Everyone knows the old saying – a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, usually that’s true, but when we’re talking about online dating it might be something more like – a picture allows you to speak any words at all. What the hell do I mean by that? I mean that if you don’t have decent pictures on your dating profile you’re not going to get many likes, and if you don’t get many likes you won’t have a lot of potential dates to talk to. Okay, maybe my reimagining of a classic phrase was a little convoluted. But you get the picture.

That’s profile pictures though, so how about pictures on chat? Can you send pictures on Hinge as well as just uploading them to your profile?

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Can You Send Pictures On Hinge Chat?

Hinge’s chat function differs from the chats of other dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, because if you like the look of someone you can indicate your interest not with just a swipe but with a message. Specifically, a message about one of their prompt answers or pictures.

This encourages a way more personal start to conversations than the usual silent matching system. You can also pass responsibility for keeping a conversation in full swing on to the other other participant using ‘your turn’. This feature does just what it says on the tin, telling your potential date that it’s their turn to ask an incredibly interesting question because you’re all out.

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Of course the main question here is, can you send pictures in Hinge chat?

Unfortunately, you can’t send pictures on chat. If you want to share more your holiday photos, or send a girl that hilarious pic of you at five in your little league jersey (classic flirting moment – comparing childhood pictures) then you’ll have to take the chat off Hinge and onto Whatsapp or Snapchat. On Hinge, you’re limited to the power of words. And of course, emojis. But do we need any more aubergines and peaches in the world at this point?

Can You Send Pictures On Hinge?

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Can You Send GIFS On Hinge Chat?

Gifs are an absolute gift from the internet gods when you’re trying to charm someone new. In fact, they’re a gift from the internet gods pretty much all the time. But what’s better than finding the perfect Twin Peaks gif to show off your excellent retro taste, or the perfect penguin gif to blind your potential date with cuteness?

Well, unfortunately the internet gods have no jurisdiction on Hinge. You can’t send gifs in Hinge chats! Maybe you could just, you know, describe your fave gif in great detail? Or alternatively move things somewhere more convenient. Or even better – just go on a date!

That way you don’t have to describe your fave gifs, you can act them out. And if she’s into that weirdness, well, she’s definitely a keeper. For my full rundown on how Hinge works have a look at this article.

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