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People Using Tinder To Grow Their Instagram Are The Worst | Should You Report Them?

People Using Tinder To Grow Their Instagram Are The Worst | Should You Report Them?

This is going to be a bit of a rant post. This is a trend that has been growing for the last couple of years and seems to be getting worse and worse.

Unfortunately, we live in an extremely vain society, where gaining followers is more important than meeting new people or making strong connections.

And that is exactly why there are many people out there who realized that they can use Tinder, Bumble or any other dating app to grow their Instagram following.

Which when you think about it, is extremely pathetic. The fact that people will go to such lengths to get a few extra numbers on their followers list really shouldn’t surprise me.

But I can’t lie in saying that I am still shocked at just how many there are.

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If you have used Tinder for more than a day I would legitimately be surprised if you hadn’t come across this. On Bumble and other dating apps, it happens, but less. Some of the variations of this you might have seen include:

“I’m never on here, you will have better luck reaching me on Insta @desperate_99”


“I’m deleting this soon, add me on Insta @iampathetic”

If you are someone that strictly uses Tinder to gain followers and you are for some reason reading this, go have a real good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

And after that, please delete your Instagram handle from your bio.

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Why People Using Tinder For Instagram Followers Are The Worst

It’s incredibly selfish. That really sums it up. Because what these people are doing, is ruining things for everyone else.

Sure, maybe one person getting on Tinder, setting up an account, and then leaving their Instagram handle in their bio and never looking at it again might not be too much of a big deal, but when thousands of people do this, it litters the dating pool with imposters.

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People have a hard enough time as it is trying to find a real connection on dating apps, throwing in hundreds or thousands or follower fishers let people’s hope sink even lower. If your matching rate already wasn’t great before this epidemic, it’s most likely worse now.

Really what it comes down to, is there are fewer people using the apps for what they are meant for. The more something like this occurs, the less the app will be used for what it’s intended for. So, this is unsustainable and if Tinder, Bumble, and all these other dating apps had their wits about them, they would do something.

Why Hasn’t Tinder Done Anything To Stop People Growing Their Instagram

Tinder takes a pretty proactive approach towards bots and fake profiles. If you’ve been using the app for years you would have gone through periods where the app was flooded with fake profiles.

From Tinder’s point of view, this had to stop, because if their users were constantly being in contact with profiles that weren’t using the app for the right intentions, they would be less and less inclined to come back.

The big difference is that fake profiles might actually scam people out of money, where Instagram scammers just want your follow. But the concept is the same.

People Using Tinder To Grow Their Instagram Are The Worst - Tinder Insta Girls Meme

If Tinder’s users are constantly being let down by girls or guys just trying to get their follow, with no interest in actually talking or meeting, they will be less likely to keep coming back.

So you would think Tinder would take action, right? Well, that might be a little tricky, mostly because Tinder and Instagram have entered into a partnership in 2015.

Even though Tinder did remove the ability to open a user’s Instagram account via their linked Instagram, more can be done to stop this.

What Tinder Should Do About People Using It To Grow Their Instagram

In my opinion, Tinder needs to ban these people. Or at the very least give them a warning. The app should have a policy in place that if people are using the app for a purpose other than what it was intended for, that they will be banned.

How could they manage this? Simple. Ban anyone that puts his or her Instagram handle in their bio or has any mention of Instagram.

It would be easy for a multimillion-dollar company to implement software that captures anyone who has included a social media handle or the mention of Instagram.

That might seem extreme to you and you might be thinking, “What if someone genuinely just wants to show off their Instagram?” Well, that’s great, you can link your Instagram to your Tinder account and your match can look at over 30 pictures there!

Which adds even more fuel to the fire. Because knowing this, why on earth would you need to add your Instagram handle unless all you wanted were followers? If you are someone that prefers talking on another medium to the dating app, just tell that to your match after a few messages if you hit it off, but only for that purpose.

What You Should Do About People Using Tinder For Instagram Followers

This is quite ruthless… I believe we should all report these people. The majority of people with only their Instagram listed are using it for the wrong purpose.

So in my opinion, if everyone makes it a standardized rule that when they come across a profile like this and report it, there will be fewer people doing this.

If Tinder gets enough of a response from people about this, hopefully, something will change and there will be fewer people doing things wrong, and more doing it right.

Simply tap on the ‘report’ button at the bottom of their profile, tap on ‘other’ and then write “using the app for Instagram followers”. If Tinder gets enough of a backlash, it will make changes, just like it did with the swarm of bots. Hopefully, you don’t come across many more of these people. 

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