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RedHotPie Review 2023 | Perfect For Online Fun Or Just A Scam?

RedHotPie Review 2023 | Perfect For Online Fun Or Just A Scam?

RedHotPie is a website/app that made its debut in Australia before going global. Their tagline “Everybody’s doing it” says it all.

It offers you a different approach to the online dating search… namely, a “datefinder” which you determine based on WHEN you want to go on a date and “dateaway” for WHERE you want to date when you travel. RedHotPie also includes an adult forum and a webcam chat.

It’s also worth mentioning that, occasionally, RedHotPie does feature in the mainstream media in national surveys, especially like this article in 2016 that featured Australia’s Top 10 Sexy Australians of the Year.

We liked the first impression of simple, straightforward fun.

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How Does RedHotPie Work?

RedHotPie works for both those looking for conventional relationships and those who are looking for more casual connections.

It connects any and all genders (including couples) with others and is very transparent about what everyone is looking for.

From the very outset you have the option of identifying your specific search criteria, be it friendships, regular dating, hookups, or alternative lifestyle fun activities.

How Does RedHotPie’s First-Time Sign-Up Work?

The sign-up to Red Hot Pie is very straightforward. You just need an email address or you can just use your Facebook account to register.

First-time registration is free, fast, and can get you up and running in seconds by clicking here.

The initial setup includes selecting gender (which has all the options) and also has a nice touch where you can sign up as a couple if you’re so inclined, followed by age(s), ethnicity, body type(s), height(s) and sexual orientation(s).

The next step is to select what you’re looking for. At this point, you can have multiple selections to include men, women, couples, groups, etc… followed by the preferred age range for your search.

redhotpie profile questions sign up ethnicity options

Then you decide on the type of relationships you want with your potential searches (which also offers multiple selections), such as dating, friendships, hookups, sugar dating, discreet affairs, etc.

Then you need to identify your general interests, such as traveling, music, etc… followed by your sexual interests and fetishes (both of which allow multiple selections).

The final step is to write a short blurb about you and then set up your desired email or Facebook to finalize the registration and verification step.

How Your Red Hot Pie Profile Works

Once you’ve set up your profile and indicated what you’re looking for, you can start browsing the website/app goes to find your best match(es) with the same interests.

Then, once you’ve identified potential members, you can initiate communication with them through messages, exchanging photos, or sending virtual “flirts.”


Photos are optional. But, as is the norm in most dating websites and apps, you will always get the best results by uploading photos of yourself.

RedHotPie is no different… if you want your matches to be good, then you need to upload a few images (usually between 3 and 5) showing you (alone or as a couple depending on your profile) in your natural element to support your profile description and what you’re looking for.

RedHotPie considers explicit photos to be “restricted” and these can only be viewed by members who upgrade (i.e. not guest users).


The preferences are set during your initial setup.

They will revolve around your search for men, women, couples, groups, FF couple, MM couple, TV/CD, or trans women or men.

Also, the age range and the type of relationship (dating, hookups, sugar dating, discreet affair, relationship, friendship, FWB, play friends, or just social).

what is redhotpie profile matching options sexual orientation

How RedHotPie Matching Works

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can go through the member database by adjusting your search settings based on username, gender, age, location, and preferences.

Premium members have more advanced search settings. Get started now and go straight to and find your match!

Here’s a more in-depth review of how RedHotPie works.

How RedHotPie Messaging Works

Communicating with other members of RedHotPie is simple. The 4 types of communication are standard messaging, webchats, text chats, and flirts.

The first is the messaging option which is just like sending an email but with the added nifty benefit of seeing the status of the message whether it’s unread or opened already.

The second is a webchat which allows you and your match to see each other and have a virtual face-to-face conversation.

The third is a text chat where you can send and receive “instant messages”. In many ways, this is similar to what you’d get on Facebook Messenger.

The fourth way of messaging is to “flirt”. This is especially useful for guest members (i.e. non-paying users), who can also have the chance to send messages to a match – somebody who meets their criteria given that they also meet his/her criteria.

Not sure where or how to start a conversation with someone that caught your eye? This post might give you some ideas.

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How The RedHotPie Algorithm Works

Red Hot Pie’s algorithm(s) is based on a straightforward match determined by your profile and what you’re searching for.

You can search by username (if you know it), geographic location (there is also a “nearby” feature which is quite nice), age, gender, and more (for Premium members).

The better and more detailed your profile, the better luck you’ll have being matched with other members.

On the subject of searching for matches, we have to highlight a nice touch (or rather, 2 things) that we like on RedHotPie and that gives you additional options over and above the standard profile matching, which is Datefinder and Dateaway.

Datefinder lets you post dating ideas (very cool!) and proposed days/times for these dates. A match who is looking for the same, or that likes the idea can connect with you.

Dateaway is a way to make your travels more interesting by finding similar travelers or people at the destinations you’re going to. This is a great formula for some interesting adventures.

If this sounds interesting, then start planning your next date.

How RedHotpie’s Premium Membership Model Works

RedHotPie’s basic membership is free, but functionality will be limited. At best you can flirt with people who match with you and you can browse the site… not much else though (you also won’t appear at the top of the searches by other members).

What Does RedHotPie Cost?

The Premium plan allows you to view members’ photos (called “restricted” photos), you can access up to 5 daily messages and can have 2 daily webcam views, and places you in the third-tier of priority listings for in-site searches.

PlanPrice Per MonthTotal Price
1 Month$46.80 AUD$46.80 AUD
3 Months$22.50 AUD$67.50 AUD
6 Months$15.75 AUD$94.50 AUD
12 Months$11.40 AUD$136.80 AUD
Premium Plus
1 Month$64.80 AUD$64.80 AUD
3 Months$31.53 AUD$94.60 AUD
6 Months$22.50 AUD$135 AUD
12 Months$16.12 AUD$193.50 AUD
1 Month$94.70 AUD$94.70 AUD
3 Months$46.50 AUD$139.50 AUD
6 Months$33 AUD$198 AUD
12 Months$23.25 AUD$279 AUD

Premium Plus, on the other hand, gives you access to 20 daily messages, 2 daily webcam views in addition to second-tier priority listings for in-site searches, in addition to private chat requests, and access to restricted photos.

PlanPrice Per MonthTotal Price
1 Month$64.80 AUD$64.80 AUD
3 Months$31.53 AUD$94.60 AUD
6 Months$22.50 AUD$135.00 AUD
12 Months$16.12 AUD$193.50 AUD

The final category is the Platinum plan which includes private chat requests and access to restricted photos, first-tier priority for in-site search listings, as well as 50 daily messages and 3 daily webcam views.

PlanPrice Per MonthTotal Price
1 Month$94.70 AUD$94.70 AUD
3 Months$46.50 AUD$139.50 AUD
6 Months$33.00 AUD$198.00 AUD
12 Months$23.25 AUD$279.00 AUD

Value For Money

RedHotPie’s subscription plans are generally what you’d expect to pay for on other online dating providers.

However, the differences between the packages left us a bit indifferent.

The major difference is apparently how you will appear in others’ searches… will you be in the first, second, etc… tier, or will you appear at the bottom of the list?

Is that actually worth the price difference?

RedHotPie Customer Care

Based on some online reviews, it appears that RedHotPie’s customer support is responsive.

We can’t speak to whether or not issues are resolved quickly or otherwise, but they do tend to respond quickly on most of the forums where customers had issues with subscriptions, logging in, or other technical issues, etc.

Final Thoughts

RedHotPie is a simple and intuitive website/app, albeit sometimes a bit “buggy” (initial setup gave us an “oops… something went wrong” message without much else in the way of an explanation of what it was exactly that was the issue).

But we eventually got there and from there, it was an overall nice experience. There’s definitely something there for everyone.

Try it out yourself here.

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