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Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder?

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder?

Some days when you’re swiping through Tinder, and you seem to be seeing the same faces over and over despite the fact that Tinder seems to be used by almost everyone, you start to wonder if maybe there’s something wrong with your account. 

Now, there may be ways to improve what you’re doing with the account you already have. But what if you had the chance to run 2 accounts at once, just to see if there’s anything you’re missing?

Quick disclaimer though, this is not something I’d recommend, and I certainly haven’t tried it (for reasons I’ll get on to).

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - Tinder App

While I’ve done the research, and found ways that could work, Tinder is constantly looking for new methods to shut down people doing things just like this.

So while these methods might work now, by tomorrow they might be the exact thing that will get you banned.

And anyway, Tinder’s meant to be fun, not something you need to try and game the system on.

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Is It Possible To Have 2 Accounts On Tinder? 

The answer is… sort of. Tinder accounts are tied to your phone number, and so for the most part you’ll only be able to have one account. However, if you have a second phone and email address, you’ll be able to set up a second account with no problem.

But for those of us without a second phone, you’ve got to be a little bit more creative. There are apps available that can clone Tinder, allowing you two different routes through which to access the app, and therefore two different ways to set up an account.

But I don’t recommend this, Tinder is becoming more sophisticated every day at spotting people attempting to game the system, and it’ll likely result in both of your accounts being banned. 

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - tinder two accounts

However, just a word of warning, these methods don’t seem the most secure, particularly when it comes to an app that contains a lot of your personal data.

Tinder has introduced a lot of security features over the last couple of years, as well as a great Safety Center, but once you introduce third-party apps these may be significantly less effective.

There are obvious benefits to having two Tinder accounts, whether that’s testing out a different feel to your profile, or setting up a new account if you’ve lost the login details for the first one, but you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk. 

Two Tinder Accounts On The Same Phone

With that little heads up in mind, if you’re looking to use two Tinder accounts simultaneously on the same device, there are two main ways of going about it: either accessing an unofficial Appstore to download Tinder++ or cloning the original Tinder app. 

So let’s start with Tinder++. Tinder++ is an unofficial version of Tinder, that comes with extra features the free version of the original app doesn’t offer.

Essentially, it’s a way of unlocking Tinder Plus, Tinder’s premium subscription service, without any of the fees.  

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - two phones

To access Tinder++ you’ll have to download an unofficial app store app such as Tweakdoor or Tutu App.

These apps allow you access to a ton of apps and games that haven’t passed Apple and Google’s stringent policies for adding to their stores

Once you’ve downloaded your alternative app store, then it’s as simple as downloading Tinder++ and using it alongside the original Tinder app.

The other option is cloning the Tinder App. Parallel Space, an app available on the traditional Appstore and Google Play Store, allows you to create a second version of Tinder on your phone (or any app for that matter).

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - Parallel Space App

Once installed on your phone, just tap the Tinder app to create a clone. You’ll even get three free days to try it out. After that point, you’ll either have to subscribe to Parallel or it’ll disappear completely. 

As I said earlier, these aren’t the most straightforward or necessarily secure activities to get involved in, but if you’re determined to have two accounts on one phone this is your best bet. 

Can Tinder Be Used On Two Phones?

If, like Kevin Gates, or a high-flying businessman, you happen to have two phones then:

1.     You must have a lot going on

2.     You should find it no problem setting up two Tinder accounts

Yes, as long as you have two phone numbers, it’s easy enough to set up two Tinder accounts. It works just like Tinder usually does, but on each of your devices. Just install Tinder on both of your phones, and sign up with your separate phone numbers and separate email addresses. 

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - tinder+

However, even with this method, there’s still a risk of being shadow-banned. As mentioned, Tinder continues to find new ways to stop people from having multiple accounts, and as such have begun making connections between accounts through a number of different methods.

For example, Tinder can recognize you by:

  • Linked Facebook
  • Linked Spotify 
  • Linked Instagram
  • Your previous purchases on your Google Account or Apple ID. Meaning that if you plan on paying for any of Tinder’s subscription packages you’re likely to be flagged as having two accounts. 

So, Tinder on two phones can be a lot of hassle to manage. In fact, running two accounts always comes with the risk of losing them both completely. 

Can I Create A Tinder Account Without A Phone Number?

You’ve wondered about two phones or one phone, but what about no phones? Well, I think the answer might be pretty obvious. It’s an app for your phone, after all. 

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to set up a Tinder account without a phone number. The app requires you to add your number when setting up an account. 

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - tinder on mobile phone

If you’re concerned about other people being able to discover your number though, don’t worry. Thanks to Tinder’s strong security policies no one on the app will get your number unless you give it to them.

Which is generally not advised until you meet – though I understand that sometimes a phone number is logistically helpful when meeting for a date.  

How Do I Switch Accounts On Tinder?

Let’s imagine again that you’re either Kevin Gates or a high-powered businessman and you have two phones.

One night you’re looking to check both your Tinder accounts but you’ve left one of your phones somewhere (a private jet maybe?

Let’s just pretend). How do you switch accounts on Tinder, so you can look at both of your accounts on the same phone? 

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - log out of tinder

Switching accounts is easy enough. Just follow these three simple steps:

  • Click settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Click log out

Once logged out, you’ll be able to enter the login details for any other account. So, no matter where that second phone is (again, private jet, maybe a private island) you’ll always be able to check your latest matches. 

Can You Make A New Account On Tinder?

If you’ve decided that the easiest way to see if your account was the problem the whole time is just to delete it and start again then I have a couple of things to warn you about. 

Yes, you can make a new account on Tinder. But, if you delete your account and immediately create a new one with the same phone and email address, you’ll likely be shadowbanned or experience a drop in your ELO score.

This means you’ll still be able to use the app normally, but you won’t receive any likes or messages. 

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - tinder shadowban

If you’d like to create a new account you’ll either have to get a new phone number, or wait out the 3-month data-retention policy and create a new account once your old one has been entirely forgotten. 

So, is a new account worth 3 months away from all of the potential matches waiting for you on Tinder?

Why Would Someone Have Two Tinder Profiles?

For all this talk of how to go about getting two Tinder accounts, have we stopped enough to think about why anyone would even have two?

It does, admittedly, sound like an odd decision, especially considering the effort you may have to put into it. 

However, there are a few reasons you may want to have two Tinder accounts:

  • Lost details – If someone has lost the login details for their old account, but has a new phone number, their second profile may still be visible on Tinder even if it’s not currently in use. It’s technically two accounts, but one’s not seeing much swiping. 
  • Banned – No judgements here. But if someone has been banned, they may need to find a way to set up an account without using the banned number. However, this might be more challenging than it seems as Tinder has begun banning users based on their device ID rather than their phone number, so you would need a whole new phone. 
Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - Banned Tinder Account
  • Creepy stuff – Yes, unfortunately, sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. Sometimes people will want to set up a second Tinder account for nefarious reasons, whether that’s catfishing or other forms of online manipulation. I may have said no judgements earlier, but in this case, judgements. Lots of them. 

Final Thoughts

So yes, setting up a second Tinder account without a second phone can be a little bit of a challenge. As I’ve tried to make clear throughout this article, this isn’t something I recommend.

First of all, it’s likely to result in you being banned altogether. But more than that, it’s not really in the spirit of Tinder.

The app is great for making honest, fun connections with new people, and seeing where things go.

If you spend time trying to game the system, it might actually be harder to meet someone as you’re not giving yourself over to the exciting random connections of online dating. 

Can You Have Two Accounts On Tinder - tinder logo

And, if that all seems like a little bit too much work for you, maybe it’s best to just try a different app.

If you’re not sure where to start, I’d recommend trying our free quiz which will help you find the best app for your personality and to find what you’re looking for.

Hope you have a good time dating, whether that’s on one account or two.

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