Reddit is one of the most entertaining places in the world. Some of the women on Tinder have some hilarious profiles and luckily for us, the Reddit community share these profiles when they come across them.

So let’s have a look at 10 hilarious Tinder girl profiles. Who knows, it may even give you guys some inspiration for your profile!

1. Don’t even think about it

2. Let’s get serious…

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3. Amazing
4. Wife material
5. Listing your height gets the matches
6. That took a bit of a twist
7. Well, she’s not lying
8. Sounds great, start to finish
9. Never?
10. Maybe I should get into advertising
Some of these bios are absolutely priceless. If you don’t have anything in your Tinder bio, time to rethink it! Especially when there are hilarious Tinder profiles like this out there. If you have just built out your own hilarious Tinder profile and are ready to introduce yourself to the ton of matches you’re going to get, check out my free mini course on how to send the perfect opening line.

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