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What Time Are People Most Active On Hinge? | Best Time To Boost 2023

What Time Are People Most Active On Hinge? | Best Time To Boost 2023

If you’re reeling trying to maximize the dating app experience – whether it’s because you really want to find someone (either for now or for the long term), or because you’re time-poor and need to get the most you possibly can out of your time on the apps, you might be wondering what time other people are active. What time do most people use Hinge?

The app that’s designed to be deleted has a pretty complex algorithm, as you’ll know if you have read my article on how Hinge works. As long as you use the app pretty regularly, you don’t have to be online at the same time as others.

Hinge matches don’t expire. However, being present for real-time conversation is always a good idea if you want to charm!

Of course, it isn’t as simple as that. Though there are clear patterns to Hinge activity across the board, there is no guarantee your online crush will adhere to them.

But you can look at what is most usual to get a general idea. After all, if you’re using the free version of Hinge you’ll want to make the most of your daily swipes!

What Time Are People Active On Hinge - designed to be deleted

Generally, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the biggest Hinge swiping times. Mostly during Fridays and Saturdays, users are active in the evenings (after 8 pm). The reasons for this are obvious!

If you’re home alone, you’re bored. If you’re out, you’re probably tipsy. And on a Sunday? Well, you may well be swiping all day!

On the flip side, the quietest day for Hinge is Tuesdays. Everyone is digging in for the week, putting their noses to the grindstone, and getting ready for humpday… it makes a lot of sense. 

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Are Most People Active On Hinge At The Same Time?

To answer this question as succinctly as possible, yes. 

Most people in a given time zone are most active on Hinge during the classic ‘days off’ of that time zone. Every day, users are less active during the morning, with a bit of a bump as soon as work slows down for the afternoon. Obviously, not everyone has a 9-5, but many of Hinge’s largely youngish and college-educated target audience do.

On top of that, if you’re looking for something serious you may want to aim to connect with other Hinge users slightly earlier (like 6 pm) Fridays or workdays (just not Tuesdays, no one’s online!), as during the sober and thoughtful hours Hinge users are probably more likely to be looking for more than a hookup!

When Are Men Most Active On Hinge?

There is really very little data on Hinge activity split by gender, but as in general most users are active:

  • In the evenings, from 6 pm-10 pm
  • Peaking at 8 pm
  • On weekend evenings in particular

And are least active

  • Midweek during the days
  • With the biggest dip on Tuesdays

We can infer that men keep to these same patterns. Unless you’re thinking of a specific man, in which case I can’t help you! You will have to do your own research. Maybe find out more about his schedule, but not in a creepy way (do NOT go to the bar he said he works at and request his shift for next week. Please).

What Time Are People Active On Hinge - guy on phone using HInge

When Are Women Most Active On Hinge?

Well, women are people too. So, it’s pretty likely they will also be on Hinge during their free time. 

The most active Hinge hours, for most women, are the evenings from around 6 pm until use begins to drop off at 10 pm, as well as weekend evenings and late afternoons. Sunday is a bonanza, with many Hinge users swiping from late afternoon to about 9 pm. Of course, users do log on a little later at weekends, because we tend to be up later.

Just like with guys, actual peak hours scrolling Hinge will vary from person to person. You might be able to work out when she’s usually online by the international ping-pong champion speed of your conversation when she’s particularly bored on her scheduled breaks at work. Or, you know, by just asking her!

What Time Are People Active On Hinge - woman using phone

Best Time To Boost On Hinge

Not got too many Boosts to burn?

If you want to bump your profile close to the top of nearby users’ swipe decks, then you should use your Boosts wisely. 

This means, using them at the busiest times on Hinge. The absolutely top time for Hinge use is early evening, approximately 7 pm – 9 pm (and preferably on a Sunday). Yes, everyone is bored and swiping! So, use it to your advantage and unleash that Boost. 

Can You Tell When Someone Was Last Active On Hinge?

As Hinge doesn’t have read receipts, you may often find yourself staring intently at someone’s profile trying to somehow guess when they were last active on Hinge.

Well, your luck’s in! 

Sort of.

What Time Are People Active On Hinge - last active

You can now turn on ‘Last Active’ in your profile menu, if you live in an area in which it has been rolled out. It will show profiles’ activity status as Active Now, Active Today, or Active This Week. If they haven’t been active within a week? No luck!

If you aren’t in an area where the feature is available, so it isn’t an option for you, check out my article on how to tell when someone was last active on Hinge for a few more tricks. 

Final Thoughts

Working out exactly when people are active on Hinge is a bit of a fool’s errand. I mean, being online at a bustling time is good, but swipes don’t have to be simultaneous, so even if you’re the only one there you’ll get returns eventually!

What Time Are People Active On Hinge - download hinge

And if you want to talk to someone in particular? Well, you know I always tell you to just be honest and yourself. Whatever you do, just try your best not to worry, or have a suspicion they’ve just stopped messaging, or worse, disappeared.

Of course, if Hinge isn’t proving right for you, or you want multiple apps so there’s one for every time of day, give the Dude Hack dating quiz a go!

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