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What Does It Mean If A Conversation Disappears On Hinge?

What Does It Mean If A Conversation Disappears On Hinge?

It’s happened to most of us at some point. You’ve matched with someone you really like the look of, and you’ve been chatting.

Maggy lives a couple of miles from you, and you have stuff in common, and maybe it’s not some wild love at first message sparks flying thing but it’s promising and you were looking forward to carrying on chatting and… wait… where has your conversation gone?

Was it some kind of a technical glitch? An accidental unmatch? Or did Maggy meet someone and delete her account? What exactly does it mean if a conversation disappears on Hinge?

Actually, it could be any of the above! When a conversation disappears from your inbox on Hinge it can be for a whole bunch of reasons.

The user most likely unmatched, either intentionally or by accident, or they deleted their Hinge account. If their account has been fully deleted, then it’s not coming back.

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The information has been essentially scrubbed, and if they want to use Hinge again they will have to create a new profile.

If it was an accidental unmatch, unfortunately not a lot can be done either. Hinge claims to be unable to restore a match on the back end, so there’s no point begging customer support, sending threatening letters to the CEO, or promising to pay handsomely for the match to be restored.

And given the billions that Hinge and its brother and sister apps at the Match group are bringing in annually, you’d need an awful lot of money to bribe anyone at the company anyway!

What Does It Mean If A Conversation Disappears On HInge - Hinge App

The final two options are the user being banned, or a technical glitch. Banning is unusual, but it happens more often than glitches! If a user violates Hinge’s terms of service, which include creating multiple profiles, bullying and harassment, or falsely claiming to be someone they aren’t.

Basically, if your match has been banned then in most cases you probably wouldn’t want to spend too much time with them anyway! Hinge endeavors to be fair in its moderation of users, including making sure that its team of moderators is as diverse as possible.

At least that’s what they say in their FAQs!

Finally, technical glitches. These are rare, but they have happened! In fact, there were two technical glitches in August last year (as reported by Hinge users). Some users lost matches in both of these, which were part of a single technical issue that has been resolved according to the company.

But you know, if you want to blame potentially being unmatched on glitches I get it. I might do the same.

What Does It Mean If A Conversation Disappears on Hinge - Hinge Logo

Does Hinge Tell You If Someone Unmatched?

It really sucks when someone disappears from your matches on Hinge. I mean, obviously it sucks if you had a connection and you really believed for a moment that Phoebe, the elementary school teacher from Kansas City you’ve been chatting to for a few days and really do have stuff in common with, might be the one and then she disappears.

But it also sucks if someone you swiped right on without even thinking about it disappears. Because did they unmatch you? I mean, why would she unmatch you? What’s wrong with you? You didn’t even speak to her and make an ass of yourself!

Either way, when a match disappears from Hinge it makes you wonder whether they unmatched you or just deleted their account. Unfortunately, Hinge doesn’t give out this information. And there’s really no way to play detective and work it out either, as when a user unmatches you it looks the same as when they delete.

That is, you will never see their profile again on Hinge and they will never see yours. Remember this if you ever get an itchy trigger finger or want to clear out your match tray! You can always hide your chat instead.

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Does Hinge Tell You If Someone Deleted Their Profile?

When a match disappears from Hinge, finding out that they have deleted their profile is kind of the dream scenario.

It means it wasn’t about you, it was about them! I mean, obviously, they’re missing out but if they’d rather get back with their ex, fine.

But does Hinge let you know when someone deletes their profile? Unfortunately, the app that’s designed to be deleted is not designed to reveal when your matches delete their profiles!

Okay, sorry, that was rough.

But no, Hinge doesn’t tell you when a match deletes their Hinge account. If you’ve been chatting extensively with someone, then maybe it’s fair to expect them to give you a heads up themselves that they’re leaving.

But obviously they’re under no obligation! And if you haven’t said much to each other, then really it has nothing to do with you. Except, you know, potentially dinging your pride.

Anyway, haven’t you ever deleted a dating account in a flurry of drama or a day when you’re convinced you have to double down on self-improvement and start living in the real world?

Sometimes people delete accounts without even knowing that they’re going to do it, so they’re hardly going to warn all their matches. 

What Does It Mean If A Conversation Disappears On HInge - Hinge App Profiles

What Is Hiding A Chat On Hinge?

Before the big Hinge update of 2020 that brought new features like Hinge Standouts (read that article, or if you want to read about everything Hinge related in my full rundown) there was an earlier rollout of new features.

In 2017, amongst other things, the app brought in ‘Your Turn’, reportedly to deal with the issue of ghosting. You know Your Turn if you’ve ever used Hinge for more than a second – it’s designed to let daters share control of the conversation.

So, you might like a girl’s prompt answer and have her invite you to start a conversation. Or you might use it when you feel like you’ve been doing all the legwork in an ongoing conversation and ask your match to step up to the plate and ask a damn question instead of just answering ‘lol’ to everything you say.

I mean, it’s nice to be found funny… but ‘lol’?

Anyway, along with the main Your Turn feature the Hide option in your chats appeared. You can hide a chat with the tap of a button, and once hidden the chat leaves your inbox until the match you’re talking to finally says something.

What Does It Mean If A Conversation Disappears On Hinge - Hide Chat

This means you can declutter your inbox by removing stalled chats, and you can hide chats from yourself if you know you might send another long message to someone who might well not be interested.

Just slide left on your match and tap hide to hide your conversation with them. If your chat is inactive for 14 days, then it’ll be hidden automatically.

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