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What Does ‘SC’ Mean On Tinder? Abbreviation Explained 2021

What Does ‘SC’ Mean On Tinder? Abbreviation Explained 2021

Wow, you’re so old! When did you get so old!? You don’t even know what SC means when it’s on a Tinder profile. Okay, grandad.

Maybe it’s time to sign up for Silver Singles instead?

Welcome to my inner monologue when I don’t understand something on the internet, especially on a dating app.

But you know what? Everyone Googles everything, there’s no shame in it at all. I mean, you just Googled ‘What does SC mean on Tinder didn’t you? And you’re young and hot and cool. I assume. As you’re a Dude Hack reader…

To answer the question, when a Tinder user references SC in their profile it means Snapchat. You’ll often see Snapchat handles in other Tinder users’ bios.


You can add users you like the look of on Snapchat, and that way you can see their stories and learn a little about them.

You can also, obviously, get in contact with them through Snapchat instead of Tinder if that takes your fancy.

Do think carefully before you put your own Snapchat handle up though – Tinder isn’t visible to absolutely everyone, but the info you post in your bio is in the public domain so if you’re a private person consider your boundaries before you share.

Obviously, plenty of Tinder users are trying to up their Snapchat or Insta followers through crossover between likes and followers and a few might even be indiscriminately swiping right so as to encourage Tinder users to follow them.

But that’s hardly a crime. And if you match with a hot woman, add her on Snapchat and get a little lost in her stories for a few minutes, who’s really losing out? You can always unfollow a match’s social if it turns out they’re not particularly interesting to you!

Can You Put Your Snapchat On Tinder?

This is kind of a complicated one. Tinder and Snapchat have an… interesting relationship. As you probably know, Snapchat was the app to imitate a few years ago.

In the end, Instagram won out by adding their own Stories feature which is still going strong today.

Tinder tried their hand at the same thing in 2014 with Moments, but it was short-lived and Tinder ditched the addition in 2015. Incidentally, this was just after they brought Instagram into the picture on their app, opening up the option for users to link their Tinder profile with the ‘gram.

‘That doesn’t seem so complicated,’ I hear you say. Well, I’m not done explaining.

Despite Tinder getting on the bandwagon trying to imitate SC, the two apps have continued to have a kind of symbiotic relationship. You know, like those birds and the hippos whose ears they clean!

Though I guess if a bird is involved you’d think it would be Twitter… I’ll work on that one… Anyway, Snapchat has had a Tinder filter available multiple times since 2016, and in 2019 Tinder and Snapchat teamed up to create a six-episode interactive adventure that aired on Tinder (with teaser material on Snapchat) over six weeks.

It wasn’t a raging success and hasn’t been repeated, but clearly, the two brands are keen to work together. Which begs the question: why is there no direct link between Snapchat and Tinder?


You can’t link your Snapchat and Tinder accounts, though you can use Bitmojis to spice up your chats on the app! As for the deafening absence of a proper link between Snapchat and Tinder, I would guess that it’s because of the rivalry between Snapchat and Tinder’s no1 social networking bae Instagram.

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What Does IG Mean On Tinder?

Okay, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt with SC and Snapchat but you must know what IG stands for both on Tinder or off.

I’m kidding! Sort of… On Tinder, IG means Instagram. Unlike Snapchat, Tinder and Instagram can actually be linked.

That means that users don’t have to post their IG handle in their bios, they can actually show their feed on their bios!

You may see references to a user’s IG in their bio all the same, with many users asking you to follow them.

This might be totally innocent, or it might be a case of a wanna-be influencer trying to grow their brand (and follower count) through Tinder.

This happens a fair bit, and while it’s annoying (so annoying I wrote a whole article on why it sucks) it should be easy enough to work out if a match only wants you for your Insta follow!

Try talking to them – if they’re indiscriminately liking everyone just for followers then they’re very unlikely to engage in a proper conversation.

What Does SC Mean On Tinder - Instagram on Tinder

Can You Put Your Instagram On Tinder?

You can link your Instagram and your Tinder profile, it’s easy! Here are the steps:

  • Open the Tinder app for iOS or Android.
  • Tap the profile icon.
  • Tap on the pencil icon or Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down and select Connect Instagram.
  • Confirm your Instagram username and password.

Your most recent Insta photos will be displayed at the bottom of your Tinder profile, and users will be able to navigate to your Instagram account.

As Tinder bios are so short and you are only allowed to have six Tinder photos up at a time, linking Instagram can help you share who you are with potential matches.

What Does SC Mean On Tinder - Instagram and Tinder

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