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Is Hinge X Worth It For Guys? Should You Pay For Hinge in 2024?

Is Hinge X Worth It For Guys? Should You Pay For Hinge in 2024?

Online dating can be hard work. 

Sure, on Tinder there’s a lot of swiping which can mean tired thumbs and online dating burnout. But the way that the Hinge app works requires even more investment.

Rather than simply liking a profile, you like an individual photo or prompt, and if you don’t attach a pretty stand-out comment to that like then you’re probably getting ignored.

Guys make loads of common mistakes with Hinge that lead them to a lack of matches or conversations that fizzle out. So they’re asking one of two things: Is Hinge a waste of time? Or should I actually pay for Hinge Premium (now called Hinge+ and Hinge X)?

I tried Hinge for the first time years ago, and I think guys can have a lot of success on the app if they know what they’re doing.

So let’s dive in and find out if Hinge is worth it for the guys. 

Is Hinge Worth It For Guys In 2024? 

Now, I’m all for equality, but the dating app experience is pretty different for men and women.

Most girls I know have too many matches, but find that very few of them are actually worth talking to. Guys, on the other hand, often find that they get too few matches.

So is Hinge worth it for guys? Absolutely. It takes work, but if you have a strong profile, you will get matches on Hinge. Take the time to reply meaningfully or uniquely to your potential match’s prompts, and you’ll find Hinge is totally worth it.

And if you’re serious about using Hinge to meet people in real life, you should definitely consider upgrading to Hinge’s premium service, but more on that later.

Is Hinge Worth It For Guys - hinge dating app

It takes time to come up with an attention-grabbing opener for every match or to keep the conversation going until your match is likely to be up for a date.

That’s why my number one rule for online dating is that it should be fun. If you’re making yourself laugh, coming up with offbeat prompt answers, and having bantering conversations, then you’re more likely to be putting in the kind of effort that gets results.

Because half-assing Hinge is a waste of time. Guys have success on Hinge when they make an effort.

Is Hinge Better Than Tinder For Guys?

Ah, the age-old questions: manual or automatic, ketchup vs mayo, Hinge vs Tinder.

So is Hinge better than Tinder for guys? It depends on what you’re looking for. Hinge is designed to create more meaningful matches, so it’s a better app if you’re looking for a serious relationship. Tinder is more suited to the casual thing.

Naturally, the answer to any this-or-that question depends on the context. French fries? Ketchup every time. But who ever heard of a chicken and ketchup sandwich? Chicken mayo will always reign supreme.

So if you’re looking for a quick snack, a special treat, or a flash-in-the-pan kind of thing, ketchup and French fries are the way to go. To me, Tinder is kind of a quick snack deal.

But for long-term gains, you need that protein. Or, in dating terms, meaningful connection. So serve yourself up a healthy chicken-mayo sandwich, and get on Hinge for long-term love gains.

Is Hinge Worth It For Guys - relationships on hinge

Is Hinge Better For Dating Or Hookups?

When you’re asking if Hinge is worth it, it inevitably depends on what you’re looking for. If it’s job opportunities, let me suggest LinkedIn or Bumble Bizz instead. Please don’t use the same bio!

So is Hinge better for dating or hookups? While Hinge has been built to facilitate people finding relationships, you can still find people looking for something casual on Hinge. Use your profile prompts and bio to signal to potential matches that you’re looking for something short-term and you can definitely find hookups on Hinge.

While Hinge’s own terms and conditions actually state that people must be looking for a long-term relationship, I’ve never heard of a Hinge user getting banned for taking this a little less seriously. 

So whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a one-time thing, don’t discount Hinge.

But either way, you’re going to need six great profile pictures and prompt answers that simultaneously signal what you’re looking for, and intrigue your potential matches.

Is It Worth It To Pay For Hinge In 2024?

Questioning whether Hinge is worth it in general or whether the Hinge premium service is worth it are two very different things. For free users, after all, the only investment is time.

So is it worth it to pay for Hinge in 2024? Hinge’s premium membership brings you very useful features if you’re using the app to find a long-term partner, especially if you live in an area with a big population where you might miss compatible matches.

Is Hinge Worth It For Guys - comparing hinge plus and hinge x

In general, I only recommend paying for Hinge if you’ve already put the work on your profile, and you’re sincerely looking for a relationship.

It’s true for Bumble Premium as well as Hinge: you’ll get more matches, and more compatible matches if you pay. That’s because the additional features allow you to like more profiles as well as filter your swipe deck.

Let’s check these features out.

Hinge+ and Hinge X – Review and Features

Hinge recently switched up their premium subscription, removing Hinge Preferred and adding two tiers: Hinge+ and Hinge X. Edgy.

Here’s what you get with Hinge+

  • Unlimited likes
  • See everyone who likes you
  • Filtering likes
  • Additional preferences and filtering
  • Browse users by location and activity
Is Hinge Worth It For Guys - hinge plus

And alongside all that, here’s what you get with Hinge X:

  • Enhanced recommendations
  • Appear sooner in people’s feed
  • Priority likes

Both of these upgrades add some handy features. Whether you’re a serial swiper or have some important dealbreakers, both upgrades will help you get more matches that you’re likely to click with.

But neither comes cheap. At almost $30 and $50 per month respectively, it’s a big investment.

Hinge X’s enhanced recommendations and prioritization of uses will be a huge advantage, both in getting more matches and finding people you really want to date.

If you can afford it, and you’re dead set on finding your perfect match, it might just be worth it.

Is Hinge Worth It For Guys - hinge x

Do You Have to Pay to See the Best People on Hinge?

It’s true for every dating app: they’re only as good as their users. And given that the good folks at Hinge are trying to make a living, you might wonder if they’re keeping the best users for the paying customers.

So do you have to pay to see the best people on Hinge? Nope, anyone that Hinge thinks you’re compatible with will appear in your Discover feed. But arguably the best people on Hinge will appear in Standouts.

And because you can only send Roses to your Hinge Standouts, and you only get one free Rose a week, if you want to contact more of these “best people” you will have to pay.

What’s more, Hinge’s top-tier premium level will prioritize your profile, making you appear higher in Discover and bumping you to the top of other users’ Likes You feed.

That means you’ll definitely be seen more, stand out more, and get more matches with Hinge X than with a free account.

Hinge Best Alternatives

Whether you’re looking for a free dating app, or something a little more exclusive, there’s a new one popping up every week. Online dating for vegetarians! A dating app for metalheads! 

So there are plenty of alternatives to Hinge, but I don’t recommend these niche sites because they have too few users. Here are the best dating apps to try beyond Hinge:

Tinder is great if you want an easy sign-up process and some low-effort swiping, while on Bumble and Feeld you are likely to find more meaningful connections.

Meanwhile, eHarmony is my top pick if you’re looking to connect with others who want a long-term relationship. Because messaging is behind a paywall, you know that every user you talk to is taking it seriously.

But before giving up on Hinge, make sure it’s not a you problem. Update your Hinge profile pictures and revamp your prompt answers to show your best side.

Is Hinge Worth It For Guys - hinge alternatives

Final Thoughts

Hinge is a lot of folks’ favorite dating app because the whole UI is designed around giving people meaningful conversation starters. That means matches are likely to turn into first dates and more.

I think Hinge is totally worth it for guys, as long as you put the effort in. Paying for premium Hinge can definitely help your chances, but you’ll get by just fine without it if you’ve got a strong profile and come up with good openers.

Oh, and about that strong profile?

Check out my free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up for a profile overhaul. While it says Tinder on the tin, it works for every dating app and will help you tailor your prompt answers to be funny, deep, or surreal so you can find the perfect match.

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