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What Being Successful On Tinder Should Look Like 2023

What Being Successful On Tinder Should Look Like 2023

What Is Tinder Success?

So you opened this article to learn about Tinder’s success? I bet at the back of your mind you were expecting to hear about hundreds of matches or regular one-night stands. Well, that’s not the case. At least not for everyone…

The Tinder landscape is completely changing, and well the point I’m getting at is…

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Everybody’s Tinder Success Is Different

These days, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for something casual, or something serious. There is something for everyone!

Recent studies in the last few years prove that perceptions of Tinder being a sex catalog, are wrong.

In a paper published by Josué Ortega at the University of Essex and Philipp Hergovich at the University of Vienna, it was concluded that marriages between people that met online ended up being more successful on average if they had met offline.

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In another recent study conducted by Tinder, compared online to offline daters, their research concluded that on average, online daters are 5% more likely to say the words ‘I love you’ in their first year of dating.

What Is YOUR Version Of Tinder Success?

Your Tinder success is most likely very different from the guys next to you. The point is, your version of success on Tinder DOESN’T just have to be a lot of matches, or sex. There are many other reasons why you might want to get started on Tinder.

  • To talk to more people
  • Communicate better
  • Get as many matches as possible
  • Go on dates
  • Build up confidence

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If You Still Don’t Know What Your Version Of Success On Tinder

That’s fine! You can have faith knowing that there’s something for everyone. As long as you are respectful, honest, and safe, then it really doesn’t matter what you are looking for. Just please, if you are downloading Tinder for the first time, let these words sink in.

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DO NOT assume every girl who matches with you wants sex, it’s DEFINITELY not the case. If you are one of these people, check out how to go about building an awesome Tinder Bio here.

If you are still unsure of what success on Tinder should look like, take a look at this video I put together:

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