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11 Tinder First Dates To Avoid At All Costs | Do Not Ask Her Out On One Of These

11 Tinder First Dates To Avoid At All Costs | Do Not Ask Her Out On One Of These

First Tinder Dates To Avoid

So it’s time for your Tinder first date! I’m sure you want to try and make the best impression possible and take your date out somewhere memorable, right?

Well, equally important is making sure you are avoiding the bad dates that almost everyone goes on.

This article is going to run through 11 first dates that you should avoid taking your match on at all costs.

If you want to hear about some dates you should go on, check out all my posts on first date ideas.

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Night Club

11 Tinder First Dates To Avoid At All Costs - Man and Woman Dancing

“I’m sorry, what was that…?” This is what you’ll be saying all night if you decide to have your first date in a club.

When you are breaking it down on the d-floor, it’s unlikely you and your date will be able to get to know each other. Anything with loud music that impacts your conversation, cross it off the list.

Your Own Party

OK, so I’ve heard about this one a lot. Someone thinks, “I’ve got a party coming up so I’m going to get myself a date so that they can see me at peak social mode.”

They will love it, right? Wrong. Imagine going to your match’s party. You, her, and ALL OF HER BEST FRIENDS!? You’re best to avoid dates where your match is competing for your attention.

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The Cinema

I remember the cinema used to be my go-to date spot when I was 13. The reason is that I couldn’t open my mouth without something awkward coming out, so I could sit there in silence for a couple of hours.

Now? It’s an absolutely terrible first date option. Let’s run through a sped-up version of the night:

  1. Hi, nice to meet you!
  2. *Buys tickets*
  3. *Sits in silence next to each other for 2 hours*
  4. Nice to meet you, bye!

Give her some things to remember about you, not just the movie.

Ice Skating/Rollerblading/Action Sports

So if you’re nervous, absolutely, do something on a date that puts you at ease. Only if that something isn’t figure skating. There are two reasons I suggest avoiding this, or something similar to it.

First of all, if she can’t skate, you’re in for a long night. Secondly, I would say collectively we could all agree that we don’t want our match to get hurt.

Yes, it would be a pretty memorable Tinder date in the back of an ambulance, but that’s not the sort of memorable you should aim for.

Big Deal Like A Wedding/Family Dinner

Just no, no, no. Yes, at a wedding, everyone is happy and the alcohol is flowing, so why wouldn’t it be a good first date?

Well for one, your friends holding the wedding could think it’s pretty odd you’ve invited a STRANGER to their wedding.

Secondly, your match might get the wrong idea. Even if you were planning on inviting her in an ironic and informal way, to enjoy some free cake, she might think a lot more into it.

The last thing, if you two don’t click, you don’t want her stuck next to Aunty Sheryl all night speaking about your future kids…

Zoo/Animal Enclosure/Aquarium/SeaWorld

Guess what, an animal that is kept in captivity usually isn’t all that stoked. The general population is growing increasingly aware of the cruelty in zoos and places like SeaWorld.

Whether or not it’s something you feel strongly about, avoiding a date like this is probably the way to go.

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Anything Overnight – Camping, Getaway Etc

Hey, it’s great to meet you, want to spend the night together? That is all she will hear if you invite her to go away camping or for a weekend getaway.

Less pressure and stress usually equals more chances of a fun date. You don’t want her to be completely freaking out at the idea of getting prepared for a decent amount of time away with essentially a stranger.

Even if you have the best intentions as well, your date could think you’re being a sleazebag who has strategically planned a date that involves an overnight stay.

Stay clear until at least date number 4, preferably longer.

Religious Events

Taking your date to a religious event, or even an event that exudes strong beliefs or opinions can be one of the quickest ways to have a crappy date.

It’s fantastic that you believe so strongly in something, but why does your match have to be completely immersed in that world on day 1? Slow right down, get to know them first, and then maybe it’s time to talk the heavy stuff.

Unless your match is on the same religious level as you, then do not invite them to any sort of religious event.

Not only could your match feel quite awkward whilst singing hymns, but dude, I’m telling you right now, it’s a little weird…

The Mall

11 Tinder First Dates To Avoid At All Costs  - Mall Date Man and Woman

So you’re completely stuck on what to do, you’re not feeling particularly creative, and the first thing that pops into your head is: “We could go to the mall?”

Stop. Before you suggest something like that, imagine yourself on the very first date sitting outside her favorite store waiting for her.

This date is the stuff that people do when they have been together for months or years, don’t push for it now!

Getting to know each other rather than the latest deals at Forever21 is probably the way to go.

Also, it’s not very original… You can do better.

You Performing/Competing In Anything

I know you might be proud of your LARP event that’s coming up, but for the love of god, do not invite your date to come to witness the action.

I recently spoke to a female friend who was invited to a comedy club by her date. The joke really was on her, because she had no idea her date was actually the one performing.

Now I’m not making any assumptions about whatever it is that you perform, or how good you are, but this guy sucked…

She explained that even if he was much better, it still would have been a fairly awkward date, as she was sat there alone while all of her, and 30 other people’s attention, was on him.

It seems self-obsessive as well.

Activity You Clearly Prefer

I think you would agree, that taking your match to get drunk and watch sport might not be the first idea. Just THINK, will your date really enjoy this? Or maybe, just maybe, have I thought of this date because I will like it?

Now that you know what to do, be sure to check out the list of 7 first-date ideas you should go on.

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