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The #1 Best Dating App For Relationships: eHarmony

What Is It?

eHarmony is a no-nonsense, serious dating app that has been matchmaking for years. Because of its tenure, I personally believe eHarmony is the best dating app/site when it comes to finding a relationship.

Why Do I Recommend It?

eHarmony is right at the top of my recommended tools because I realize more and more that it is the most effective platform to find a serious partner. If you are someone is actually serious about finding someone special just give the free trial a go, what do you have to lose?

Free Trial:

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The #1 Best Dating App For Busy Professionals: Elite Singles

What Is It?

Elite Singles is all about matching like-minded people from similar backgrounds with more focus on finding a serious partner. Online hookups are for the boys and girls whereas Elite Singles is for the men and women. This is clear by the fact that majority of users are over 30. Also, if you are searching for someone who has the same education level as you, 80% of Elite Singles users have attended university.

Why Do I Recommend It?

So many of my clients end up being busy professionals who sometimes struggle with the fickle world of online dating, especially in such a busy lifestyle. My number one piece of advice to those people is to stop using the dating app they are using and to try out Elite Singles.

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