Halloween season is upon us, but the last thing we want to do, is scare away our matches with our Tinder opener.

You may be wondering why you should come to me for advice on opening lines, after that atrocity of an opener from me, but this article isn’t about me, it’s about Reddit.

Reddit is a one stop shop for everything Tinder, if you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a platform for people to post anything to do with Tinder that is good, bad and funny.

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This will be a perfect introduction, as we look at the top 10 Tinder Openers posted on Reddit for the month of October. 

Better than Tinder

Tinder Opener 1 – Listen To Mum


Latest Video Recommendation

Tinder Opener 2 – Prolific Author

Tinder Opener 3 – Sky’s The Limit

Tinder Opener 4 – Sniff Sniff

Tinder Opener 5 – Wholesome Start

Tinder Opener 6 – Basically Bumble

Tinder Opener 7 – Poet And Didn’t Even Know It

Tinder Opener 8 – Run The Red Light

Tinder Opener 9 – Fun Fact

Tinder Opener 10 – Mario kart Champ

Some of these are a little over the top… But that’s what makes them funny! Use some common sense before you steal any of the above to use on your Tinder opener.

If you are still feeling stuck and want to actually learn how to consruct your own opener, check out my free mini course on how to send the perfect opening line.