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What Age Group Is Tinder For?

What Age Group Is Tinder For?

Relationships come to an end. But sometimes when you’ve been in them for a long time, emerging into the world of dating can feel a little terrifying.

Yes, you managed to make it out with your entire record collection despite them saying your copy of Joni Mitchell Blue was ‘their favorite’, but now the music’s over your best chance of moving on apparently involves learning what a super like is…

Over the last ten years, the dating world has transformed immensely. The apps we use are constantly developing, with new features, new faces, and new ways to forget old heartaches appearing every day.

Whether you are fresh out of a long relationship or just back from a dating break, you may be confused. And there’s no shame in that.

Take Tinder for example. What age group is Tinder for? Is Tinder over 40 just a barren wasteland? How young is the average Tinder user?

The short answer is, Tinder is for everyone. As you might expect, the users skew a little younger than the average population in the US, but there are more somewhat older people on Tinder than you might expect. Tinder users break down by age as follows:

  • 18-24 – 35%
  • 25-34 – 25%
  • 35-44 – 20%
  • 44-55 – 8%
  • 55+ – 10%
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But, as long as you are over 18, you’re free to set up a Tinder account. The age slider runs from 18 – 100+ for a reason!  While the app may have been designed with younger users in mind, plenty of older people have found Tinder the perfect place to find love (or something a little less serious). 

If you look at the app’s user statistics, a good number of active people, a solid 20% in fact, are aged between 35 and 44. So, in your 40s, there still should be plenty of matches out there waiting for you to swipe right.

However, as you get older, you may want to look at using Tinder in conjunction with some other apps more conventionally aimed at older daters, like Silver Singles

So, no one is ‘too old’ for Tinder. You may get fewer matches at 45 than at 25, but you’ll hopefully still be able to find some great dating options.

Perhaps even someone who will like your record collection as much as you do. Or, maybe just slightly less than you do. In case things go south in the future. 

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What Is Tinder’s Target Audience?

It’s clear you don’t have to know how to use Tik Tok to use Tinder, but what about specifics? Who does Tinder appeal to most? 

When Tinder was first launched, its creators made a serious play to get college-aged kids on board. By the end of their first 18 months, they were seeing 5 million matches a day, and a large percentage of those were singles in that target demographic.

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This association with college-aged daters may be where the app gets its reputation as ‘just for hookups.’

However, over time, it feels like Tinder’s target audience has changed. With the introduction of premium services like Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum, the app seems more and more interested in people who are taking swiping and dating more generally a little more seriously.

In 2020, 19% of Americans aged between 30 and 44 claimed they were on Tinder, compared to 15% in the bracket below them. That’s a clear shift and one that suggests Tinder is evolving as a product. 

But as we’ve said already, while Tinder may have its own ideas about its target audience, it’s an app that continues to grow and serve new communities and new age ranges, whether you’re just arriving on Tinder over 50, or it feels like you’ve been on Tinder over 50 years. 

Can 17-Year-Olds Use Tinder?

But what if you’ve got the opposite problem? What if, and obviously this makes me feel as if I might turn to dust in a strong wind, you think people on Tinder may be a little bit old for you? Can 17-year-olds use Tinder? 

The answer is no. While there may not be a maximum age range on Tinder there is a minimum. To sign up for a Tinder account you must be over 18.

You’ll be prompted at sign-up, and the age range function, while expansive, will not go below that point. 

Until June 2016, the minimum age for Tinder was actually only 13! At this time the app was broken down into three categories:

  • Under 13s who couldn’t use the app.
  • 13 – 17-year-olds who could only interact with one another
  • And over-18-year-olds who could not build connections with anyone under 18.

Due to fears around safeguarding, Tinder decided to make the site exclusive to ages 18 and up. Tinder has a lot of great safety features, but even they felt it was in everyone’s best interest just to raise the minimum age for the app.  

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Does Tinder Work For Older Guys?

Because of Tinder’s reputation as a hookup app, it’s easy for some older guys to worry that it’s just going to be an app full of beautiful, carefree young people.

Admittedly this may sound like a dream to some of you, but no one wants to look like that one ‘Hello, fellow kids’ meme. 

But there’s no need to worry.

Tinder really can work for older guys. Almost a quarter of Tinder users are over 40, and so there’s no need to worry that you’re going to look out of place.

You can customize the search criteria to find exclusively people in your age bracket, or aim a little younger if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

Of course, choices will be slightly more limited than they are for younger users, and so it may be worth looking into apps specifically designed for older daters or at least spreading your bets among multiple apps. 

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Overall though? Don’t worry about your age; after all, a lot of people love that salt-and-pepper look. Instead, concentrate on understanding how Tinder works so you can make the most of it. 

If you spend all of your time worrying about that one little number that appears on your profile, you might miss out on the ton of connections that are just waiting to be made with a few right swipes. 

Does Tinder Work For Older Women?

Likewise, if you’re a woman considering Tinder over 40, it can be a little intimidating to take the plunge and get yourself an account on the world’s most popular dating site.

Will there be anyone for me to meet? Will I stick out like a sore thumb?

While you may have heard some horror stories, yes, Tinder does work for older women. 

As with your male counterparts, it’s important to remember that Tinder has plenty of users over 40, and so there’s no reason that you would stand out for the wrong reasons. 

In fact, if you’re looking for a new man in your life, you might have pretty good odds, as it’s estimated that 75% of users on Tinder in the US are male

Rather than focusing on your age, it’s better to spend time crafting a perfect set of profile pictures, getting that bio just right, or even working on your opening line. 

What Age Group Is Tinder For - woman using phone

If you want to get the absolute most from the app and give yourself the best possible opportunity of meeting someone, no matter what age you are, try our free ebook Tinder Hacked which covers everything from that first swipe to the first kiss. 

It is still worth saying that if you’re looking for a more mature partner, you will have fewer options than Tinder’s younger users.

And so, it might be worth checking out apps that cater to a slightly older clientele, eharmony is a great example – catering to real relationships for everyone in their 30s to 50s and beyond. 

What Is The Best Dating Site For 40+?  

Tinder can be a lot of fun, but for some people, it’s just not their thing. Whether that’s the swiping, the perceived shallowness, or they’ve just had one too many conversations disappear on them, for some people Tinder just isn’t the place to find love. Or, at least, not the ONLY place to find love. 

If you’re over 40 there are plenty of dating sites with great communities of older singles looking for the same thing you are: 

  • Eharmony. If modern, swipe-based apps seem a little shallow for your liking, eharmony offers something completely different, with a focus on genuine connection and serious relationships. You do have to pay for access (which I believe is worth it), but there’s also a free trial!
  • Silver Singles. You won’t have to pretend you get their references anymore, and can instead meet people who you can share a few memories with, and make a few more with too. Another free trial so you can message? Yes, please! Just a note, this one is probably more for the 50+ crowd.
What Age Group Is Tinder For - silver singles app
  • Bumble and Hinge. If you still want to swipe, just not on Tinder, apps like Bumble and Hinge have found an audience among older women as they offer more power in how matches are made, and the potential for deeper connection.

And there are countless other places online where people are making real connections. If you’re unsure what would best suit you, take Dude Hack’s free quiz to discover which app is right for you. 

Final Thoughts         

When it comes to somewhere like Tinder, you’re only as old as you feel. 

For the most part, there are plenty of people your age (or people who want to go on a date with someone your age) and so there’s no reason to stop yourself swiping just because of your date of birth.

Instead, focus on the things that can really catch someone’s eye: a great profile picture, or that perfect first line. Get those right and it won’t matter if you’re 21, 41, or even 71. 

Happy swiping.

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