Let me start off by saying that Tinder name puns can be hilarious. Sometimes for the right reasons, and more often than not, for the wrong ones. With that being said, Reddit is a treasure trove of hilarious name puns.

I’ve compiled some of the best (and worst) posted on the Tinder subreddit from September 2018. If you aren’t sure how to start your Tinder conversation and think name puns are the way to a woman’s heart, I suggest you check out my free mini course on sending the perfect opening line. 

10 Tinder name puns from Reddit

1. Alma 
2. Amy
3. Grace
4. Madison
5. Jen 
6. Eileen
7. Ava
8. Jack
9. Max
10. Liv
As you can see, some name puns hit the mark, others certainly don’t… Again, if you want to make sure your Tinder openers are always getting the conversation off on the right foot, check out my free Tinder opening line video course.

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