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What Is Tinder Vault And When Can We Expect It In 2023?

What Is Tinder Vault And When Can We Expect It In 2023?

Ever get that feeling that you’re walking around with too much money in your pocket, just weighing you down?

Or you open up your banking app and think “That’s way too big a number.”

Nope, me neither. But apparently, there are some people out there that do. Because just when you thought you knew everything you need to know about Tinder, the guys come out with a curveball: five-hundred-dollar Tinder.

And it’s called Tinder Vault, because it breaks the bank. Let’s see what it’s all about.

What Is Tinder Vault?

If you haven’t heard, you’ll be wondering what all the fuss is about. 

So what is Tinder Vault? It’s Tinder’s new super-elite tier. Tinder Vault features will include a personalized concierge service and 24/7 expert dating advice as well as a “premium passport” and a “priority pass” giving you access to Tinder’s most exclusive users.

And while Tinder Vault is still in the early stages, some Reddit users have received exclusive invitations to the service. That implies some features are being beta tested, and the full launch could be coming soon.

So if you’ve got money to burn, dig out the tinder and get the fire started.

Is Tinder Vault Real?

April Fools is in the rearview mirror. Maybe you fell hook, line, and sinker for Tinder’s “Fish Free” announcement and you’re thinking “I can’t be hurt again.” I’ve been railing against the Tinder fish pic for years, so I know exactly how you feel.

So is Tinder Vault real? Yes, Tinder Vault is real. Tinder’s chief product officer Mark van Ryswyk has confirmed that Tinder is working on this super-exclusive tier.

Elite-tier dating apps aren’t unheard of. There’s Raya, the A-list app with a super-secret, exclusive membership, and a handful of dating apps marketed at millionaires.

So why shouldn’t Tinder get in on the action? I know it’s hard to believe after watching Elon’s Twitter saga unfold, but the super-rich need love too. They might even need it most of all!

What Is Tinder Vault - reserve a seat tinder vault

When Is Tinder Vault Getting Released?

So if you’re like Elon, impatiently tapping your foot waiting for Tinder Vault to launch, then you want to know the timeline. After all, how are you going to get over Grimes without an app-based rebound?

So when is Tinder Vault getting released? There is no release date for Tinder Vault and the features are still in the early development stage. Some users are being invited to pre-register for membership, so we can expect to see it released sometime in 2023.

It might be sooner than you think. CPO Mark van Ryswyk has admitted to being a pretty impatient guy: “I want it yesterday,” he said. But with the headline-grabbing price tag attached to Tinder Vault, my guess is they’ll want to make sure it’s worth the risk for them before they launch.

What Is Tinder Vault - tinder vault invite

How Much Is Tinder Vault?

Tinder Vault isn’t making waves because you’ll get a human matchmaker giving you dating advice. You can get that for free by sitting next to my aunt at Thanksgiving dinner. It’s all about the price tag. In the famous words of Al Pacino: show me the money.

So how much is Tinder Vault? Tinder Vault costs subscribers $500 per month. Yes, you read that right, a whopping $6000 per year. For the price, you’ll have access to a human matchmaking service and other exclusive features.

Tinder already has three paid tiers: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. For now, the most expensive tier starts at around $29.99 a month or $120 if you shoot for a year upfront.

That makes Tinder Vault around 15 times as expensive as Tinder Platinum. If you’ve been wondering if Tinder Gold is worth the money then I can bet you’re definitely doubting Tinder Vault.

What Is Tinder Vault - tinder vault on the app

Is Tinder Vault Worth It?

500 bucks goes a long way in this world. Tinder Vault might get you personalized matchmaking but can it ever justify the cost?

So is Tinder Vault worth it? For the average user, Tinder Vault won’t be worth it. Tinder’s Gold and Platinum tiers already have loads of useful features. Most people will get more value out of investing time in building a stronger online dating profile and learning how to turn Tinder matches into dates.

Tinder Vault’s human matchmakers will undoubtedly help you to get dates on Tinder, but don’t throw $500 down the drain without learning how to have a great conversation with your Tinder matches first.

And it’s something for those looking for a long-term relationship. After all, buying Tinder Vault is a big commitment in itself!

But all that said, Tinder has introduced some interesting new features in recent years, like Tinder Explore and Tinder Vibes. When they put that elite price tag on a Tinder tier, you can expect to get some pretty impressive functionality.

What Is Tinder Vault - tinder vault perks

Wrapping Up

Tinder’s top-dollar tier implies that the app is moving away from its reputation as a hookup app, but chief product officer Mark van Ryswyk has committed to ensuring that Tinder Vault’s flashy features don’t break the experience of Tinder for free members.

And free Tinder is pretty good, so I don’t blame you for being skeptical of a $500 price tag.

Whatever you do, before you start dropping paychecks on Tinder tiers, check out my 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up. It’s completely free and can take your Tinder profile to the next level.

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