Some dating apps are linked to your Facebook account, and that means they know not only your age but also your birthday. When you have signed up to a dating site with Facebook it’ll definitely update your age on the correct day, to the correct age.

Well, assuming you have your real age on Facebook rather than an age you thought was ‘funny’ when you made your account at fifteen. Which was fifteen years ago for me, and as fifteen plus sixty nine is… hang on, thinking… eighty four, there’s a moderate possibility my Facebook might tell everyone (and a lot of apps) that I’m an octogenarian.

If you did sign up to Hinge or Tinder with Facebook, you have to change your age on Facebook for it to change on the other apps. But how about if you just signed up with email?

And if you signed up with email, how does Hinge know your birthday? Does Hinge update your age when it changes?

Hinge ditched their requirement to log in using Facebook when you create your account in 2018. These days, if you sign up with email rather than Facebook you manually enter an age. Obviously, Hinge (or its designers) understand that you get older every year.

But as it doesn’t know your birthday, the app will instead update your age by one year exactly 365 days from the date you signed up. It isn’t perfect, but Hinge does indeed update your age!

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How Do You Update Your Age on Hinge?

Of course, sometimes we all have fat finger moments. If you’ve made a mistake while typing in your age on Hinge then you can update it in settings. Be careful the second time though! You only get to change your age manually once through the Hinge app.

The assumption is that you won’t make a dumb mistake twice (I know, questionable assumption isn’t it?) and that if every user’s age could be updated indefinitely you would get people lying about their age way more regularly.

I mean, it would be tempting to experiment wouldn’t it, even if you weren’t intending to be nefarious about it.

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Is it Easy to lie About Your Age on Hinge?

It’s easy to lie about your age on any app. You just type in the age you wish you were, and there it is, your lie. Experts advise against lying on apps though, especially about physical realities like your age, height or weight.

If you don’t like something about yourself, either work to accept it or work to change it! Hang on… that doesn’t work with age… your age is only going to tick up. So I guess you’d better accept it!

All joking aside, lying about your age on dating apps is pretty foolish. Firstly, you probably won’t convince that many users that you are 10 or 15 years younger or older than reality. I mean, you won’t get many likes without pictures and even if you use old ones the quality and the mid-noughties clothing will ring alarm bells.

Secondly, remember you can only change your age once on Hinge. Do you want to get stuck pretending to be someone you aren’t? You would have to delete your account and start again in order to fix the situation.

Finally, lying about your age is not only creepy and morally questionable, it also might be illegal, especially if you meet one of your matches and things go well. Overall, while it’s easy enough to lie about your age on Hinge I don’t see how it could seem like a good idea for more than a split second.

I mean dating is hard enough, do you want to add a difficult to keep up layer of deception to it? The thought makes me tired tbh.

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What Age Group is Hinge for?

When Hinge was introduced, it was marketed as sort of the antidote to Tinder exhaustion. The dating app that’s designed to be deleted attempts to persuade its users into longer conversations and meaningful connections with its long-form profiles, six picture minimum and cute prompts.

And, as you would expect with this noble goal at the heart of the business, Hinge is aimed at a slightly older and wiser demographic than Tinder too. Namely, 25-34-year-olds. Okay, I agree, that’s not that old or that wise.

But Hinge is certainly more civilised than Tinder with, arguably, a higher class of interaction and of users. In fact, over 90% of Hinge users have at least a bachelor’s degree!

So, I can answer the question, ‘what age group is Hinge for?’ Like I said, Hinge is used mostly by people in their 20s and 30s. But that doesn’t get to the heart of the question. Hinge is about maturity, whatever your age. Or, more maturity than Tinder anyway!

If you want to know more about Hinge (and its intriguing, sophisticated user base) then check out my article on how Hinge works.

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