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How To Message A Girl’s Tinder Blank Profile |11 Tinder Openers For No Bio (That Actually Get A Response)

How To Message A Girl’s Tinder Blank Profile |11 Tinder Openers For No Bio (That Actually Get A Response)

If you’ve been paying attention, you know you should have a Tinder bio. Good bios are almost as important as good photos for online dating profiles.

But you also know how Tinder works. Sometimes all it takes is one hot picture for women to get all the right swipes. They can get away with a blank profile when others can’t.

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So what do you do when your potential match has an empty profile? Well, you still need a killer opener.

A strong opener is the first step towards a great conversation on Tinder, so let’s figure out what to say when there is no bio on Tinder, and how to make sure you get a response.

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What Is An Online Dating Empty Profile?

Before we dive into things head first, it’s probably best to explain what exactly makes a Tinder profile blank. Every day people come across Tinder profiles with very little information.

By this, I mean a limited bio, not many photos, and maybe one or two interests. But, is that a real blank dating profile?

So what is an online dating empty profile? What makes a “real” blank Tinder profile, is when your match has one photo, no bio, and no interests and no job, or mutual friends.

If you have kept up with any of Dude Hack’s previous advice, you would know that personalizing your online dating icebreakers is the best way to go to get a reply.

But, if her online dating profile is blank, how do you possibly go about personalizing your first message? That’s a great question…

But first, let’s look at why you would actually want to start a conversation with a girl online if her profile is empty.

Why Would You Want To Message A Tinder Blank Profile?

Well, I think we’ve all been there. You were intrigued by the first photo, swiped right, and when you matched you realized that was it. One pic, no more.

So why would you want to message a Tinder blank profile? Just because your potential match hasn’t put much effort into their profile, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to match with them. If anything, you now probably want to find out more!

So for this post, you may be wondering “Why should I go to so much effort if she hasn’t?” After all, you’ve taken great Tinder pictures and written a great Tinder bio. I completely understand that!

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And it’s worth remembering that sometimes an empty bio can be a red flag. Look out for fake profiles on Tinder, especially when faced with a blank profile picture from your potential match.

But this article is for when you come across someone that is ‘just your type’ and you cannot help yourself to want to match with them! So let’s get into it.

Sometimes all it takes is one hot pic and you want to get the conversation started. So how do you message girls with boring or empty profiles on Tinder?

11 Ways To Start A Conversation Online With A Tinder Profile That’s Blank

There are quite a few ways to go about your online dating first message, even if it is a profile that’s blank. The main debate is whether you should go random vs personalized.

Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can do so, and make sure you read to the end to find out how you can personalize your first Tinder message to a blank profile.

The Random Approach

OK so before we get into talking about how we personalize your opening message, let’s talk about some good ways to send a first online dating message, without personalizing.

You might want to do this when you are absolutely stumped on what to say to your match, you are in a rush, or feeling particularly lazy that day!

The point is, there will DEFINITELY be a situation where you will have to pull out a generic opener. But whatever you do… DO NOT BE BORING!

That means no hey’s, hi’s, or hellos. Your match has seen it all before. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why being like every single other person is a bad idea.

Personalize Tinder Opening Line- Boring Opening Lines Hi, Hey, Hello

So let’s look at two ways to ensure you are not being Mr. Boring!

1. Random GIF

This is one of the easiest ways for you to show your funny side, without too much effort.

giphy response rate

Take some time to have a look through the GIF section, or even check out or for a clearer overview. I suggest you search keywords that possibly relate to you and aim to find a GIF that is funny, cute, and/or a little tongue-in-cheek

I’m a nerd that loves the WWE, so here’s the GIPHY I have just found of Vince Mcmahon:

Send this over with a caption like “me when we matched” and your OTT energy should get a laugh – and a response.

DO NOT use the most generic GIF openers that Tinder shows up as an example first.

How To Message A Girls TInder Blank Profile - responding with an image
How To Message A Girls TInder Blank Profile - responding with a gif

Search for some offbeat keywords to find a GIF that will surprise your match and make you stand out from everyone else.

2. Pick-One Questions

For messaging a girl with a blank profile for any online dating site, this technique is fairly straightforward. When I say questions, I definitely not meaning asking how their day is going. I’m talking about questions that get a response.

Think about your match, their age, any other obvious factors, and a topic that she would definitely know about. Usually, a question that gives two outcomes is the most effective.

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If your match sees her first opening Tinder line is “What’s something interesting about you?” She may think it’s a little bit too much effort to come up with a response to that, especially when she hasn’t gotten a feel for who you are yet.

Asking a simple, fun, and almost “cute” question definitely increases your chances of a response over all the hey’s, and what’s up’s she’s receiving.

Here are some online dating first message examples:

Lion King or Mulan?

Pineapple pizza or marmite on toast?

Nickelodeon or Disney Channel

3. Would You Rather Questions

This is similar to the Pick-One questions but instead of targeting her opinions, you’re targeting her imagination.

Give her two crazy options and she can’t help but start trying to answer your question in her own mind.

That’s a way to guarantee a response.

Here are some Would You Rather opener examples:

Would you rather be invisible or able to read minds?

Would you rather eat sushi for breakfast or cereal for dinner?

Would you rather have the ability to see 10 minutes into the future or 100 years into the future? 

4. Make A Random Assumption

So her profile is boring, there’s a blank bio and you’ve got nothing to go on?

Time to make an assumption about who you’re talking to. This one’s a winner because if you’re right you look like an intuitive genius.

If you’re wrong, she’s bound to want to correct you.

Your assumption can range from the mundane to the outrageous. I find that this works best if it’s hard to tell whether you’re complimenting or insulting her – it adds a nice air of mystery.

Let me guess, you have cats and talk to them like they’re people?

You look like the sort of person who skips breakfast. Tell me I’m wrong?

You look like the kind of free spirit who’s always planning their next adventure. So what are you planning?

5. Send A Joke

If you want a response, you can do worse than to make her laugh. So if there’s nothing to go on in her profile, and you don’t feel like coming up with an attention-grabbing query, fire off a joke.

Don’t you hate it when someone answers their own questions? I sure do.

Despite the high cost of living these days, it remains pretty popular. 

6. Anything You Feel Like!

Remember, when it comes to making a good first impression with your Tinder match, it’s all about standing out. So as long as you’re not saying “hey” like all the others, you can go for anything! 

Rather than racking your brain for something clever that might make her chuckle just go ahead and download my free list of 60 Hilarious Openers, these will be perfect to play around with when you’re dealing with a profile with no bio.

A blank Tinder profile might be annoying, but it’s also an opportunity to unleash your creative side. Online dating should be fun, so have fun with it.

The Personalized Approach

My Hook Her Heart students know that the BEST way to open up any online dating conversation is to make it contextual, topical, relevant, and personalized.

For a first message to be personalized, it needs to meet these two criteria points:

  1. You looked at their profile for inspiration before formulating your opening line.
  2. You couldn’t and wouldn’t send that opening line to just anyone.

What I mean by that, is if you looked at a match’s profile, saw she likes… llamas. Well, it would be fitting to send a GIF of a llama. But if her profile had no mention of llamas, well then this GIF IS NOT personalized. Simple as that! Let’s look at some examples.

7. Personalized Name Pun

Sending a name pun to your Tinder match is (somewhat) personalizing your icebreaker. But let’s be real, name puns aren’t exactly groundbreaking.

The biggest problem is the name pun you decided to come up with for your match is so overused that it almost falls into the same category as the boring hey and hello’s.

michelle name pun

If you are going to use a name pun, and that’s a big if, then make sure you are choosing something original and funny.

8. Clues In Her Photos

Even a blank profile can provide some clues. You’ve got one picture to go on, so what’s in it?

Band t-shirt? Bingo.

You recognize the background as a local street food market? Bingo.

You can see a Pulp Fiction movie poster in the reflection of her mirror? Bingo.

I wanna be the John Travolta to your Uma Thurman. Maybe without the heroin overdose.


9. Comment On Her Location

Often, even a blank Tinder profile will have a location added as well as distance from you.

Let’s say she’s in Toronto. Ask if she’s a Maple Leafs fan or more into Toronto F.C. Throw a little “f*** the Panthers” in there if you’re feeling feisty.

Her location gives you a lot to work with. Comment on a tourist attraction, ask for a food recommendation or just slag off her city and get her hackles up.

10. Compare Her To A Celebrity

This one can be a little risky as giving compliments in Tinder openers is a controversial subject. If you start comparing your match to Jessica Alba, you’re probably going to come across as a little desperate.

But if you say she looks like Jessica Alba and Princess Carolyn from Bojack Horseman had a baby, then you might be onto something.

Comparing your match to a celebrity but with a thought-provoking twist is great flirty banter when you have nothing to go on but her looks.

11. Personalized GIF

Ok, folks, this is probably your best bet when it comes to personalizing your Tinder opening line for a completely empty profile.

It’s a little different from the previous section of just pulling a random GIPHY out of thin air. Because, after all, we are talking about personalizing remember!

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So how do we personalize an opener for a blank profile? We acknowledge the fact that it’s blank!!

You might be wondering what exactly I mean by this. Maybe the best thing to do in this scenario is to give an example.

What Does A Blank Tinder Profile Mean?

Empty and boring Tinder profiles are one thing, but sometimes a Tinder profile in your match list or conversations tab goes blank. Huh?

I’m not talking about a profile with limited information. I’m talking about when your match’s profile goes blank and instead of a picture you see a template photo. You’re left wondering, why is my Tinder match suddenly blank.

So what does a blank Tinder profile mean? Sometimes slow internet or Tinder glitches can make a profile appear blank. It might also mean your match has deliberately removed all the information from their account.

If a profile disappears altogether from your match list, it means you were unmatched or they deleted their profile. Time to get swiping.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes you might think a blank Tinder profile is your perfect match. The first step is always a great opener, even when there’s not much to go on.

If you’re frustrated with the fact that you have to come up with a witty opener every time, maybe check out Bumble where the ladies have to send the first message! Unfortunately, you’ll get a lot of ‘hey’s and you still have to put in some work.

My advice, if you’re tired of matching low-effort profiles, is a do-over on your own Tinder profile. My 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up is a completely free walk-through of everything you should do to upgrade your Tinder account. That doesn’t just mean more matches, it means better matches that lead to great conversations and dates.

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