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Is Reporting On Hinge Anonymous?

Is Reporting On Hinge Anonymous?

It’s nice to imagine a world where reporting doesn’t need to happen on dating apps, but we all know that in reality sometimes it has to be done! Not everyone follows the rules and that sucks, but it’s definitely a good thing that you can put a stop to harassment or spam by reporting.

It can feel kind of weird reporting someone, especially when you want to report and move on, rather than get into it with the person in question, and you’d prefer they weren’t aware…

So is reporting on Hinge anonymous? In a word, yes. The Hinge FAQ assures us that reporting is anonymous and that once you’ve reported someone ‘you will not see their profile again, nor will they see yours.

So you can rest easy knowing that no vengeful reporters will come back to bite you later on.

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Is Reporting on Hinge Anonymous - Hinge app

What Happens If You Report Someone On Hinge?

If you’ve decided to report someone, it’s reasonable to wonder what will happen to them. This could be to make absolutely sure they won’t resurface while you’re swiping.

Maybe you want to know how to report a fake profile on a Hinge, which is obviously something you’ll feel zero remorse about.

Maybe although they’ve crossed a few lines, or are messaging you an incessant, uncomfortable amount, you feel a bit bad about resorting to reporting them and don’t necessarily want to crush their hopes of love forever.

And what exactly happens if you report someone on Hinge?

If you’re reporting a profile you came across in your feed, you won’t see them again, and if you’ve already matched, they will disappear from your matches along with your conversation. Permanently.

Another reporting option is to email Hinge support with the username and reason for a profile you can’t find or seem to have been deleted, with any details and your reason for reporting.

Hinge’s moderators will look into it and act accordingly, which can include a ban if certain terms have been broken.

Are Hinge Bans Permanent?

Hinge takes reporting pretty seriously and being reported, as well as a few other rule-breaking behaviors that breach the Hinge terms of service can result in being banned.

And yes, Hinge bans are permanent, so really you want to try your darndest not to get banned in the first place! Which in my opinion is pretty easy…

There is a Hinge appeal submission form that you can click through to if your account has been removed, but from what I hear appeals are almost never granted and are a bit like shouting into the online abyss.

Is Reporting on Hinge Anonymous - banned on Hinge

This isn’t something I’ve ever wanted myself! When I unmatch someone it’s because I’ve got a pretty good idea that we’ve got nothing in common or have some fundamentally different perspectives.

No, you can’t rematch with someone once you’ve unmatched.

In reality, reporting and unmatching will have similar results for you as the unmatched/reporter, as this person will simply disappear from your feed and never come back.

Is Reporting on Hinge Anonymous - Hinge unmatch option

The Hinge help center says ‘unmatching is a permanent action. If you unmatch someone, you won’t be able to talk to that person again.’ So you want to avoid unmatching unless you’re certain!

If you want to take a break from talking to someone but aren’t 100% on unmatching them, I recommend just hiding them, a newish feature that makes it way easier to put people on pause without unmatching.

Either that, or you can just go all out and report and unmatch them!

What Do You Do If You Accidentally Unmatch Someone?

I guess there’s the rare occasion when my big clumsy thumbs unmatch someone by mistake.

That can feel like a real punch in the gut, a potential happy relationship flashing before my eyes as I start googling what to do if I accidentally unmatch someone.

The sad answer is nothing. Hinge is crystal clear that unmatching is permanent, and that they ‘are unable to restore a match manually’, so there’s no point trying to get in touch.

You just have to let it go and hope fate will bring you together in real life (or on a different app).

Is Reporting on Hinge Anonymous - bye

Not sure if you’ve been unmatched yourself? Check out my article, What does it mean if a conversation disappears on Hinge?

Reporting, unmatching, hiding, it’s pretty cool that Hinge has a few different ways to address friction in a chat and control who you’re interacting with.

I hope you got the answers you were looking for and aren’t dealing with too much reporting on Hinge!

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