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eHarmony Statistics and Facts For 2023 | Interesting Stats, Facts and Data On eHarmony

eHarmony Statistics and Facts For 2023 | Interesting Stats, Facts and Data On eHarmony

Ever found yourself looking for love in all the wrong places?

Like down the back of the sofa or behind the washing machine? Plenty of spare change, but no other half…

Or at 4 o’clock in the morning on a sticky dancefloor? It’ll be hard enough to find your way home, let alone a significant other…

And even the endless swiping on popular dating apps can start to feel like a merry-go-round of flings. As half-hearted connections fizzle out, and matches fail to lead to messages, it’s easy to lose hope.

eharmony statistics - eharmony home page

That’s where eHarmony comes in. eHarmony is dedicated to bringing people into strong relationships with compatible partners.

Did you know that there are over 500 people getting married every day after meeting on eHarmony?

Or that their algorithm takes a whopping 29 dimensions of compatibility into account when matching? If you felt like Tinder was two-dimensional, imagine the 29th dimension of dating!

eharmony statistics - eharmony app

eHarmony could be a good option if you’re looking for a serious relationship. You can sign up to eHarmony for free here – your perfect match could be out there waiting. 

And for a deep dive into how eHarmony works – and how to make it work for you -, I’ve got an expert guide.

But you’re here for facts – cold, hard facts! Let’s take a look at all the eHarmony facts under the sun.

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Is eHarmony For Serious Relationships?

Had enough of Tinder time wasters? Is Bumble getting too boring? The dating game can be fun, but at some point, we want to get off the carousel of matches. We’re looking for the one here, not the one after another after another!

So is eHarmony for serious relationships? It absolutely is! Everything about eHarmony, from its demographics to its algorithm, is geared towards bringing users together into a serious relationship. eHarmony is a platform for those who are dating to marry.

And you only have to take a look at the statistics to prove it.

  • 4% of marriages in the United States come from eHarmony!
  • An eHarmony-matched couple gets married around every 20 minutes in the USA. Can you hear the wedding bells?
  • So how many people get married from eHarmony? 542 people every day – that’s almost 200,000 every year.
  • eHarmony is built for relationship-minded singles.
  • And its unique Compatibility Matching System is designed to find partners whose connection will last a lifetime.

Does Anyone Still Use eHarmony?

eHarmony’s been around since 2000 — that makes it older than plenty of singles using the app. It was the first algorithm-based dating site way back in the day.

With deep roots, you might wonder does anyone still use eHarmony? The answer is yes! eHarmony has a thriving community. As of 2023, there are over 29 million members in the US alone, and 16 million of them are active every week. And there are over 750,000 subscribers to the eHarmony paid service.

Founded by a clinical psychologist, eHarmony was built on scientific groundwork, and in the name of science, it has continued to modernize and update its compatibility theorems. That’s why eHarmony has kept up with the rapid rise of competitors such as Tinder and Hinge, especially for those dating over 30.

  • eHarmony has 29 million members in the United States.
  • That’s almost 9% of the population and 14% of the adult population.
  • And most of these are active users – 16 million Americans are active on eHarmony every week.
  • Globally, there are 51 million members on eHarmony. That’s the entire population of Colombia or South Korea!
  • On average, 2.3 million messages get sent on eHarmony every week. 
  • And every 14 minutes, someone finds love on eHarmony. That sure sounds serious, call a doctor!
  • That means over 200 people are finding a serious relationship on eHarmony every day.
  • eHarmony is the fourth most popular dating app by paying customers, after Tinder, Bumble, and Match.
eharmony statistics - most popular apps

Why People Use eHarmony

The competition between dating apps is almost as intense as the dating scene itself. From Match to Hinge, these apps are putting their best dress on and trying to catch your attention!

In such a competitive market, why do people use eHarmony? Well, the one main reason is that they’re looking for love. eHarmony is built to bring people together into serious relationships.

But there are plenty of good reasons to put your faith in eHarmony and its Compatibility Matching System. Let’s take a look at why people choose eHarmony.

  • eHarmony is the #1 trusted dating app in the world.
  • And it has the highest-quality dating pool. Ready to make a splash? 
  • eHarmony brings matches to you thanks to the unique algorithm – no more swiping.
  • eHarmony’s founder has 35+ years of experience as a clinical psychologist and brings an empirical, science-based approach to compatibility.
  • Because messaging on eHarmony is behind the paywall, you know there are no time wasters on the app.
eharmony statistics - wedding

Who Uses eHarmony?

We’ve established that pretty much everyone on eHarmony is looking for love. It’s a site for serious singles. But besides being united by a hankering for… well… harmony, eHarmony’s users are a diverse bunch.

So who uses eHarmony? eHarmony has always had a slightly older user base, but as of 2023, the majority of users on eHarmony are in the 24 – 35 range. The age difference isn’t as marked when compared to other sites though: eHarmony has a lot of users in the 35 – 44 range too. That’s largely thanks to its traditional web-based structure.

Whilst the majority of users on eHarmony are in their 20s and 30s, there are plenty of people dating over 40 on eHarmony too. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, eHarmony is for you. Here are the eHarmony facts about who’s on the app.

  • The majority of eHarmony users are in the 24 – 35 age range.
  • 20% of men and 17% of females on eHarmony fall into this range.
  • Those aged 34 – 44 are the next largest category: 17% of men and 15% of women on eHarmony are in this age range.
  • 11% of men and 7% of women on eHarmony are aged between 45 and 54.
  • And it has few young adults on the site compared to other apps: just 4% of women and 3% of men are aged 18 – 24.
  • eHarmony has a relatively gender-balanced user base.
  • 53% of users are men and 47% of users are women.
eharmony statistics - tinder vs eharmony

What Percentage of eHarmony Users are Active?

Ever send a message on Tinder and then wonder if you’re just talking to yourself? When the dating game becomes the waiting game, you start to question if it’s worth it. Hours wasted coming up with the perfect opener, for a user who hasn’t been online in months…

So the big question is, what percentage of eHarmony users are active? 55% of eHarmony’s users are active every week – around 16 million out of 29 million total users. And there are around 750,000 paid members on the platform actively looking for love.

That’s a thriving community with millions of messages sent every week. Wouldn’t you like to be on the receiving end of that?

  • More than half of eHarmony users are active every week.
  • That means eHarmony has 16 million users online in any given week.
  • There are 750,000 premium users on eHarmony.
  • And 2.3 million messages get sent each week, proving eHarmony has a seriously active user base, all searching for the one.
eharmony statistics - couple on a date

Do You Have To Pay For eHarmony?

While everyone loves a bargain, you have to be careful when it comes to freebies. 

From free trials that practically clamp you in the chains of bondage to Facebook which makes you its product, there’s always a catch.

So do you have to pay for eHarmony? Well, if you want any chance of meeting the perfect match you’ll have to pay for eHarmony. Whilst eHarmony offers a free account – including the opportunity to undertake its Compatibility Quiz – you can’t message your matches without a paid subscription.

And whilst you might be reluctant to get out your credit card, it’s actually this feature that makes eHarmony so trustworthy and valuable. Everyone you message on the app has paid cold, hard cash for the opportunity to be there – so you know they’re serious.

eharmony statistics - eharmony paid service
  • eHarmony’s free account lets you take the Compatibility Quiz and see matches.
  • But you can’t message through eHarmony until you pay for premium.
  • eHarmony Premium gives you access to these (pretty important) features:
    • Viewing unlimited photos
    • Sending messages
    • Seeing who’s viewed you
    • Using the distance search
    • Creating a detailed personality profile
  • There are three Premium packages: Light, Plus, and Extra.
  • And you can get 6, 12, and 24-month plans. You’re investing in your future here so it pays to think long-term!

Ultimately, you’ll have to pay for eHarmony to see results. But thanks to the committed community of paying members, it’s worth the investment.

eharmony statistics - pricing

eHarmony Marriages and Babies

Nowadays, the internet is pretty much co-parenting our children. 

And increasingly, it’s helping to create them too! By 2037, more than half of new babies born will be to parents who met online. And you can bet that eHarmony, who are responsible for 5% of American marriages, can take credit for a few of these kids.

  • eHarmony is responsible for almost 550 marriages every day.
  • 2.8 million babies have been born since the year eHarmony was created to parents who met online. eHarmony could have some grandkids in the next few years.
  • There have been 56,000 eHarmony babies in the UK since 2011. There have been many more in the US, but exact stats are hard to track down. Maybe eHarmony should send out a US survey?
eharmony statistics - baby

What Is The Success Rate Of eHarmony?

Whilst there are many ways to win the dating game, eHarmony defines success in one way only: love.

So what is the success rate of eHarmony? They reckon that someone finds love on eHarmony every 14 minutes – that’s 100 people, every day. Some quick math gives us the answer: out of 750,000 paid users, 37,500 of them find love every year.

eHarmony takes credit for over 500 marriages in the United States every day. And what’s more, the data shows that these marriages turn out to be, on average, more stable and successful than any other marriage!

  • eHarmony users find love every 14 minutes.
  • That equals 37,500 lovebirds every year.
  • eHarmony has a full audience turnover every 6 months.
  • eHarmony marriages are ranked #1 for marital satisfaction.
  • Couples who met on eHarmony are happier than couples who met through any other dating app and those who met offline through traditional means.
  • And couples who met through eHarmony are less likely to break up than couples who met in any other way. If you’re searching for the one, I’d call that success.
  • And 25% of married couples who met online met on eHarmony.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony’s founder, has stated “the overarching goal of eHarmony has always been to reduce the divorce rate by helping build quality relationships that are based on compatibility.” The eHarmony facts show that he’s found success and so can you.

eharmony statistics - holding hands

What Are eHarmony’s Demographics?

Before online dating, you’d just be waiting to fall in love with the mailman or the hairdresser – or at least you’d be stuck in your social bubble. Nowadays, online dating brings you the whole world and eHarmony has a unique algorithm to find you the one.

So who is there to choose from? What are eHarmony’s demographics? As we’ve seen, the majority of eHarmony users are aged between 24 and 44. 77% of eHarmony users are white, and 45% have a bachelor’s degree. But these are just the majorities – when you take a deep dive into eHarmony’s demographics, there’s a diverse dating pool.

Let’s take a look at the eHarmony facts when it comes to demographics.

  • eHarmony has a number of specialist sites, tailored to specific demographics.
    • Senior dating
    • Christian dating
    • Black dating
    • Asian dating
    • International dating
    • Latin dating
    • Over 50 dating
    • Indian dating
    • Gay dating
    • Lesbian dating
  • Around three-quarters of eHarmony users are Caucasian, while the final quarter is split between Black, Hispanic and Asian.
eharmony statistics - romantic couple
  • But eHarmony is popular in these communities: 12% of Hispanic Americans have used eHarmony and 9% of African Americans have used the site.
  • 45% of eHarmony users have (just!) a bachelor’s degree.
  • And a further 15% have a master’s degree. So 60% of eHarmony users have attained some form of college education – the smart cookies.
  • In the United States population as a whole, 42% of people attend college, so eHarmony’s user base is disproportionately educated.
  • eHarmony users are disproportionately wealthy: 11% of Americans earning over $100,000 are on eHarmony. Well, they can afford the best in dating I suppose!
  • But 4% of Americans earning under $50,000 use eHarmony, proving it’s affordable to all.
  • And 3% or one in 30 Americans in the $50-100,000 income bracket are also on the site.
eharmony statistics date couple

Gender and Sexuality

As the concept of fluidity flows through gender and sexuality, I can’t decide if dating is getting simpler or more complicated. On the one hand, with so many identifiers to choose from, it feels like there’s a lot to wrap your head around. But on the other hand – who cares! You love who you love.

Let’s take a look at gender and sexuality on eHarmony.

  • eHarmony introduced gay and lesbian dating in 2009.
  • Gender identity options on eHarmony remain binary – male or female.
  • And you can’t search for more than one gender at a time. That might make life easier, but realistically it’s a little old-fashioned. 

Politics on eHarmony

Today’s America is more divided than ever but I hope love could be one way to breach the divide. Nevertheless, political ideology remains relevant in the dating game which makes sense – we all want to meet a like-minded individual after all. If you like piña colada and socialist revolution… 

  • 6% of people identifying as Conservative have used eHarmony.
  • And 5% of Liberals have used eHarmony – making the political balance fairly even.
  • But only 2% of Moderates have used eHarmony. Maybe these fence-sitters can’t decide on their love life either.
eharmony statistics - sweet couple

Where People Use eHarmony

The internet has connected us across the globe like never before, but ideally, we’d find the one in our local neighborhood. eHarmony has a huge global user base so whether you’re in South Dakota or South Africa, you’re likely to find a few matches.

  • eHarmony’s biggest user base is found in English language countries:
    • The United States
    • Canada
    • The United Kingdom
    • Australia
  • But eHarmony is available in almost 200 countries across the world and even has an international section for those looking for love long-distance.
  • eHarmony’s international dating option offers a virtual video date function for making a global connection.

Is eHarmony The Best Place To Find Love?

You didn’t come here to dance (though, dancing can of course be romantic) – let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. You’re looking to get out of the dating game for good, so what should we do?

So is eHarmony the best place to find love? In my opinion, it is if you’re looking for a long-term relationship or a marriage with a real chance of satisfaction and survival. Hundreds of people find love on eHarmony every day.

That’s why I picked eHarmony as the best dating app for serious relationships. The combination of a committed user base and a powerful matching algorithm makes it a great option for finding love.

eharmony statistics - couple at the beach

Investing In The Future: eHarmony Business Statistics

eHarmony has been around for a while – it’s practically prehistoric in internet terms. And yet it’s keeping up with millennial-targeting agile apps thanks to a combination of core values and clever updates.

  • In 2019, eHarmony recorded 100% growth – it doubled in size!
  • It has an estimated annual revenue of $250 million. That’s a lot of happy customers!
  • eHarmony commands a 12% market share in the online dating industry, 22 years after launch.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re getting serious about a serious relationship, it’s time to start looking for love in the right places.

With its committed mission to build stronger relationships and marriages, eHarmony is dedicated to finding you the perfect match. If your index finger has swipe fatigue, then eHarmony’s premium structure and evidence-based algorithm will be a welcome relief.

So eHarmony is an amazing place if you’re dating for marriage – but that may not be what you’re into right now. Why don’t you try my dating app quiz to find the app that’s a match for you?

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