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How To Be Successful On The Feeld App In 2024

How To Be Successful On The Feeld App In 2024

If your Instagram recommendations are anything like mine, they’re packed with strange accounts offering top tips for success in life. Get up at 5 a.m. every day! Meditate for four hours before bed! Read six books every fifteen minutes!

Fortunately, we’re not trying to become the next Jeff Bezos here (and why would you want that, anyway?). We’re looking for success on Feeld, which might just be a little easier to come by.

If you’ve used dating apps like Bumble and Tinder, you’ll understand how Feeld works straight away. However, there are a few interesting differences with Feeld, and it’s open-minded user base.

As Feeld grows in popularity, and its reputation as a hookup app grows with it, I’m sure many of you will be looking for advice on Feeld. So let’s dive into the best ways to be successful on this up-and-coming dating app.

How To Be Successful On The Feeld App? Five Strategies for Success On Feeld

The old saying refers to being lucky in love, but in today’s digital, quantifiable, app-based dating world, luck has nothing to do with it. So here are five winning strategies for success on Feeld.

  1. Know What You’re Looking For

Before you can be successful on any dating app, you have to answer the question: What does success look like for you? Figure out what you’re looking for, whether that’s a real relationship, hookups or even just practicing your flirting game. Once you know this, you can tailor your profile, messages, and online behavior to help you get what you want.

For many people, they sign up for a dating app out of boredom. Later, they complain about not getting any dates, but if you were just there to kill time, hasn’t that been mission accomplished?

And if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, simply aim to make high-quality matches, have good conversations, and see where it leads. Whatever you choose, use Feeld intentionally, putting effort into your profile and chats, and you’ll be on the road to success.

  1. Have a Great First Profile Picture

Success usually starts with a swipe right. On Feeld, you don’t have long to make an impression, and because the UX requires users to swipe down to see more of your photos, I think it’s even more important to have a strong first picture on Feeld than on other apps.

So make sure your first picture shows your best side. A clear headshot with your shoulders visible, making eye contact with the camera, and having nothing obscured by sunglasses or a hat is the best way to go.

  1. Write A Strong Bio

A strong bio is important to stand out, and because of Feeld’s diverse members (with some pretty specific interests), I find it helps to point out what you’re looking for in your bio. Even if you’re looking for hookups, suggesting that a connection is important to you will appeal to the average Feeld user.

  1. Understand the Algorithm

Unlike many dating apps that use Elo to rank you and show you comparably ranked matches, Feeld’s algorithm is a lot more simplistic. It shows you users based on distance, so if you’re running out of matches, or high-quality swipes, you should adjust your settings.

Make sure you haven’t set your age range too narrowly, and consider seeking couples as well as singles if you’re open to experiences of ethical non-monogamy. Feeld filters out partnered users unless you explicitly add couples to your search preferences.

  1. Lead Every Conversation Towards A Date

No matter what you’re looking for on Feeld, a real-life date should be the goal of every conversation. Even if you’re using Feeld to kill some time, treat every match as an opportunity to hone your dating skills.

So take your chats seriously, put in the effort, and show your match that you want to meet them in real life. Dropping hints early on, such as “we should do that sometime” or talking about real-life cafes, concerts, and other events signals to your match that you want to meet up. When it’s finally time to arrange a date, they’re much more likely to be ready.

How To Build Out Your Profile On Feeld? Five Profile Tips For Feeld

Success starts with a strong profile. Despite Feeld’s open-minded, kinky, and curious users, we have to face facts: the online dating game can be superficial. You need a great Feeld profile to rack up those likes.

  1. Take Great Pictures For Feeld

I am willing to bet that there are zero photos in your phone’s camera roll right now that would make a good profile picture. From zoomed-in selfies to awkward holiday photos, your average photo isn’t going to show your best side because it hasn’t been taken especially for a dating app profile.

Learn how to take great pictures by yourself and then start snapping. Posing doesn’t have to be embarrassing — it just means perfecting the art of looking casually attractive.

Find a great background to help your pictures stand out more. From cozy coffee shops to cool urban graffiti, make every detail of your photos grab your potential match’s attention.

  1. Have Three Or More Photos

Next up, make sure you have a few different pictures on your profile. One or two great snaps might make you look good, but you won’t appear well-rounded. You need at least one head-and-shoulders shot, one full body shot, and I like to include some indoor and outdoor pictures showing off a range of activities.

  1. Add A Unique Bio To Stand Out

Most of my Hook Her Heart clients find it really hard to write a good bio. Guys find it cringy and fall back on some boring old joke instead. But a good bio can make the difference between a like or a rejection.

It’s common for Feeld users to write a couple of short paragraphs, giving a snapshot of their lives and their dating intentions. Lots of users use emojis to add a splash of color to the otherwise gray-and-white UX of Feeld, and while I don’t recommend emojis in your conversations, they can help you stand out in your bio.

  1. Add Your Interests and Desires

The last step in building your Feeld profile is adding Interests and Desires.

Interests should include any hobbies, pastimes, or activities. Anything from skiing to cafe hopping to video gaming. Make sure to add three or four interests, but be honest, and don’t feel like you need to add a ton of extreme sports if that’s not you.

‘Desires’ is unique to Feeld, and it’s a place to add your sexual preferences, kinks, or other bedroom-based needs. This is another place to practice honesty and be bold about expressing what you want, as it helps other users figure out if you’re compatible.

And if you’re a vanilla ice cream kinda guy, there are plenty of safe desires to choose from, including “dates”, “sensual”, and “fun”.

How to Be Successful On Feeld - feeld desires
  1. Be Totally Authentic

Feeld is a good place to be yourself – it’s open-minded and honest, and Feeld users are curious and mature. So don’t hold back! Take a chance and lay it all out on the line, be open about your dating intentions and what you’re seeking.

In an increasingly “social media” world, it can be hard to represent our true selves online and inevitably we build a dating profile based on how we want to be seen. But try to balance that urge with authenticity – you’ll find better matches for you and make stronger connections.

How Do I Get More Likes On Feeld?

There are a few things in life we all want more of. Money is one, original Star Wars action figures are another (or maybe that’s just me). And Likes on Feeld, of course.

So how do you get more likes on Feeld? Check your photos for common mistakes like wearing sunglasses, out-of-focus images, and bad angles. Add a strong, unique bio and end with a call to action, telling your potential match to come and say hi, join you on a trip, or go exploring to encourage more likes. And check your search settings to expand Distance and Age Range to find more users near you.

So if you’re asking, why is no one liking me on Feeld, you need to revisit your profile first and your search settings second.

Here’s how to adjust search settings:

  1. Open up the Feeld app.
  2. Tap the Profile icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Scroll down to Search Settings.
  4. Adjust Distance and Age range.

In big urban areas, you should see plenty of Feeld users and get more than enough likes to find a good match, but Feeld is still an offbeat app so in a rural location you might run out of users.

How to Be Successful On Feeld - distance on feeld

What Is The Best First Message On Feeld?

But success on Feeld isn’t only about Likes. You have to turn those likes into conversations, and those conversations into dates. You do this with a great first message. 

So what is the best first message on Feeld? Open every conversation with a unique, personalized message based on your match’s interests and her profile pictures. Try to find an offbeat detail in a photo to comment on, if you think other users might have missed it. And point out similar interests (or desires) to get the conversation started.

Breaking the ice on Feeld is all about reading your match correctly. Have they got a hot and heavy profile that hints at being open to hookups, or is their profile more about connection, intimacy, and openness?

Either way, you need an opener that taps into what they’re looking for and stands out from other messages they’ll receive. So put in a bit of effort to be unique and personalized.

Is Feeld Free?

If you’re struggling to find success on Feeld, you might wonder if paying users have more success. On Hinge, for example, paying for HingeX gives you a boost in the algorithm, almost guaranteeing more matches. But is Hinge Free? And does premium Hinge help you get matches?

So is Feeld free? Yes, it’s completely free to build a profile, match with other users, and send messages on Feeld and you can be successful on Feeld with the free version. Paid Feeld is called Majestic, and offers some added features, but ultimately it’s not necessary for getting a date.

Majestic Membership on Feeld includes:

  • Incognito Mode
  • See who liked you
  • Private photos
  • Filter the Discover feed by ‘desires’
  • Filter by ‘Recently Active’ and see ‘Last Seen’ status
  • One free ‘Ping’ per day

There are a few scenarios where these features are super helpful. For example, if you’re eager to protect your privacy, using Private photos ensures that only your connections can see your most intimate images.

How to Be Successful On Feeld - feeld majestic

And if you’re looking for something, shall we say, specific, then the advanced filtering options are pretty good.

And of course, seeing who likes you is excellent too, because when you like back it’s an instant match. But none of these features will get you more matches than you otherwise would, so long as you like those profiles anyway.

So Feeld is totally free, and paying up for Majestic Membership won’t help your chances of success, unless you’re looking for something in particular.

Wrapping Up

Ignore your mate’s braggadocio tales of online dating success and choose your goals for yourself. Whether you’re looking for hookups or a serious relationship, once you define your version of success, you’ll be one step closer to it.

Build a profile that appeals to the right kind of matches. Add photos that signal what you’re looking for, whether that’s late-night fun or someone to brunch with, and build a profile that gives off the right vibe.

One final tip for success on Feeld? Follow ALL my advice. And check out my free 6-Step Tinder Tune-Up for a complete profile overhaul. It says Tinder in the title but it’s a step-by-step guide to improve every dating app profile, Feeld included. Good luck guys.

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