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What Are The Criteria For Elite Singles? Is There Any To Join in 2023?

What Are The Criteria For Elite Singles? Is There Any To Join in 2023?

Elite Singles is a dating site aimed at professionals and educated people looking for love. With over five million highly eligible users in the US alone, this is an elite dating pool you won’t want to miss out on if education, reputation, and wealth are important to you.

If this sounds like something you think you’d qualify for, you can sign up for Elite Singles here

If you’re hopping over from the wilds of all other dating apps, or are used to all-inclusive sites, then Elite Singles might be a bit confusing.

Is it just for scientists and CEOs? Do you have to be invited to join? What are the criteria for Elite Singles? In short, are you elite enough?

In actual fact, there are no hard and fast rules to who can join Elite Singles. The site is open for membership to anyone over 18, but 85% of their user base is highly educated.

This means that if you join you should be looking for a partner with above-average levels of education whether or not you yourself do.

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Do You Need To Be Wealthy To Join Elite Singles?

Elite Singles also puts a premium on success no matter your field or your education, and there is some interest in how much money members make though no one is forced to reveal their income.

Elite Singles have clearly heard that 82% of online daters prefer not to answer that question! Do be aware, though, that one of the basic stats on most profiles is education level, so you will be asked to reveal yours.

Of course, if you’re a self-made success you will also be welcome on the site. If you want the full lowdown on Elite Singles, check out my full review here. Otherwise, read on for the answers to a few key Elite Singles queries.

What Is The Criteria For Elite Singles - For Highly Educated Singles

What Does ‘Highly Educated’ Mean On Elite Singles?

Elite Singles doesn’t specify what their definition of Highly Educated is anywhere on their site. They do, however, offer up the fact that 71% of their users hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

That might sound highly educated to you if you went straight into work out of school, it might not if you have a Ph.D. in astrophysics.

Either way, three-quarters of the user base having a college degree at a minimum is certainly a long way above the educational stats of most dating sites.

Can Anyone Join Elite Singles?

The short answer here is yes, anyone can join Elite Singles as long as they are over 18. There is a lot of info on the site about who will be successful on Elite Singles, though, and if you don’t fit any of the criteria it may not be worth your time or money.

Elite Singles looks for successful, educated singles to join but it also values great conversationalists, quick wit, and members who will be active and engaged in their search for online dating.

The site sees itself more as a dating agency or matchmaker than, say, an online lonely hearts column, and that means that Elite Singles tries to take a personal interest in who its members are.

They also hold regular IRL events in major cities in the UK and the US, as well as online events like speed dating for specific areas.

Basically, Elite Singles is about as far away from casual swiping based on just a picture of a user in their best-ever Halloween costume as you can get.

If that sounds over the top, then it may not be the dating site for you!

What Is The Criteria For Elite Singles - Users

What Age Group Is Elite Singles For?

As you would expect from a site with such a lofty name and an in-depth mission statement, Elite Singles doesn’t have many very young members. With an almost 50/50 female to male user ratio, only 7% of the site’s users fall between the ages of 18-25.

Most female users are between 35 and 54, with most men between 25 and 44. I can only assume that women have to work a hell of a lot harder to earn that ‘elite’ title, whether in education or their careers!

But if you’re a successful woman in your late 30s to 50s looking for a younger man, well, maybe Elite Singles is the place to be!

Is Elite Singles Free?

There is an option for a basic membership on Elite Singles, but this is essentially a trial. You can’t send messages unless you shell out for premium, meaning that you have to if you actually want to go on any dates.

This is an upper mid-price dating site, with one month costing around $40 if you pay for a six-month membership (for more info on the membership options, have a look at my article on the subject).

That might seem a little steep, but keep in mind both the intended clientele and the services you are purchasing. The price, in a way, keeps things elite. I mean, the riff-raff simply couldn’t afford entry!

Plus, you’re buying access to Elite Singles’ matchmaking technology, which is based on the big five psychological models championed in the 1990s. Plus, you’re getting access to that elite pool of users looking for love!

This may all sound too good to be true, but don’t worry, so am I! If you want to give Elite Singles a try for free and see if it fits you, you can use this link.

What Is The Criteria For Elite Singles - Pricing

Is Elite Singles For Serious Relationships?

Most users on Elite Singles are looking for a serious relationship, and the site is geared toward relationship dating. I mean, it feels like kind of a waste of time to go to a matchmaking site for a hookup when those are available through so many other avenues!

But of course, people’s needs change and you never know what’s actually going to happen when you meet. That being said, Elite Singles isn’t the place to go to mess anyone around or just fulfill your one-night-only desires.

For one thing, everyone is too smart to fall for bullshit pick-up lines, and for another it costs money and you can do that for free on a million apps!

If you’re ready to think about settling down though, or settling down for now, and having a successful and educated partner is important to you, then give Elite Singles a crack!

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