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11 First Tinder Date Ideas To Make Her Remember You 2023

11 First Tinder Date Ideas To Make Her Remember You 2023

First Tinder Date Etiquette, Ideas and What Comes After

If you’ve landed on this page, I am going to assume that you are wanting some first Tinder date advice. 

Whether it’s general Tinder first date etiquette, some of the best places for a first date or if there are any rules you need to follow after the first date.

Well if you want the answers to any of these questions, you are definitely in the right place.

What Is A Tinder Date?

First of all, there is a lot of confusion as to what to expect on a Tinder date.

There are constantly people asking the question: Is Tinder for hookups or dating? Well, the fact is, they aren’t mutually exclusive…

It really comes down to you, your match, and if there’s a ‘spark’ between you.

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The best advice I can give you when it comes to your first date with someone you met online is this: Don’t assume anything!

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This is simple Tinder first-date etiquette. If you are going into this date thinking that a hookup is a given, then you might be sorely mistaken. 

There are definitely people out there that believe Tinder is only for hookups, but that’s definitely not the case.

Sure, there certainly are people using Tinder just for hookups, but on the other side of the coin, there are plenty of people using Tinder for serious dating!

So don’t assume that just because you are having a ‘Tinder date’ that it means you are getting laid. Go on with an open mind, and look forward to getting laid to know someone.

Best First Date Ideas

With all of that being said, you most likely stumbled upon this post wondering “What are some fun things to do on a first date?”

We’ve all been in that situation where you want to do everything possible to make a great first impression when you finally decide to meet your online dating in person.

So what are the best ideas for your first Tinder date?

First Date Drinks, Coffee or Dinner

First of all, let’s get the simple out of the way. Sometimes meeting your date for a simple date involving a coffee, some food or some alcohol (or a combination) can be your best bet.

Mainly because it gives you a chance to really focus on your date and see if the two of you do have any sort of connection, before pulling out all the bells and whistles.

The main reason I wouldn’t suggest a date like this is when you have that first Tinder date nervous feeling.

Remember, everyone gets this feeling, but if you feel that you will really struggle with coming up with the conversation, then one of the next dates might be better suited for you.

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Miniature Golf

Miniature golf can be fun, a little competitive and gives you something new and interesting to talk about at each hole.

In recent years I have seen some places that are modern takes on miniature golf, that include alcohol and are directed at adults.

Look out for something like this. Remember it’s just a bit of fun, and don’t get too serious or competitive!

Dog Walk

Only do this if you have a dog… obviously. The reason it can work so well is that any time you sense that awkward silence is about to start, you can simply mention something about the dog! Who’s a good boy?!

Plus, 99% of people absolutely love dogs. Let your fluffy friend serve as the perfect distraction when you’re thinking of the next topic of conversation. On top of that, it can show your paternal side, which can definitely be an attractive quality.

She might think the bond you share with your canine friend is adorable. It’s an easy, inexpensive, and low-pressure date. Perfect.

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Indoor Rock Climbing

If you guys are both physically fit and want to do something that’s fun but breaks a little sweat, rock climbing is perfect.

You aren’t getting too gross and sweaty but have a chance to show off any skills you might have!

Plus, any time you or she are scaling that wall, you can think of what to talk about next. It’s a perfect stress-free way to stagger your conversation a little.

Acoustic Live Music/Jazz Club

The reason I say acoustic, is you don’t want it to be too loud!

Struggling to hear your date the whole time won’t help the conversation flow at all.

But having some nice soft music in the background creates a buzzing atmosphere that will definitely help both of you loosen up a little.

If you have a cool little jazz bar in your area as well, that’s definitely a unique date!

Art Exhibition/Museum

I get a big eye roll when I suggest this to my clients sometimes… But there are a lot of awesome museums out there!!

Keep your eyes peeled for any gallery or museum focusing on modern art.

Usually, there will be some unique, interactive and fun exhibits that will definitely give you something to talk about.

Sports Events

Now, this is ONLY if she enjoys that particular sport as well. It might be because she mentioned a certain team in her bio, or it came up in conversation.

Otherwise 90% of the time you should avoid this.

If she loves the sport as much as you do, it will be the perfect date.

Things aren’t too loud that you can’t get to know her, you have a great distraction for when you aren’t sure what to talk about, and if her team wins, she’ll be in a great mood!

Farmers Markets

If you have a local farmers markets you’ve been to before this is perfect, as you are showing her your ‘little spot’.

But even if you haven’t been before, that’s fine! The variety of what’s on offer at each stall will give you guys plenty to talk about.

It also gives you a chance to be sort of ironic, but sweet, by buying her flowers.

I would do this near the end, so she doesn’t have to spend the whole time walking around with a bouquet in her hands.


Bowling can be a perfect first date for a number of reasons. First of all, doing something a little unique and different can help you make an impression.

There’s a bowling bar in my area that makes it a little more fun with music, mood lighting, and drinks. This would be preferred if you have something similar nearby, otherwise, any old ten-pin bowling center will do.

Bowling can also be a great date because it gives you a chance to have a breather between the conversation when you get up to bowl.

Especially if you get a little nervous on your first date, having a “distraction” of sorts to avoid awkward silences can be helpful. 

You just want to make sure that you are allowing conversations to flow and aren’t too occupied with getting a perfect bowl score.

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Board Game Cafe

Do a Google search in your area to see if there is a board game cafe/bar around. If you have a bit of a competitive side and are looking for someone similar, a date like this can be perfect. 

Although, maybe hold off if you’re a bit too overly competitive and are known to rage-quit board games.

Plus rather than the pressure of placing two people in front of each other to get to know each other it gives you a chance to have something else to keep you two occupied whilst you get to know each other in a way that might feel a little less forced.

Video Game Arcade

Much like taking your match to a board game cafe, a video game arcade gives you a chance to do something fun in an exciting atmosphere, whilst getting to know each other a little more organically.

I personally have gone on this date many times and find the date is always fun.

Plus there is basically never an awkward break in conversation because there is plenty to talk about.

There’s also something about working in a team to collect as many tickets as possible. It’s a bonding experience!

How To Be A Tinder Date Gone Wrong

We’ve all heard about bad Tinder dates. I’m sure you don’t want to be one of those Tinder dates gone wrong that you hear about.

So what should you do to ensure when you’re meeting your Tinder date that things don’t go bad?

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Well to check out some dates you should avoid, check out this Tinder date video I did, all about where you shouldn’t take your first Tinder date:

What To Do After Your First Date

Remember what I said earlier? Don’t assume anything!!! There is no one-size-fits-all advice when it comes to completing your first Tinder date.

Sure, your date might want to go have another drink at yours or hers, which could lead to something more.

Alternatively, she could want to go home and wrap the date up. If that is the case, does it mean it was an unsuccessful date? No! There is a number of reasons why she might not want to go home with you, even if she really likes you!

If anything, some of the stronger relationships I’ve seen start from online dating and didn’t go home with each other on the first date. Then again, some do.

My point is, who really cares? Getting some action isn’t an indicator of whether things went well or not.

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I’ve personally seen guys go on dates where they have been scratching their heads after when there wasn’t an opportunity for anything physical, even a kiss.

Then a few days later they are beaming with joy because their match wants to see them for a second date!

It’s really up to her and the chemistry you guys have. So to wrap it up, what should you expect on a Tinder date? Nothing! Be open to whatever happens!

If you are already thinking about the next date, then let’s get you some more matches!

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