Tinder Photos – What Makes The Best Profile Picture?

Guys are constantly on the search for what makes the best Tinder profile picture or all round Tinder photos. There is so much conflicting advice that that confusion is completely warranted.

But what if I told you there was something simple you could change in your photos today for more matches? No, This article isn’t about some crazy trick I’m going to tell you to steal.

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In fact, it certainly isn’t a trick at all. Before we get to what this certain thing is, let’s take a look at where the confusion of what makes a good tinder photo started.

What THEY Told You Were The Best Tinder Pictures

In January 2010, OkCupid released a blog apparently revealing what went into the BEST online dating profile picture. The results swore hand-over-heart that the type of photo that got the BEST reaction from women was to not smile and look away from the camera…

Of course, this created a tidal wave of followers swearing by these terrible photos. I mean, if OK Cupid tells you that something will improve your chances, you listen right? Well, you really shouldn’t.

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The sample size was too small, they had too little data to draw these conclusions of, and some suggest they intentionally skewed their data to post something a little more “edgy”.

So what is the truth about Tinder photos?

Well more recently another study was undertaken in the UK that focused on the top swiped profiles on Tinder. Not only was the sample size larger, but it was also much more relevant. And what did that study reveal?


You guessed it. The results were quite literally the OPPOSITE of what Ok Cupid’s. The data showed that on average if you were smiling in your tinder profile picture, you were 14% more likely to get a right swipe.

Experts say that smiling causes a more warm and inviting vibe. And let’s be honest, that can only help when your tinder match is making up her mind to see you.

Being able to see someone’s iris, can help you paint a picture of whether or not you can trust them.

I have had clients in the past who believe that they aren’t good looking enough, have good enough teeth, or simply think they look better when they aren’t smiling and looking at the camera.

But it is usually the first thing we change. And guess what? Their match numbers always go up.

How Can You Take The Best Tinder Photos?

I don’t want you to overthink this too much. Yes, the data doesn’t lie. Smiling and looking into the camera definitely makes a positive impact.

But I don’t want you to stress too much about it. It’s up to you. You can either go all out to ensure you have the best photos or keep it simple.

Hire A Photographer

if you have the money, hiring a professional solves any problems of not being able to do it yourself. The photographer will know things like what lighting will work best for your skin tones and therefore you will look like the best version of you.

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These photos could be used for a series of other things as well. Having some professional photos of yourself can never hurt, and can definitely help your case on Tinder.

Get a friend, a smartphone and start laughing

If you don’t have ANY smiling photos already and can’t be f***ed hiring a photographer, then this is for you. Sit in front of a friend get them to take photos over and over while you look at them or just over their shoulder, and get them to try to make you laugh.

You might feel like an idiot doing this, but the results will be authentic. Welcoming and genuine smiles showing all your teeth are the top swiped photo, don’t forget that.

If you are still really unsure, check out photofeeler.com.

Here you can upload photos and get the public eye to vote and which photos they prefer. You might actually surprise yourself when you see which photo is ACTUALLY your most attractive.

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