

Basically, what I’m saying is, be sensible. If something seems too good to be true it probably is too good to be true.

Don’t totally forget online safety 101 just because you think you might have found the perfect person to have some fun with!

As discussed, Adult Friend Finder is totally legit, but unscrupulous types know that people can go a little loopy and make silly decisions when sex is on the table. Don’t be one of those people!

If you think AFF might not be the perfect dating site for you, then why not give my dating site quiz a go?

If it is, you’ll soon know. If not, you’ll get a personalized suggestion of the best site to meet your dating goals right now.

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