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Does Bumble Notify The Girl When You Swipe Right On Bumble?

Does Bumble Notify The Girl When You Swipe Right On Bumble?

Sometimes you find someone so perfect on a dating app that you need them to see your right swipe and give you one back ASAP.

I mean, you would never admit it to your mates, but late at night lying on the sofa in your boxers, drinking a beer and swiping through Bumble, sometimes you have been pretty sure that the brunette with the big smile who is currently (according to the app) five miles away from you, is the one.

Yeah alright, you’ll have forgotten about her in a couple of days, but right now you need to know if she knows if you like her. You need to know if Bumble notifies the girl when you swipe right!

Most dating apps have quirks that are hard to work out, but Bumble is another level. Bumble as a guy can feel like a mystery. What is it like for girls (one of many mysteries, obviously)?

With the whole app built for empowering women in the dating game, you sometimes feel like you’re on the back foot on Bumble. Which admittedly is fine because, you know, the patriarchy, but you really want to match with this girl!

Well don’t worry, she’s not intentionally ignoring you. Girls see the same amount as guys when it comes to who has swiped right on Bumble. They are notified of matches, but not of white swipes.

Does Bumble Notify The Girl When You Swipe Right On Bumble - Swiping

If this absolute goddess happens to have Bumble Boost then you’ll be in her Beeline pile, and as with all Beeline piles if she swipes through regularly you’ll be near the top, if not it could take her a while to get to you.

By which time you will probably still be interested, but maybe you won’t be so damn weird about it after a sleep and a shower. And if you want to hear a little more about Bumble Boost, or were confused by this chat about Beelines, then check out my article on Bumble’s premium service.

So the simple answer is… maybe. She will not be able to see if you swiped right if she is a free Bumble user. But she will be able to see your right swipe if she has Bumble Boost.

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Can Girls On Bumble See When You Look At Their Profile?

Okay so you can breathe a sigh of relief about this one. Once again, if you’re feeling way too keen about someone, the Bumble gods (sorry, I’m guessing they’re actually goddesses) benevolently allow you to hide it.

Or maybe that’s just good design? Either way, no one on Bumble can see who is viewing their profile or how many times any user has viewed it.

So if you need to check repeatedly to get a joke about some of a girl’s hobbies absolutely perfect, you can. No one will ever know. Obviously, this is not permission to be a creep – please don’t study anyone to mold yourself into their perfect partner, lure them into marriage and then reveal it all as a lie.

And don’t spend too long staring at anyone’s pictures. You know, just be normal.

Does Bumble Show You The Same Person Twice?

Okay, so the answer to this one is yes, Bumble does show users’ profiles that they have already swiped left on. But I promise it makes sense – I mean sometimes you’re in one sort of mood, other times another.

Everyone’s tastes change depending on the weather, how hungry they are, the time of year, and whether they’re happy or miserable.

And that extends to who we find attractive! Plus, potential matches may have picked up new hobbies or uploaded new photos. All of this can change swiping decisions. And that’s before we even get to profiles that have been swiped left by accident, or by a mate being a dickhead.

So really, profiles coming up in your feed again after you swipe left on them is a good thing. If they disappeared into the ether you would probably miss out on some great matches.

How often profiles come around will also depend massively on a few factors. Firstly, how big is your search radius? If it’s really localized there will be way fewer potential matches and the algorithm will have no choice but to resort back to users you have already said no thanks to, at first showing you those it believes you are actually a good match with.

The same goes if you’re in a very low-density area for the app – there simply isn’t a lot to choose from, sorry! Finally, if you have a smallish radius but move around a lot, you will get profiles from a wider area (everywhere you have been recently) which increases choice and means profiles come around less often.

Basically, it’s all about how big your pond is, and how many fish are in it. Sorry, I shouldn’t call women fish. That was weird.

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