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What is Tinder Hot Takes? | How To Use It In 2022

What is Tinder Hot Takes? | How To Use It In 2022

The world has changed a ridiculous amount in the last few years. The way we shop has changed, the way we order pizza has changed, and even the way that we go to school or university has changed. So with all of this upheaval, of course, the way young people are dating is changing too

So if people want to date differently, you can count on the fact that Tinder will be important in the way that they are able to, and they’ve introduced a whole ton of new features to mix up the way you meet random strangers off the internet.

Today we’re going to be looking at one of these new features: Tinder Hot Takes. So first things first… what is it? Contrary to what many people believe (really…) it is not Tinder for hot people (but we’ll talk more about that later).

What Is Tinder Hot Takes - Tinder Hot Takes

Tinder Hot Takes is basically speed dating before you commit to matching with someone. Tinder is calling Hot Takes an “in-app game”, that is only available between 6 PM and midnight, every day.

In the game, you won’t be able to see the other person’s picture or bio and will be given a question to answer to hopefully kick off some serious flirtation.

You then have 30 seconds to talk to them before you have to decide whether to match with them or move to the next person. 

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How Does Tinder Hot Takes Work?

Tinder’s new Hot Takes feature works like speed dating, but on your phone. Once you start the feature, you’ll be asked a multiple-choice question on something that Tinder thinks will elicit a strong emotional response (think: is Kanye West a genius? Is natural wine pretentious?).

After you’ve chosen your response, you’ll be matched with a hotty and put into a timed conversation about the subject. At the end of the time, you decide whether or not you think you and the hotty are a good pair.

Tinder Hot Takes - Fast Chat

If you both decide that you are, you’ll become a match and can carry on the chat from there. See, it really is just like speed dating.

Oh, but one thing: you can’t see your partner’s photos until you’ve decided whether or not to match so, like, um, blind speed dating.

My Tinder Hot Takes Is Not Working, What Do I Do?

OK. This is a new feature so there are bound to be some bugs and also some misunderstandings about how it works. Many users have reported issues since its release in June so let’s go over some of the issues you may be having.

Can’t Access Tinder Hot Takes

Hot Takes is only available between 6 PM and midnight, local time. If you’re trying to access it outside of these times, then that’s why it’s not available. If it is between six and midnight, then make sure your phone is updated and the app is too.

Unable To Find A Match

This is a commonly reported problem. Make sure to look at the number of people participating. If the number is low, that might be your issue.

Although it is unlikely to be a problem unless, like I once was, you’re trying to use Tinder in a remote village in the mountains of Northern Portugal… long story. 

Even if you have a high number of people reportedly participating, you have to take into account that many of those may not be the gender you’re looking for or they may even be fake profiles that have been flagged but still show as active.

Try taking a break and coming back later or even going to a different part of town. If none of that works, chances are, it’s a bug. Try reporting it to Tinder or just resign yourself to using normal Tinder for a few months until it’s sorted out.

Text Bar And Keyboard Not Showing Up

This is another commonly reported issue and has been since the app was first released. So what can you do about it? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but… nothing.

This is just a bug and so far Tinder hasn’t said anything about what they’re doing to try to fix it. You can try all the usual stuff: restart your phone, delete and redownload the app or just try using a different phone, if you’re able to.

If none of these work, you just have to wait and hope Tinder sort it out soon.

How Do I Find Tinder Hot Takes?

Tinder’s latest updates have been big ones and the whole look of the app has changed quite a bit. This is great for people wanting to get more from a tired old app, but it can leave even the most veteran users feeling a little bit lost.

Aside from Hot Takes, Tinder now has an Explore page. There’s a lot of stuff to look through on the Explore page and among them is Hot Takes, as well as the other new in-app games that have been added.

What Is Tinder Hot Takes - Find Tinder Hot Takes In App

So you just need to simply go to the Explore page and from there click on Hot Takes and Voila! Instant speed dating fun… providing there are no bugs.

Our Verdict

Tinder Hot Takes is a fun and pretty innovative new addition to the app. I enjoyed playing around on it for, eh, research purposes and actually had some pretty cool conversations.

Although I didn’t experience any, it does seem like the bugs are still a big issue for many users and I hope Tinder can sort them out before people lose interest.

What Is Tinder Hot Takes - Play Tinder Hot Takes

So there’s everything you need to know about Tinder’s new Hot Takes feature. Some of you will love it, some of you will find it boring and some of you will, unfortunately, get frustrated because it doesn’t work. 

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