What NOT To Do For Successful Tinder Conversations

Tinder is full of hurdles you need to overcome in order to land yourself a date. You have to have a decent profile, get a match, send a decent opening line and get a reply.

But, the main body of your Tinder conversations is where you will truly make or break it. Once you’ve leaped over all the previous hurdles, you need to spice things up in your Tinder conversation to avoid being ghosted, or even unmatched.

From my years of research, first-hand experience and bucket loads of feedback from my clients, I know a few things that can instantly ruin your Tinder conversations. Focus on avoiding these things, and you should be fine, and hopefully land yourself an awesome Tinder date.


Bad spelling is one of the biggest turnoffs with any form of online dating. Sure, a mistake happens time to time. Just be sure to have a quick scan over your messages before sending to pick up any mistakes. A couple of mistakes here and there can be excused, but do not use netspeak.

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What I mean by this is slang words or abbreviated terms. You are not 13, you are a man. In recent studies into online dating, research found that the top 5 words that get the worst reply rates are literally all slang words.
This just proves that it is not attractive. Even if you are just trying to be efficient, your match might think a little differently and you are dramatically reducing your chances of a reply.

Long Essays

Having an essay to work through every time you receive a message isn’t exactly fun… I’ve met guys before who think writing long, drawn-out messages, helps you and your match connect, or shows that you are really taking the time to impress her. Not the case.

Keep your messages generally short and sweet, but with a few longer ones here and there are absolutely fine. You just want to try and stay clear of sending long-winded replies every single time.

If you do, eventually your match will expect this, feel pressure to work through the wall of text making replies more of a task.

Go Overboard With Emojis

Do I really have to explain this one? Have some color here and there, but please, just for me, do not have 10 emojis in every single line. If you really can’t hold back, at least get a gauge of how many emojis your match is using before you go crazy.

Be Clingy

Don’t be the annoying clingy guy if you didn’t get a reply. People ghost people. It happens. I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, if you do not get a reply, don’t let it get to you and move on.

Sending her a message every hour, or even a couple of follow up messages until you get a reply simply won’t work… unless that reply is “leave me alone.”

Be Boring

Being boring is a sure fire way to hurt your Tinder chances. But look, I get it, sometimes you will be caught in a Tinder conversation where you just have no idea what to say. Just constantly asking what your match is doing or how their day was is going to lead to some pretty dull Tinder conversations.

There’s no formula for exactly what to do to keep your match engaged. If this is something you struggle with and have trouble coming up with conversation topics, check out this video on how to never run out of things to ask.

Some of the questions form this video might not exactly be the most entertaining, but it might allow you to find a topic that gets things flowing.

Those are simple mistakes to avoid in your Tinder conversations, pretty simple right? You get this down-pat you won’t have any more hurdles to overcome. Until you get to the point of asking your match out of course…

If you feel you are going to, or are already having awesome Tinder conversations, check an article based on years of my research on the topic: Knowing The Right Time To Ask Your Match Out.

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