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What Age Group is Elite Singles For? Average Age Of Elite Singles Users 2023

What Age Group is Elite Singles For? Average Age Of Elite Singles Users 2023

So, we know that Elite Singles very much values success. I mean, it’s in the name, ‘elite’. For this dating site that seems to mean a high level of education and/or a flashy job title.

Obviously, in order to gain a graduate degree or become a managing director, you need to have a few years under your belt. 

Given that a lot of online dating sites skew pretty young, what are Elite Singles’ age demographics? What age group is Elite Singles for?

Well, anyone over 18 can join Elite Singles. As it’s geared towards people with at least a college degree (with something between 70-85% of its users holding one depending on if you’re looking at the USA or worldwide numbers) most of its users are a little older than that.

I mean, some prodigies start a four-year college at 14 and are done by the time they’re legally adults, but not many. And I fear they turn into strange adults. I mean, who wants that college experience!

What Age Group Is Elite Singles For - Elite Singles

Most Elite Singles users are actually aged over 30, with the vast majority falling between 33 and 50. Elite Singles is almost 50/50 when it comes to gender, but the men tend to be a little younger than the women, with more of them in the 25-34 category vs a jump in female members at 35-44.

I’m sure this says something about the work/life balance of men versus women if they want success. But I’m just a dating coach, so I won’t dig into it!

To put it bluntly, Elite Singles isn’t designed for the average Tinder user. It’s a site that aims to be a little more serious than that. Plus, to use the site completely you do need to pay for a membership.

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Is Elite Singles For Relationships Or Hookups?

As you can probably guess from Elite Singles’ user demographics, it’s a site that is designed to help users find a long-term partner.

Elite Singles sees itself as something similar to an old-fashioned matchmaking service, and it even runs IRL speed dating nights in major cities around the world!

Find out more about how Elite Singles works in my full review here.

These are also available online as video dating sessions if you’re more of a house cat than a barfly. Elite Singles uses an intelligent matchmaking system, including a quiz to determine who you might be a match with based on psychological criteria and values as well as your immediate desires.

That’s a lot to commit to for a hookup when plenty of other apps exist and could be fired up and swiped through in seconds!

Obviously, not everyone who uses Elite Singles is looking for a lifelong commitment and you may well be able to find a hookup on the site if that is what you’re looking for at the moment.

Equally, after meeting up with someone you might find that the vibe between you is more ‘bit of fun’ than ‘save the date’, and that’s totally up to you.

Everyone is on their own dating journey after all! And the roads tend to be kind of twisty and full of potholes.

What Is Elite Singles’ Success Rate?

Elite Singles is a well-regarded and overall pretty successful dating site. There aren’t a huge number of stats available on the rate at which Elite Singles users find love, but there are plenty of positive reviews out there and we do know that the site matches thousands of singles successfully every month.

Plus, Elite Singles themselves have a whole blog on their site dedicated to telling Elite Singles success stories! So there must be a few of them, right? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in trying, you can sign up for Elite Singles here

Elite Singles pride themselves on having high standards, and as one of several very successful dating sites owned by Spark Media, Elite Singles and its users are in excellent hands! If you want more proof of the site’s success in helping users find love, here’s a user review:

“Hi, I have used a couple of dating sites over the last 12 months or so and for me, Elite has been the best. I know there are problems with auto-renewal and perhaps that should be more clearly explained?! I have been on a few dates and some of the men were completely different to their profiles and the photos were many years out of date!

It is annoying when you are sent matches that don’t seem to have anything in common with you….but out of those matches sometimes you find a little star. Someone who is kind, caring, affectionate, thoughtful, etc. I think I have found that little star! We have a lot in common and get on tremendously well. We would never have met without Elite. If things continue as they are I will be very grateful for the site.”

Do You Have To Pay For Elite Singles?

In order to get access to all of the features available from Elite Singles, you do need to pay for a premium membership.

As a non-paying basic member, you’re essentially getting a taster of the site, and can look at profiles, get matches and send winks, likes, and ice breakers but you can’t see other people’s pictures or use chat and messaging functions, which are kind of essential if you’re looking for love!

Elite Singles’ premium membership comes in three packages – with twelve months, six months, or three-month options. You may run into promo prices for one, two, or all three of these.

Do remember when you purchase that the total amount for the membership is taken from your card when you sign up.

Plus, if you don’t turn off auto-renew it will be charged again, and if you had a discount before it won’t be applied a second time! Prices are as follows – Elite Singles is in the upper mid-price range for dating sites, but very much in the mid-lower price range for serious relationship sites with user bases over 30 (there aren’t many of them)!

PricingTotal CostMonthly Cost
3 Months$173.85$57.95
6 Months$269.70$44.95
12 Months$383.40$31.95

So, Elite Singles is essentially a paid dating site if you want to see results. If you’re looking for a relationship though, and you want to find one quickly and with the help of a professional matchmaking site, and especially if job titles and education are important to you, then Elite Singles may well just be your perfect dating site match!

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